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Through The Crow's Eyes & As The Crow Flies

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Playing @ my house...

August 25th 2009 7:53 pm
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Have a great new suit that I got on the Australia Cruise when we went shopping C&D Cruise Lines. Was supposed to get to wear it to the P*I*F annifursary party but, sigh, David Dad fell asleep waiting for Dion The CatDog & Meli Mom & BabyCat Calliope & Daddy Rob to contact him telling them they were on the way to the party or there & they just never made it. If he had known they weren't going to make it & still had company he could have attended for us all he said even if some got less time than us in the group or could have gone over & kept their company occupied & let us play with all the other cats there & wouldn't that have been a blast? Still wanted to show off my new tux especially since I've waited so long for it! Morse looks cool in his tux & Pinto has one but I've had to go to parties in my jeans as one suitable wasn't found for me until we went to Australia. Didn't know Australia was known for its clothing but they do have their own fashion week & some rising designers say our peoples. Caelian got a tuxedo too, but at least he didn't have to wait as long as we for his HuCat new clothes! After all, the Kitthaven Estates Ice Cream Social had been a semi formal event & there I was in my jeans & almost didn't get to go because I couldn't find suitable clothing although your own fur was acceptable too but we couldn't get the picture changed to one of better own fur photos!

Got to go home for a day & part of another & play! Thomasina & Caelian Kian & I played with Lilly Cat & Inspector Morse & even got to see BabyCat Calliope & Leah for awhile & play with them too! We played with Crow Raven & we chased the dogs around who weren't too happy to see a bunch of cats at the house for the day like we were having a huge cat party! They got to go outside & play on their tie out lines for a few hours while Mother went out to check on them when she could. But then the law came, really, law looking for someone on the next road & not talking cops & they parked their cars in a line down the next road & watched this house that's been empty -- like whoever it was would appear at their house with all those strange cars parked in a line down the road. Don't you think that might have been a clue to whomsoever that something was up? Hmm. Should I go to my house? Who are those strange people standing around outside? We were just very happy that it wasn't a news media covered event whatever was going on. People walked by & tried to stop & talk to them & they just shooed them away like they were the cats or dogs. We never did find out what was going on but they were there a couple of times on Saturday & then again on Sunday & left unhappy as the house stayed empty on the next road --- next road to Meli Mom's & Mother's road. They got out of their cars & went over & knocked on the door several times & walked all around that house & looked in the windows. They walked around & talked to some of the neighbors but not all. Why? No idea. Mother went outside & they came over & told her to go back in the house one of the guys did because it would ruin things, spoil it. Ruin what & spoil what? She asked them what was going on & they said they couldn't really tell her so she wondered when she got back inside if they even knew what was going on. Surprise? Think that once they parked their cars in a line all element of suprise was gone!

But we still had fun playing and we had fun taking turns getting into window & bird watching and staring at those strange people with the binoculars on the next road. Uh, they were close to that house so exactly why did they need binoculars? Was that a pretending to be bird watchers sort of thing? Our people said law in this state or state law is kind of whacked & crazy. Yeah, you think? Meanwhile we had fun tormenting the dogs when they were in the house & chasing them around until they decided did Pinto & Dion that they didn't want to play. Well have to go nap since we need to get up late as we're nocturnal lately. We will need our rest so we can run & play around the house while our people sleep & play the cat version of Marco Polo on the floors & not in a pool. One of us yowls from a distant place & then the other cat tries to find the yowler in the dark -- that is until our people turn on the light & start fussing that we're making too much noise. Of course we try to wait until they get back to sleep to play again. Sometimes they get up again & start fussing & then we get to play cat hide 'n seek so we hide from the people & are very quiet while they look under sofas & beds & table cloths trying to find us -- like we're going to come out when they're yelling that way! Gives them a chance to have a nice late night or middle of the night snack though & to sit & talk for awhile though they mutter strangely & seem oddly grouchy some of those times.
Yowls! Takoda Crow


Home Again, but not quite!

August 18th 2009 10:58 am
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Meli Mom is really getting annoyed with the Mother person since I came home, but one of the friends suggested to Mother & didn't ask Meli Mom that they participate in socializing two older kittens that were quite shy, a shy little lady cat who is sweet yet hissy & a male cat who likes to hide out, so I was home & Mom came in & talked to me & was so happy to see me. Then she went to sleep to take a nap after soaking her feet since they still swell off & on from those old ant bites & the sores are just finally healing fully on her feet. When she got up, I was gone again & this lady cat was the only one there so she fussed at Mom. Overnight I was back & having a ball playing with Lilly Cat. Mom went out to walk the dogs & she got home & Mother didn't say a word to her but when Mom opened the door, Mother said there's something I need to tell you. Too late. Mom looked in the room & I'm back over at David Dad's playing with Thomasina & Caelian Kian & having a ball, but I do miss Mom. Mother told her that the cutest cats were in the room & they are cute -- half Himalayan but the fur isn't as long due to the half Siamese part. Cute things said Mother & Meli Mom says yes, and they're having a blast says Mother playing & chasing Lilly Cat all over the place into Mother's bedroom & back into the front bedroom. One male & one female & Meli Mom says even if you're moving don't you get any ideas about keeping them. Mother says no, they'll be for someone though & was very secretive. Who? Don't know but they are feisty kitty cats & Mom said she knew before Mother told her that they were half Himalayan & not just because but okay partly because we have Himalayan angel cat furiends -- short little legs & those compact Himalayan style bodies & Himalayans are Persian crossed with Siamese but these have an added Siamese cross so the fur is longer than a Siamese not quite as long as a Balinese like Caelian Kian -- a Balinese is just a long haired Siamese cat & some are a great deal fluffier than a Siamese as Caelian is around the face & hind quarters -- but their fur is longer than the Siamese still & yet plus they have these Himalayan cross Siamese faces. Mom says she doesn't know what Mother is up to but she did assure her that she wasn't trying to give me Crow away, just trying to help out with these cute little cats. Mother has approached them as they're half wild things, & has managed to pet them & pet them though the shy little female gave her a nice claw swipe on the hand which surprised her since that's the shy one. All she did was try to pat her back & she hissed & had a catniption fit over it, but later she did let her pet her head & even grabbed her hands to sniff of them the way half wild ones often do just as Thomasina still does to complete strangers that she might allow in her inner circle of people friends. The male didn't scratch just stood his ground & fluffed his back if he didn't want her close at that moment but he doesn't like to hide there unless he has to hide. Mother says he adores Lilly Cat & sleeps right up against her part of the time & she & the female may get a little hissy but they love to play chase & love to bat at the decapitated silk flower tops & to get into trouble together.

Yes, I will be home again & one day the half Himalayans will go back to David's friends for awhile & Mom says she doesn't understand why they're being held for Mother & it has been suggested that yet a different one of the same kind might be suitable for her. She says the day we move into another place out in the country yes, that could occur. Good because the one she has just met & that hasn't really stayed there is my friend great playful male guy but not the one there now. Yes, I get to come home & stay one day. Meli Mom says Mother needs to consult her though she does know that Mother wouldn't let just anyone take us & let us have play dates with their cats.
Yowl! Takoda Crow & Banshee Howls! Caelian Kian

NOTE: David Dad says Crow Raven will be your name cat who adores Meli Mom. He says the little female cat Himalayan cross is not from the same litter either, not from the same parents & that the other male is Crow Raven's brother.
Another Note: Now eventually Crow Raven will let Meli Mom know that he will go on these pages, but other cats that belong to other people may have a voice here at times within other cats' diaries but eventually they will have their own pages on other Catster accounts. Originally, this account was just intended for the cats of Meli Mom & Mother, but things happen in life for which we do not plan. It was not planned that BabyCat Calliope would become Daddy Rob's cat & was not known that he would not have a Catster account until he had a Dogster one -- Jaden Jaguar will go on these pages but any other cats will have to wait says Mama Michelle until they have their own account & she put her foot down hard on that one & had her own human version of a Catniption fit. She is mad that Daddy Rob is taking so long to realize that is indeed a cat person. Oh, and Daddy Rob -- just because you didn't get along with Lilly Cat doesn't mean that Mama Michelle won't have that Oriental cat she has always wanted because she is now utterly determined to have one as you have been exposed to one -- says you can learn to adapt Mr. Cat person. For the time being... well, understood for now. Meli Mom can just have a cat tantrum & pull out her hair (you'll be fine Meli Mom -- all will sort out in the end & Crow Raven adores you...) and meant in jest so don't get stressed about the merry-go-round of cats. Fate my dear, fate.


