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Hometown: Manx Mansion, NB, Canada


Two Weeks of Gifts!

The family of Walker (Angel Boy), Alexandria,  Molly,  Pookah   , Edwina (Angel Eddy) DG#1 and more!

Nicknames: Cutie Girl, Dalmatian cat, Black Bottom, Cutie Bum, Smartie Pants

Breed: Manx

Age: 15 Years

Gender: Female

Likes: Mom! Helping Mom make the bed, fold warm laundry, unpack groceries..... any "treats" in there?

Pet Peeves: Loud people, vacuum cleaner, door bell

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Zoe our Princess 4ever Loved

Nicknames: Beauty Girl, Powder Puff, Alarm Clock, Pumpkin, Sweetheart

Breed: Manx

Gender: Female

Likes: To be in the center of it all

Pet Peeves: closed cupboards

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Nicknames: Yankee Dude-el, Jasper Doodle, Super MANX, Monkey Boy, Pumpkin Pie, Baby Boy

Breed: Manx

Age: 8 Years

Gender: Male

Likes: HOWLING, Running (especially in behind and now up on top of the tv and stereo-thanks Loki for the tip!), Leaping and hanging from the drapes, being King of the Castle up on top of the fridge, knocking the fridge magnets off, Chewing on Mommy's plants!!!

Pet Peeves: Mommy saying "no!" and using the squirty bottle

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Jillian Grace

Nicknames: Sugar Plum, Her Sweetness, Abba Daddy's Girl, Snuggle Bunny, Pom Pom Bum

Breed: Manx

Age: 10 Years

Gender: Female

Likes: to be near Mom, enjoying some snuggles and just being a girly-girl

Pet Peeves: Jasper! He bites my neck and kick-boxes me!!!!!

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