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Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

Scooter ~ Our Angel

Nicknames: Before Catster: Duke; Doodle; Missy; The Princess.   >^..^<   Since Catster: Scootie, Scootie Patootie, Scoots, Scooter Pie, Scootie Pie, Scoodle

Breed: Siamese

Gender: Female

Likes: Mom and Dad. Being held. Scratches behind her ears. Being outside -- exploring her back yard, smelling the fresh air, snoozing in the fresh air.

Pet Peeves: Being left alone. Cloudy days. When the sun is shining but it's too cold to go outside. Contractors!

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SooLing (In Loving Memory)

Nicknames: Ma'am (as in "yes Ma'am--your wish is my command"); The Queen; Popeye (I Yam What I Yam).

Breed: Siamese

Gender: Female

Likes: Dad's lap; being admired.

Pet Peeves: Mom trying to kiss and hug her; veterinarians; being touched by strangers -- they should admire, only!

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LOLA ~ Our Good Girl, forever

Nicknames: Miss Lola

Breed: Burmese

Gender: Female

Likes: She loves to be petted, brushed or combed: she looks up adoringly. She loves belly rubs: she flops over on her back and invites us to rub her belly. She loves taking her morning "bath" in the sunny front windows. She loves people -- everyone!!

Pet Peeves: No lap available!

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Beepers - Our Handsome Angel

Nicknames: Beepers is a nickname derived from his 'official' name. Also: Beeps, "handsome", and Buddy.

Breed: Burmese

Gender: Male

Likes: Petting, brushing, affection... Ashlynne.

Pet Peeves: He's really very easy going, but he's not fond of having his claws trimmed. When we adopted him, he didn't like to be held or carried, but after a couple of years, he decided they're both okay!

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Two Weeks of Gifts!

Gentleman Jack
The family of Saphira, Nonsense (RIP) and Viola (Madame Viola)

Nicknames: Ash, silly girl, pretty girl, little dickens!

Breed: Burmese

Age: 16 Years

Gender: Female

Likes: Petting, brushing, affection, running through the house, jumping to high places and getting into small spaces.

Pet Peeves: Beepers, sometimes. She doesn't 'love' having her claws trimmed.

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