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Pandora - all-gifted
Purred: Thu Oct 6, '05 5:50am PST 
My kitten climbs on EVERYTHING! Shes not much of a scrather but oh is she a climber. She knows by my tone when I say no to get down or I'm taking her down, but I'm not always home. I don't want her on the window seal, or the coffee table, or the dining table. I'm not sure [other than saying no and reinforcing it] how to train her not to climb on these things. Any suggestions as this is the first kitten I've had as an adult?

Velvet- 1992-2008

Grimalkin Power
Purred: Thu Oct 6, '05 2:32pm PST 
Hi Pandora, glad you joined. You are going to have so much fun and make lots of friends.

Mommy listens to public radio on Sundays to a show called "Calling All Pets." Some of the things they have suggested are a spray bottle or a coke can with coins in it for when your mommy is home. She can shake the can or squirt you. Another tool is redirection. The important thing is for your mommy to catch you the millisecond before you are on something you shouldn't be on and call your name to redirect you and give you a toy or a treat. She should do it very upbeat like turning away from the naughty thing to look at her is the greatest thing in the world. And she has to do this to you every time or you will decide that getting up on something is more fun than listening to mommy.

When she isn't home, she could cover the areas she doesn't want you on with double-sided sticky tape or those plastic carpet runners with the pointy things on the back, but place the pointy things up instead of down. She could rig it so when you jump up there you have no choice but to rattle cans or pop balloons. She could also put a shallow pan, like a cookie sheet up there, just out of your line of sight so when you jump up you will jump in the pan which will have water in it. Most cats don't like that.

I think I could come up with a few more ideas but Marina is laying in my favorite spot and I have to move her. Message me if you need any more help.