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Monida's musings

Getting to know me

November 20th 2009 1:33 am
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This is fun!

What is your name? Monida. I'm named after a town in Montana right on the Idaho border. It's fitting since mom has lived in both states.

What other nicknames do you have? Mo. Little stinker.

What breed are you? A calico domestic shorthair

Where were you born? Probably Idaho, but I'm not telling.

Where do you live now? Idaho

What is your favorite toy? Chapstick tubes

What is your favorite store? PetSmart. That's where mom gets all my toys and treats!

How many toys do you have? Too many. Mom tried to get me a toy for my birthday but I had them all! :)

Wet or dry food? Dry with wet sometimes for a treat.

What is your favorite color? Being a calico, I'm kinda partial to orange and black.

Are you bad when nobody's looking? Ha! I'm bad when people are looking. Have you seen my video of me opening the cupboards?

Are you friendly? Very! Give me a treat and I'm your best friend!

Are you overweight? I'm pleasantly plump

Do you eat people food? Sometimes when mom lets me, which isn't very often since I've become pleasantly plump ...

Do you eat bugs? Yummy! Yes! They're delicious!

Do you live with other animals? Nope. But mom says if we ever move to a bigger place I might get a friend.

Do you like to exercise? Sometimes. I like to chase the laser light for a little while.

Do you like car rides? No! Mom has to sedate me if we go anywhere longer then five minutes away.

Do you get into stuff? Oh, yes. Cupbords, shelves ... I like to knock stuff off, so mom had to put away all her knicknacks.

Do you like to swim? Nope - but I'm slowly becoming more brave of water.

What is your favorite treat? Jello cherry cheesecake. I start purring the minute mom takes it out of the fridge.

Do you shed? Yes. But only my white fur on the black furniture.

What's the funniest thing you ever did? I learned how to open the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen. I'm a very nosy cat.

What's the bravest thing you ever did? I stood up to my mom's brother's dog. She thought I wanted to play but I showed her! *whap! whap!*

Are you neutered? I've been spayed.

Are you a social animal? Yes, but I don't get many chances to socialize.

Collar or harness? I have a harness but I don't like it. If mom puts it on I lay down and won't move.

Retractable or regular leash? Regular. But it doesn't get much use.

Ceramic, Metal or Plastic bowls? Metal and ceramic

Do you sleep in a crate? Oh no! Sometimes I sleep in my carrier, but very rarely.

Do you have a bed? I have a big fluffy bed mom bought me on my first day home. I have never so much as set a paw into it. I like to sleep on her bed instead.

Do you have a doghouse? No! But sometimes mom says I'm "in the doghouse ..."

Do you belong to any clubs? Some Catster clubs

How does your owner describe you? Cute, silly, talkative, and too smart for my own good.

Purred by: Pounce (Catster Member)

November 20th 2009 at 5:26 am

MOL that was so cute Monida :)




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