Cat get's fungus from birds

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Mayhem &- Phoebe

Purred: Sun Dec 11, '11 9:29pm PST 
Our Lugnut was an abyssinian cross. We believed he was crossed with a tabby. We got him at 8 weeks old from the spca. He was a wonderful cat. He would go out into the world and lived a natural life of hunting. He loved to bring home gifts for us. When Lugnut wasn't hunting he would be inside loving us.

My question is has anyone ever heard of a cat getting fungus from birds? Lugnut apparently had the fungas from a bird. His poor body was full of the fungus. The worst thing was that there was nothing that we could have done for him. It was too far gone. You couldn't see his heart or lungs in the x-ray. We had to let him go. Lugnut was the best cat ever. I just want to know if any one else has experience this themselves? I have had many cats and never have run into this. The vet did say it was rare....cry