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Hometown: Finally Home... IN, TX

Maxxy Angel

Nicknames: Max-in-a-million, Maxwell Smart, Budgie-Boy, Maxie-love, Mighty-Max, & The Great White Hunter!... Maxx, Maxxy

Breed: Bichon Frise

Gender: Male

Likes: Dig-dig-digging, especially in the sand at the beach, play-play-playing with little brother Charley, shredding paper-towel tubes, perching on the back of the couch, sleeping on Mom's computer desk, & hanging out on the deck watching the SQUIRRELS...

Pet Peeves: The loud & scary noise FOOD makes when it suddenly & for no good reason falls down inside the feeder RIGHT in the middle of a peaceful, relaxing meal.

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Two Weeks of Gifts!

The family of Hershey and Van Winkle
The family of Walker (Angel Boy), Alexandria (Sweetest Angel),  Molly,  Pookah   , Edwina (Angel Eddy) DG#1 and more!

Nicknames: Charley-Barley, Charley's Mane, Love-Muffin, Sweet Boy, Charley Chan, Angel Heart, Fahzool

Breed: Bichon Frise

Age: 11 Years

Gender: Male

Likes: Dig-dig-digging in the sand at the beach, play-play-playing with big brother Max, cuddling with Mom, running around & around the deck, & rolling around in anything really SMELLY

Pet Peeves: Miss Sable Kitty's daily "Hide-and-Pounce-on-Charley" attack activities: TOTALLY traumatizing.

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Max&Diamond Lil

Breed: Bichon Frise/German Shepherd

Age: 6 Years

Gender: Male

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Queen Uno BambinoCuzn Metro *RIP*♥Jinx♥FortyOne☆ Wookiee ☆
♥ Kasha ♥ Twinkie (miss you lil man) ButtercupMoka (is home!)Louise Brooks
ChirpyLocketGoldie Our Angel Callie RoseDaisy
BeckhamCali, sweetest angelLittle Emma Perla -- My sweet angelGimme (Guillermo Hemmingway)
Ele' - Elphaba HarriottAmbro - AmbroginoMouse =^..^=♥Sammy♥♥ Oliver
Hootie *RIP* 1994-2005Little-OneBaby-GKahli (pronounced Callie)Cassidy
Angel Skinner - Rest in Peace Hailey the Angel KittySparkyMayaDiesel
StiflerAbbieMichealSMOKEY(IN LOVING MEMORY)Piper Serendipity
AshleyKira ♥ Meatball my sweetest Athena Miss You Sweet Baby(Madison
NikiChloeThe Princess Lilly-Rose
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