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Configure Your E-Mail & Spam Clients To Always Approve Our Emails

To ensure you always receive mail from us, please review your mail and/or spam software and explictly designate the domain catster.com as always trustworty in your safe and white lists and add the email address catsters@catster.com to your personal address book. This way your email software will know you want our email to go straight to your inbox.

If your client supports it the best option is to explicitly approve all emails from our domain. The next option is to add our poular addresses to your address book which often means you want those emails to go right to your inbox.

How approve/whitelist catster.com email

 1. Log in to your Hotmail account
 2. Go to your mail homepage
 3. Click Options in the upper right
 4. Click 'Junk E-Mail Protection' from list
 5. Click 'Safe List' from list
 6. Enter 'catster.com'
 7. Click Add to confirm

 1. Log in to your Yahoo! Mail account
 2. Click on the Options link in the upper right.
 3. Click 'Spam Protection' link
 4. Check to 'on' the option that says 'When I mark a message in the Bulk folder as Not Spam: Move the message to my Inbox'.
 5. Go to your Bulk folder and find email's from catster.com
 6. Mark each message as 'Not Spam.'

AOL 9.0
 1. Click the "Spam Controls" link (lower right area of your inbox).
 2. When the "Mail & Spam Controls" box appears, click "Custom sender list".
 3. Choose "allow email from" option.
 4. Add the domain address you would like to receive mail from.
 5. Click "Add", then "Save".

AOL 7 & 8
 1. Go to Keyword Mail Controls.
 2. Select the screen name you are using to receive email.
 3. Click "Customize Mail Controls For This Screen Name."
 4. a. For AOL version 7.0: In the section for "exclusion and inclusion parameters", include the following domain: * @catster.com
  b. For AOL version 8.0: Select "Allow email from all AOL members, email addresses and domains."
 5. Click on "Next" until the "Save" button shows up at the bottom.
 6. Click "Save."

 1. Log into your Gmail account
 2. Click on "Spam" on the left side column of Gmail
 3. Check for Catster emails in Spam list
 4. Select a Catster email
 5. Click the "Not Spam" button above the Spam listings

 1. Open your latest Catster email.
 2. Copy the address in the "From" line.
 3. Click on Address Book (it's over on the left, below your Folders).
 4. When your Address Book opens, click the Add button.
 5. On the Add Contact screen, find the Internet Information box.
 6. Enter the address you copied from the "From" line into the top Email box.
 7. Click Save.

Messages in Bulk & Spam Folders Can Be assigned as Safe

 1. Search your Spam and Bulk folders for emails for us.
 2. Check a mail from us and then use a tool on that page to 'Mark this not as spam.'

Explicitly Add our Addess (dogsters@catster.com) to your Address Book

Most software checks your address book for matches to determine if a piece of mail is safe. Addresses that match one in your book will always go to your inbox.

The only email addresses we send mail from and needs to be whitelisted is: