Angel Hallie (5-15-96/11-7-12)

Domestic Shorthair/Siamese
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Hallie, Hallie the Grouch, Hallie the Mouth, Grumpybutt, Hallie Now A Spirit Kitty (5-15-96/11-7-12)

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Rainbow Bridge
Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-pound cat-disabled
-cat rescue

Gotcha Date:
May 18th 2009

May 15th 1996


Making her spirit kitty presence known

Being dumped at the humane society on 5-12-09 with "Unwanted by owner" on her cage card, 13+ years old with a pelvic fracture which went unnoticed by humane society ppl.

Favorite Toy:
Dangling things

Favorite Nap Spot:
On a soft towel with a heating pad on low under one part of the towel.

Favorite Food:

She managed to somehow mesmerize me so I simply HAD to adopt her from the shelter!!!


Arrival Story:
I went to the humane society to rescue a cat whose thoughtless owner dumped there (the owner was an acquaintance of mine and I had been at her house just days before she moved and took her 3 big dogs with her, she said nothing at all about not taking one or both of her cats.) My old Siamese, Mew, had passed on March 2 after a long struggle with age-related kidney failure and after that, I had been looking for a rescue Siamese. That's what led me to the shelter where, to my shock, I found my acquaintance's cat. I looked around at the other cats in the shelter and Hallie just suddenly and forcefully caught my eye and I felt so strongly she wouldn't have any chance to be adopted unless I took her. She was hiding in the back of her cage so frightened (and in pain though I didn't know that until after I got her home and could observe her) that she would urinate when someone tried to handle her. She would growl and hiss and I also knew that most people wouldn't know how to deal with those things either. So I adopted both cats, Victor & Hallie and took them home to join my other 11 cats.

If Hallie could talk, her story would probably be terrible but at least it's having a happy ending as she rests and heals in my bathroom with her bed of soft towels, with a heating pad on low under one end for her to enjoy the warmth when she feels like it. She has a very shallow litter pan so she can easily get into it without having to go more than a few steps from her bed, since she is in a lot of pain when she walks. Her food and water are right by her bed, and there are toys available for whenever she decides she feels like playing again. She is very talkative, I suspect that she has Siamese blood in her background because I've found that although many cats with Siamese in their background don't show it in their appearance, they show it in their talkativeness. Hallie has learned to enjoy being massaged around the face and neck and to enjoy grooming as long as nothing goes too close to her painful back end. I'm glad I adopted her. Updates...The 4th photo of Hallie was taken 6-8-09. You can see how crooked her rear end is because of the broken pelvis. You can also see she looks skinny from above but at the same time had a lot of loose skin and fat hanging down her sides. I don't understand the reason for that strange condition except to say that as with everything else, this too is improving over time. The 5th photo of Hallie, also shot from above was just taken 10-11-09. You can see from this one and the next two photos, how much her physical condition has improved. You can also see how she has become confident enough to relax and do such things as roll over in the presence of humans. My favorite photo of Hallie, taken on 9-3-09, is of Hallie contentedly perched on the bathroom "throne." The toilet is her favorite perch although she has learned to get down when I need to dethrone her temporarily! Hallie's low activity level had nothing to do with sleepiness and everything to do with the fact that she was old, had a fractured pelvis when I got her, had evidence of older injuries, had arthritis, and had difficulty getting around.

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Please consider adopting an older cat!

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Feeding a CRF cat

Note, Patches made a beautiful photo for Hallie's January 30, 2013 DOTD but for some unknown reason, that one wouldn't show after I uploaded it. Thank you Patches!

Hallie Now A Spirit Kitty (5-15-96/11-7-12) She still makes her presence felt...

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Hallie's New Life

Thank you from the Bridge

November 7th 2013 10:33 pm
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Thank you from Angel Hallie at the Bridge, for remembering me on this first anniversary of my Rainbow Bridge Day and for your rosettes, stars, pawmails, etc. Now I'll let Mom speak.

Although Carina has a temperament (and voice!) very similar to Hallie, there will only ever be one and only one Hallie. She was a unique personality and although others like Carina may be similar, nobody can ever replace Hallie in my heart. Even now sometimes the cats will suddenly stand aside in the hallway as if giving room for an unseen spirit kitty to pass through, the same way they used to stand aside and let Hallie pass through when Hallie was still in earthly life. Occasionally I'll hear Hallie's distinctive meow. I'll glance up, Carina who has a similar voice, will be nearby me fast asleep. I believe it's Hallie reaching between our worlds to tell me she's doing fine as an Angel kitty at the Bridge.



