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Through The Crow's Eyes & As The Crow Flies

Home Again, but not quite!

August 18th 2009 10:58 am
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Meli Mom is really getting annoyed with the Mother person since I came home, but one of the friends suggested to Mother & didn't ask Meli Mom that they participate in socializing two older kittens that were quite shy, a shy little lady cat who is sweet yet hissy & a male cat who likes to hide out, so I was home & Mom came in & talked to me & was so happy to see me. Then she went to sleep to take a nap after soaking her feet since they still swell off & on from those old ant bites & the sores are just finally healing fully on her feet. When she got up, I was gone again & this lady cat was the only one there so she fussed at Mom. Overnight I was back & having a ball playing with Lilly Cat. Mom went out to walk the dogs & she got home & Mother didn't say a word to her but when Mom opened the door, Mother said there's something I need to tell you. Too late. Mom looked in the room & I'm back over at David Dad's playing with Thomasina & Caelian Kian & having a ball, but I do miss Mom. Mother told her that the cutest cats were in the room & they are cute -- half Himalayan but the fur isn't as long due to the half Siamese part. Cute things said Mother & Meli Mom says yes, and they're having a blast says Mother playing & chasing Lilly Cat all over the place into Mother's bedroom & back into the front bedroom. One male & one female & Meli Mom says even if you're moving don't you get any ideas about keeping them. Mother says no, they'll be for someone though & was very secretive. Who? Don't know but they are feisty kitty cats & Mom said she knew before Mother told her that they were half Himalayan & not just because but okay partly because we have Himalayan angel cat furiends -- short little legs & those compact Himalayan style bodies & Himalayans are Persian crossed with Siamese but these have an added Siamese cross so the fur is longer than a Siamese not quite as long as a Balinese like Caelian Kian -- a Balinese is just a long haired Siamese cat & some are a great deal fluffier than a Siamese as Caelian is around the face & hind quarters -- but their fur is longer than the Siamese still & yet plus they have these Himalayan cross Siamese faces. Mom says she doesn't know what Mother is up to but she did assure her that she wasn't trying to give me Crow away, just trying to help out with these cute little cats. Mother has approached them as they're half wild things, & has managed to pet them & pet them though the shy little female gave her a nice claw swipe on the hand which surprised her since that's the shy one. All she did was try to pat her back & she hissed & had a catniption fit over it, but later she did let her pet her head & even grabbed her hands to sniff of them the way half wild ones often do just as Thomasina still does to complete strangers that she might allow in her inner circle of people friends. The male didn't scratch just stood his ground & fluffed his back if he didn't want her close at that moment but he doesn't like to hide there unless he has to hide. Mother says he adores Lilly Cat & sleeps right up against her part of the time & she & the female may get a little hissy but they love to play chase & love to bat at the decapitated silk flower tops & to get into trouble together.

Yes, I will be home again & one day the half Himalayans will go back to David's friends for awhile & Mom says she doesn't understand why they're being held for Mother & it has been suggested that yet a different one of the same kind might be suitable for her. She says the day we move into another place out in the country yes, that could occur. Good because the one she has just met & that hasn't really stayed there is my friend great playful male guy but not the one there now. Yes, I get to come home & stay one day. Meli Mom says Mother needs to consult her though she does know that Mother wouldn't let just anyone take us & let us have play dates with their cats.
Yowl! Takoda Crow & Banshee Howls! Caelian Kian

NOTE: David Dad says Crow Raven will be your name cat who adores Meli Mom. He says the little female cat Himalayan cross is not from the same litter either, not from the same parents & that the other male is Crow Raven's brother.
Another Note: Now eventually Crow Raven will let Meli Mom know that he will go on these pages, but other cats that belong to other people may have a voice here at times within other cats' diaries but eventually they will have their own pages on other Catster accounts. Originally, this account was just intended for the cats of Meli Mom & Mother, but things happen in life for which we do not plan. It was not planned that BabyCat Calliope would become Daddy Rob's cat & was not known that he would not have a Catster account until he had a Dogster one -- Jaden Jaguar will go on these pages but any other cats will have to wait says Mama Michelle until they have their own account & she put her foot down hard on that one & had her own human version of a Catniption fit. She is mad that Daddy Rob is taking so long to realize that is indeed a cat person. Oh, and Daddy Rob -- just because you didn't get along with Lilly Cat doesn't mean that Mama Michelle won't have that Oriental cat she has always wanted because she is now utterly determined to have one as you have been exposed to one -- says you can learn to adapt Mr. Cat person. For the time being... well, understood for now. Meli Mom can just have a cat tantrum & pull out her hair (you'll be fine Meli Mom -- all will sort out in the end & Crow Raven adores you...) and meant in jest so don't get stressed about the merry-go-round of cats. Fate my dear, fate.


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