Aiyana & Loki

August 14th 2009 12:34 am
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Once upon a time we cats had no use for man. We lived in the forests the trees the caves the mountains in hidden places behind waterfalls & by water by streams. We were happy without man & we kept our eye on man from a distance & knew him to be violent & vile, a creature on two legs that stole our food from the rivers & had no true respect for the earth or the land though some said they did. The Indians in North America were closest to our hearts & beliefs or some were. We kept our distance & had nothing to do with man & we were very happy. We had our own secrets that we kept & our own nature worship & primitive cat dance ceremonies that remain in the memories of some cats like Thomasina & BabyCat Calliope. People noticed our great hunting skills & wanted to enslave us to have us work for them, but that was before the great divide in thought. We stayed our distance & when we failed at hunting some days, some nights some of our great numbers crept up to the human campfires & stole food or even begged & received food. In exchange these strange ones curled up to these people & kept them warm at night especially at their feet. But truly I get ahead of myself as that's when the Divide, the great rift occurred...
The Beginning of Aiyana's & Loki's Tales, the Old Ones...


At a slumber party, be home soon...

August 14th 2009 12:00 am
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Actually when our page started out when the account started it was just to be for cats & dogs in the same household, but it just didn't work out that way. We tend to shift around or some of us do although Thomasina & Caelian Kian belong to Mother & so does Leah (Mosaic KaLeah) & they are just staying with others for the time being. I am at a slumber party (where are my pajamas? smarty people will probably find a pic now won't they?) with Thomasina & Caelian Kian at their people's house & Meli Mom is a little annoyed because Mother didn't bother to inform her that I was leaving with David Dad when he came over with Thomasina because Mother didn't get much of a visit with her. She was yowling of course because Caelian hid when he saw the carrier as it might be time soon for the vet & he seems to know that word. David Dad said if he had used a different carrier it would have been fine as this is the vet carrier. Mother got to pet Thomasina & talk to her & the next thing I know she was helping David Dad load me up to go visit with them. Mom looked all over for me & couldn't find me & Mother said oh meant to tell you.... Meli Mom says she is getting irked over the shifting of cats although she knows we need to visit our furiend cats & have play time & that a change of environment is good for us. Another cat was left in my place a sweet female cat & yes a Siamese who hides at their house but not at my home.

I have had a blast playing with Thomasina & Caelian Kian & hope that Lilly Cat is having fun playing with the shy Siamese female cat who Mother says has spent her day between the window bird watching & purring and on a bedside table napping and in the other window staring longingly at the trees outside & at the birds & squirrels & pawing at the window as if she can get them. She & Lilly Cat get along okay as long as the door is open & Lilly Cat can get out & the lovely Siamese female can get in when she uses the hooded litter box which she much prefers. Need to nap cause don't know how long I have here tomorrow & so much to do, so much playing to catch up on with Caelian & Thomasina & tomorrow we stalk the dogs!
Yowl! Caelian Kian


Music @ the Science Fiction Party for Robin Hood

August 9th 2009 1:00 am
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Don't know what was up with that group page or on Catster / Dogster but do know that as for posting that was the worst time we ever had on Catster and the worst time we ever had trying to get pages to load to read. Others on our account (& no, it's not a multiple log in from different computers problem as that causes us no problems and we've had more problems at times when it's just logged in on one computer, but won't go into all of that human technical stuff) were also having problems. Sigh. Never been that bad before but we finally got to read back thru Meli Mom did & it still was hanging up at first for an hour plus after the party had ended even so what the devil cat? Don't know. Do know that we did what others on our pages did and tried visiting other groups and just reading & hovering & hitting post just to see if the post screen would come up & no problems even while the party was still running -- just opened a new tab & tried other groups thinking it was Catster itself & apparently not. So what was up with that? Mom says she will contact Catster / Dogster today & let them know because we want to go to Beckham's birthday party @ Kitthaven and don't want the same thing to happen because other furs were having a hard time posting & even getting into the group as it was blocking them & happened to some of us too & we all joined the group.

With Fancy Marie providing the music:
Star Wars theme
Godzilla == same
Werewolves of London Warren Zevon
Space Oddity
Battlestar Galactica
Time Warp
Starship Troopers
Hot Patootie -- original Rocky Horror cast
Under Pressure
The Show Must Go On (Queen)
Rock & Roll All Nite -- Kiss by request
Hit Me with your best shot -- Pat Benatar
One Bourbon

Tessa's music:
2001 A Space Odyssey
Star Wars Theme

So they did a pic with Bearbut & Robin Hood as members of Kiss singing the Rock & Roll All Nite song that was funny & then seemed Fancy Marie was singing the Pat Benatar song.

