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Through The Crow's Eyes & As The Crow Flies

Playing @ my house...

August 25th 2009 7:53 pm
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Have a great new suit that I got on the Australia Cruise when we went shopping C&D Cruise Lines. Was supposed to get to wear it to the P*I*F annifursary party but, sigh, David Dad fell asleep waiting for Dion The CatDog & Meli Mom & BabyCat Calliope & Daddy Rob to contact him telling them they were on the way to the party or there & they just never made it. If he had known they weren't going to make it & still had company he could have attended for us all he said even if some got less time than us in the group or could have gone over & kept their company occupied & let us play with all the other cats there & wouldn't that have been a blast? Still wanted to show off my new tux especially since I've waited so long for it! Morse looks cool in his tux & Pinto has one but I've had to go to parties in my jeans as one suitable wasn't found for me until we went to Australia. Didn't know Australia was known for its clothing but they do have their own fashion week & some rising designers say our peoples. Caelian got a tuxedo too, but at least he didn't have to wait as long as we for his HuCat new clothes! After all, the Kitthaven Estates Ice Cream Social had been a semi formal event & there I was in my jeans & almost didn't get to go because I couldn't find suitable clothing although your own fur was acceptable too but we couldn't get the picture changed to one of better own fur photos!

Got to go home for a day & part of another & play! Thomasina & Caelian Kian & I played with Lilly Cat & Inspector Morse & even got to see BabyCat Calliope & Leah for awhile & play with them too! We played with Crow Raven & we chased the dogs around who weren't too happy to see a bunch of cats at the house for the day like we were having a huge cat party! They got to go outside & play on their tie out lines for a few hours while Mother went out to check on them when she could. But then the law came, really, law looking for someone on the next road & not talking cops & they parked their cars in a line down the next road & watched this house that's been empty -- like whoever it was would appear at their house with all those strange cars parked in a line down the road. Don't you think that might have been a clue to whomsoever that something was up? Hmm. Should I go to my house? Who are those strange people standing around outside? We were just very happy that it wasn't a news media covered event whatever was going on. People walked by & tried to stop & talk to them & they just shooed them away like they were the cats or dogs. We never did find out what was going on but they were there a couple of times on Saturday & then again on Sunday & left unhappy as the house stayed empty on the next road --- next road to Meli Mom's & Mother's road. They got out of their cars & went over & knocked on the door several times & walked all around that house & looked in the windows. They walked around & talked to some of the neighbors but not all. Why? No idea. Mother went outside & they came over & told her to go back in the house one of the guys did because it would ruin things, spoil it. Ruin what & spoil what? She asked them what was going on & they said they couldn't really tell her so she wondered when she got back inside if they even knew what was going on. Surprise? Think that once they parked their cars in a line all element of suprise was gone!

But we still had fun playing and we had fun taking turns getting into window & bird watching and staring at those strange people with the binoculars on the next road. Uh, they were close to that house so exactly why did they need binoculars? Was that a pretending to be bird watchers sort of thing? Our people said law in this state or state law is kind of whacked & crazy. Yeah, you think? Meanwhile we had fun tormenting the dogs when they were in the house & chasing them around until they decided did Pinto & Dion that they didn't want to play. Well have to go nap since we need to get up late as we're nocturnal lately. We will need our rest so we can run & play around the house while our people sleep & play the cat version of Marco Polo on the floors & not in a pool. One of us yowls from a distant place & then the other cat tries to find the yowler in the dark -- that is until our people turn on the light & start fussing that we're making too much noise. Of course we try to wait until they get back to sleep to play again. Sometimes they get up again & start fussing & then we get to play cat hide 'n seek so we hide from the people & are very quiet while they look under sofas & beds & table cloths trying to find us -- like we're going to come out when they're yelling that way! Gives them a chance to have a nice late night or middle of the night snack though & to sit & talk for awhile though they mutter strangely & seem oddly grouchy some of those times.
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