May 18th 2013 2:34 am
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To everyone who remembered me on my birthday even though I've crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I give all of you a big kitty angel THANK YOU! My spirit kitty eyes saw all the lovely roses, tulips, hearts, the bluebird, the birthday cake from Crystal, and the special gifts on my profile. Mom saw them too and was touched by everyone who remembered me, she said it was one of the brightest spots in the past few days. (The past few days were rough for our human Mom but things are getting better for her now.)

Although as we all know, us cats are wiser than humans, I still wish to share with everyone a few bits of wisdom my human mom shared with us when I was still on Earth.

When I was still an earthly kitty I remember my human Mom saying,
"Everytime we remember kitties who have crossed the bridge on their birthdays, it reminds us humans to give our living kitties the three things they need most from humans: patience, appreciation and understanding. It also reminds us humans that too many kitties lose their lives because of human failure to give them patience, appreciation, and understanding. Every time we remember a kitty on their rainbow bridge day it reminds us of all the kitties we have known who have crossed the bridge, and how privileged we were to have known those kitties! It reminds us of the kitties who need us humans to allow them to know what it's like to live in a good forever home, even if (like me, Hallie) that time in a good forever home turns out to be brief."

While I wish I could have gone to my good forever home earlier so I'd have had more good time on Earth before I crossed the Bridge, at least I had the privilege of knowing for a short time what it was like to be in a good loving forever home, where there was always enough to eat & drink, where touch meant comfort instead of pain, where there was genuine real love & caring,

So let me say to you humans, take the opportunity to give a needy kitty a good forever home, adopt an old cat from a shelter & give him or her the wonderful gift of at least a short time living knowing he or she is at last truly cared for and loved, trap and neuter that neighborhood feral, then continue feeding him or her under your porch/in your barn/etc and he/she will be healthier, happier, and not be contributing to the overpopulation problem. Let a kitty experience the greatest earthly life gift of having a good forever home while that kitty is still alive to experience it.

And to all you kitties who have already crossed the rainbow bridge & become angels/spirit kitties or who are getting ready to cross the rainbow bridge & become a spirit kitty too, remember to always comfort your humans with your spirit presence on your birthday, your gotcha day, your rainbow bridge day & any other days special to you & your families. Hearing your ghostly meow, catching a glimpse of you running across a hallway, feeling your gentle thud on the bed all will touch your humans hearts and let them know you are still with them. Your earthly kitty friends & family members also will benefit from your spirit presence even more because they can SEE you. I know I enjoy reminding my kitty family that even as a spirit kitty, when I appear and walk down a hallway, everyone who knows me had better step aside & give me the respect I deserve.

& BTW where can my other angel family members get wings? I think they look kinda naked without their angel wings & Mom tends to be shy about asking anybody about it so I'll just do it for her. After all, I'm a spirit kitty so she can't stop me now....



March 9th 2013 10:16 pm
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Hello & Meow to all you humans & kitties. This is Hallie the Spirit Kitty speaking from the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

After my passing, my friend here on this spirit side of the Bridge,
♥Buddy♥ My Angel

said that when I was ready, let him know & he'd arrange for me to get my angel wings.

Recently I finally decided it was time for me to accept reality & embrace the fact that although I'm merely in the earthly world in spirit form now-not gone & although I personally feel I now have the very best of both worlds, it's nevertheless an inescapable fact that all of us here on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, myself included, are seen as being gone in a way by everyone who is still in the earthly world.

So I wrote to ♥Buddy♥ & let him know I was ready to officially receive my Angel Wings. Buddy said he had a friend who would make me the most beautiful wonderful pair of wings & I said go ahead & thanked him.

Shortly after that I received a message from my longtime friend
Calvin - Knead On

that Calvin & his family had made me new Angel Wings & my wings were ready for me. What's funny is that Calvin has been a friend of us for quite awhile & I didn't even know Calvin could make angel wings. It made my wings even NICER that my wings are made by a friend of our kitty family.

I was excited & nervous when I first looked at my Angel Wings. It's kinda hard to let go of thinking of myself as still alive, which I like to do sometimes.
Putting on my Angel Wings also means that for the first time, I'm openly facing & embracing the fact that I'm now on the other side of the Bridge, part of the world of spirit & showing the whole earthly world that I'm now an Angel.

My new Angel Wings opened before me. They were a beautiful shade of white, dazzling & yet at the same time, beautifully soft & sweet. All of a sudden, my new wings cleansed me of my fears & I reached out....

As I embraced my new Angel Wings, a new happiness & sense of comfort greater than any I've ever known in my earthly life or in my world on this side of the Rainbow Bridge came over me.

The instant I put on my wonderful beautiful magnificent Angel Wings, I knew I'll happily wear them always. Eternal thanks to Buddy & to Calvin for arranging, making, & giving me my Angel Wings. May I always prove myself eternally worthy of my Angel Wings!

PURRS & love to all,

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