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Hallie's New Life

Thanks to all for your appreciation of Hallie and her diary

January 30th 2013 11:35 am
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Today, I couldn't believe it when I found out that Hallie's diary was honored by being selected as a diary of the day pick for today, especially since Uno's diary was diary of the day yesterday.

I'm sure Hallie is delighted with the honor of getting to be in the center of Catster attention today.

Although Hallie is now in spirit form, free of her old worn out battered broken earthly body, she is also still here with us. This is why I tend to refer to her as now being in spirit instead of saying she is no longer here. To me, it's so logical for our former earthly human and animal loved ones to coexist with us in spirit form. We all know that when a living being passes, there is a struggle as the spirit fights to free itself of the burden of an earthly body that can no longer support it. This struggle of the spirit to free itself makes it very clear that the spirit is a separate entity, not part of the physical body itself. The moment that the spirit energy is freed and departs, leaving the cold dead shell of its former earthly body behind, is usually very obvious. That spirit energy entity goes somewhere.

Although most animals are considered to be able to see spirits, sense emotions, sense the near future, as well as several other psychic abilities, cats are widely considered to have a heightened awareness of psychic/spirit energy compared to most other species.

I firmly believe cats can see spirits. This makes logical sense when you think of the fact that everything we see and hear is on different frequencies of vibration and that cats can hear sounds, smell scents, see things, feel vibrations, etc that are far beyond the limited range of humans' five senses. A cat's sense of smell is better than a dogs. Dogs can hear only 1/3 as well as cats can. Cats are extremely sensitive to vibrations. Cats can actually sense earthquakes even before scientists' instruments do. It is thought this may be due to a cat's ability to hear noises inside the earth. Cats also have an uncanny ability to find their way home called “psi-traveling.” Cats alone of all species have a unique ability to store electric charge in their coats. If you rub a cat in the dark you can see the sparks fly from his coat. This ability made cats one of the most valuable research tools of early electric-physicists. “If only amber could be charged, the effect could be discussed as a curious property of amber alone,” Prof. Blanpied wrote. “But many other substances exhibit an analogous behavior. Rubber, for instance, also becomes charged if rubbed with cat fur.” The story about cats predicting storms when they wash their ears has elements of truth to it. Before a storm there is a buildup of electrical charges in the air. Cats are thought to be attempting to push away the sounds of the charges. It's also equally likely that this buildup of electrical charges in the air affects the cat through its coat and just as a cat regularly licks its coat frequently to release static electricity buildup, it washes to release the static electricity buildup caused by the approaching storm.

I believe that spirits of departed humans and animals are able to slow their vibrational frequency down enough to come within the edge of the human visual range for short periods of time. We all know there are individual variations within the range of human sensory abilities. I also believe that when humans see ghosts of other humans and animals who have passed, it's because those humans have more visual sensitivity for seeing things closer to the high frequency limit of the human visual range than other humans have. I also believe that people probably see spirit beings much more often than they realize, because when someone sees a spirit it usually is only a brief glimpse and the most common human reaction is to be unsure and discount and dismiss the sighting as having been shadows, imagination, etc.

I often catch fleeting glimpses of little ghosts of former members of my cat family. Probably I see more ghosts of former feline family members than I'm aware of because if the ghostly cat looks like any of my current living feline family members, I tend to automatically assume that what I saw was just one of my living cats.

Once when I had a friend visiting, she remarked she didn't know I had a dilute calico cat again. I replied that I hadn't had a dilute calico cat in years. She replied she had just seen a little dilute calico cross the hallway and described what the cat looked like. I answered, "Oh, that's Patsy, Pastel Rainbow was her name. I used to see her occasionally at the old house. I'm glad to know she's here. She was the sweetest little cat."

I haven't had a dilute calico cat in many years...and now I better watch what I say. (Fate if you hear me, please wait awhile before you think of sending anymore cats across my path. Right now I sort of have my hands full.) Up until Lefty and Righty came, I'd only ever had two white cats in my entire life. It had been many years since I'd had the second white cat when a friend remarked to me, " It's been ages since you had had a white cat, don't you like white cats?" I replied, "I like white cats, I like all colors of cats. I just simply haven't had any white cats need me." Lefty and Righty came shortly after that, and Gabriel and Noon, two longhaired white cats, came this summer.

My favorite photo of Hallie is the one where she's on the toilet "throne". This photo, especially the expression in her eyes, neatly sums up her personality, the undisputed Queen on her throne commanding respect from all. I miss her.

Just as with other members of my cat family who have passed, occasionally Hallie will allow me to catch a glimpse of her ghost and let me know she's not really gone, she's just here in spirit instead of physical form which gives me a little bit of comfort. Sometimes, the cats in a hallway will suddenly move aside to make room for an unseen (by me) presence to go through. They've never done that for any other cat except Hallie.


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Purred by: loving memory morris 3.4.09 (Catster Member)

January 30th 2013 at 11:52 am

I believe you when you say Hallie is still with you. Mom every once and a while can feel me jump up on the bed... of course the first time it happen,was a few weeks after I passed. Mom was laying in bed about to fall asleep and she thought she could feel something jump up on the bed and lay right next to her legs. When mom turned to look, she saw an indent on the bed next to her. Mom was still wearing my collar around her wrist, as she missed me very much. I was trying to let her know I was still there. Mom knows it's me when ever it happens and it doesn't spook her anymore...

Angel Hugs,
Purred by: Molly Angel (Catster Member)

February 1st 2013 at 3:56 am

Congratulation for bring the diary pick of the day Hallie.
I am so glad you and your mommy found each other!
Purred by: Timmy Tomcat DB #122a (Catster Member)

February 1st 2013 at 6:39 am

We are sorry to hear of Hallies passing. We send purrs of support and love for Momcat.

I came to meet Pops when he had another wonderful cat, Inky, who had been with Pops for some 21 years. I came on condition that we got along and the addition was not stressful to the man of the house. We got along famously until he decided to pass over the Bridge.

The week after Pops woke to a cat jumping on the bed, walking over his leg, brushing his arm and settling in Inkys spot next to his pillow. Reaching out to give a little fuss to who he thought was either Toby or myself he was surprised that no cat was there.

Putting the light on he saw that no cat was on the Bed. He got up and when he went into the living room saw Toby on the cat tree and I was on the couch. We were both asleep and woke to stretch and yawn. Suddenly we both ran into the bedroom. Pops followed us both on the bed sniffing and nosing about. We knew Inky had come to visit and Pops did too.

Our Angels come in our dreams to guide and comfort us when they are needed. They are a part of our family and always will be due to the deep love we have for each other.

Pops read us a book called Khan: A Maine Coon by Marie J S Phillips. It really is a wonderful story about the love connection and deep it goes.

Purrs for Diary of the Day too!
Love You!
Timmy T and Family
Purred by: Timmy Tomcat DB #122a (Catster Member)

February 1st 2013 at 6:42 am

Hallie! Congrats to a Wonderful Cat!
Purrs for you and Momcat!
Timmy T and Family

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