Who loves Luke (In Loving Memory)?
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Luke (In Loving Memory) has been corralled by 13 Catster users. Their 84 cats are corralled here for your pleasure. Now that's furtastic!

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Sadie (In Loving Memory)

Eddie (In Loving Memory)

Luke (In Loving Memory)

Scrappy 2,Cat Of the Future

JJJ3,The Singing Feline

Michael,My Little Orange Buddy

Princess,My Tabby Royalty

BoBo,My First Siamese Cat!

Rocca Baton My Show Cat Beauty

Moose,Truly The Magnificent

Shemp the Cat,Comical Cat

Diane,Siamese Sweet Heart

Precious,My Jewel Of A Cat

Ragnar,the Happy Maine Coon !

Nugget of 24 Karat Gold!

John Hancock,Balinese PalOMine

Mister Scrappy,Rest In Peace

Pouncer,Little Cat Angel

BJ,I miss You So Much

Roscoe,Now A Cat Angel

Mr.Fluffy,now in Cat Heaven

Smokey,at home,with the Lord

Munchkin, Gone Far Too Soon

Orange Blossom,Cat Angel,Now

Tom,Dear Old Friend,at Peace!

Tiger,Wonderful Pet and Friend

Gem, Deserved a Loving Home

Pouncette Stray Now Found Cat!

Karina,Angel Cat Mother,Now





Reeses In Loving Memory


^Bill^ (An Angel now)

Anne (Always an Angel)

Ginger (Always in our hearts)

Margaret Elisabeth O'Malley


Mattie ^Broken hearted^

Bethany Hope - Precious Angel

Ian Joseph - My Angel

Patrick - Mama's Angel

Charity Ann - Sweet Angel

Keifer John - Little Angel

Isabelle Faith

Ashleigh Marie - Mama's Angel

Pooh - My Angel

Whitney Michelle -Pretty Angel
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