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Through The Crow's Eyes & As The Crow Flies

Aiyana & Loki

August 14th 2009 12:34 am
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Once upon a time we cats had no use for man. We lived in the forests the trees the caves the mountains in hidden places behind waterfalls & by water by streams. We were happy without man & we kept our eye on man from a distance & knew him to be violent & vile, a creature on two legs that stole our food from the rivers & had no true respect for the earth or the land though some said they did. The Indians in North America were closest to our hearts & beliefs or some were. We kept our distance & had nothing to do with man & we were very happy. We had our own secrets that we kept & our own nature worship & primitive cat dance ceremonies that remain in the memories of some cats like Thomasina & BabyCat Calliope. People noticed our great hunting skills & wanted to enslave us to have us work for them, but that was before the great divide in thought. We stayed our distance & when we failed at hunting some days, some nights some of our great numbers crept up to the human campfires & stole food or even begged & received food. In exchange these strange ones curled up to these people & kept them warm at night especially at their feet. But truly I get ahead of myself as that's when the Divide, the great rift occurred...
The Beginning of Aiyana's & Loki's Tales, the Old Ones...


Takoda Crow


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