Mom says they used to she & some friends act out the Werewolves of London song when she was a teen and kid and just can't imagine Mom howling along to a song -- wait a minute, yes I can! She still howls at the dogs, so yeah I can imagine it. Mother says she was born howling that she's done that since she was just a little baby & they don't know why, never knew why like she was raised her early years by wolves. Says some of her friends have also been howling since they were very small so apparently they came out of that great howling void before they were born. Some know what I mean. Well, time to go back to sleep for awhile so I can get up and chase Lilly Cat around the house later. This chase game gets on Mother's nerves when she's awake so we try to do it while she's asleep and the only problem with it is sometimes the dogs start barking, but then Mother person blames it on them (cat laughing) so we're fine with that outcome!
Yowl! Takoda Crow


Sci Fi Party for Robin Hood @ Dogster Junction Aug. 8th @- 5p.m.

August 7th 2009 4:32 am
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Catster Time other cats! The dogs have you all saying Dogster time but it's Catster Time! Robin Hood's party is at 5 p.m. Catster time and yes that is the same thing as Dogster time and Robin Hood is a dog! The party is at Dogster Junction and you don't have to join because it will be open for the night but leaving the link at the bottom all the same for you to be able to find Dogster Junction. Sometimes groups hide and searches won't reveal them and sometimes it's the strange symbols in the group name of the spacing or whatever else. The party is a costume party and wear what you will in the way of Sci Fi costumes but does say come as you are if you want or if you don't want to wear a costume come and watch those who are in costume! I'm going as Mr. Spock! Yes, the Vulcan from Star Trek. Mom says I make a good Mr. Spock! The invitation will be at the bottom too!

Happy Birthday Caelian Kian! Forgot that it was today!

Yowl! Takoda Crow

Dogster Junction nda13/cute%20cat%20or%20dog%20pics/scifiinvite.jpg
The Invitation to Robin Hood's Science Fiction WoofDay Bash!


The Cat-er-wailing of Lilly Cat!

August 2nd 2009 2:58 am
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Didn't realize it had been so long since I meowed an entry! Been just chillin' out & bird & squirrel watchin' in my room and enjoyin' the Lilly Cat game that Mother plays which is pointless but after days & just days of this game & Mother still doesn't seem to realize that no matter how many times she puts Lilly Cat back into the room and no matter what new ways she finds to bar the door closed, Lilly is a consummate escape artist and she is going to find a way to escape! Very amusing to watch Lilly settle down for a few minutes and sit on the window unit and watch the rain which just drives her nuts and she does her own version of the primitive rain dance that Leah & Thomasina always did and scratches at the window and then she starts getting on my nerves until I help her escape from the room just yowling her head off in the strangest cat yowls I've ever heard and Mom says it's because she's part Oriental and that they yowl louder and longer than any cat alive and that you don't always know the reason. And you thought Siamese cat yowls got on the nerves! Hey, I am Siamese and Lilly Cat gets on my very last nerve sometimes with all that cat-er-wailing! I can withstand it longer than Morse next door who bangs on his door after a few minutes trying to escape his room and the dreadful din of Lilly Cat howling and yowling and trilling and cooing and making all manner of strange cat noises cause she can't stand to be shut in anywhere for more than five minutes or ten minutes at a time before she has fits and starts pawing at the door and trying to escape! Finally, I just can't take it any more and if I wanted to escape why I'm a master at escaping and then getting back into the room and shutting the door like I never left so I help her get out just to make her stop that dreadful cat din! Hurts my ears and disturbs the peace though I love Lilly Cat like a sister and her zoomie antics amuse me greatly unless she can't get out of the room and back inside! I go over and stick my paws both front ones under the door and pull hard and no matter what object is holding the door, promise you I can get it open for her and there she goes running up and down the hall and going crazy up and down and back and forth and bouncing off the walls and back into the room and then a quick out to make sure she is free and back in and out and in and out again and then she's off to torment the dogs for awhile! I need a long nap just meowing about it. Hey, I'm still a kitten too but she needs to learn to relax and take it easy and take a few naps the way cats are supposed to do, get their beauty rest, rest up for nocturnal activities such as yowling at the moon and listening to the insects rustle outside. We have most excellent hearing too! Well, need to get some sleep in prepartion for morning bird and squirrel watching so I'll yowl at you later.
Yowls! Takoda Crow

C@T = Thanks to Jerry for the great rainbow colored beach ball! Will have fun batting it at Lilly Cat's head when she won't stop her yowling though I'm sure she will think I'm playing and think this is a new game and bat it back into my head! Sigh, but love the beach ball!


I'm Not a Foster! and Introducing Tehya Ayita

July 10th 2009 1:02 am
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Below is my fellow house cat or for now, her entry in my diary. I am no longer a foster cat! I am officially Meli Mom's cat and in general, I won't be shifted around although I will get to go on cat play dates and people will sometimes cat sit me at their homes! As fate has it, Thomasina is the one who will shift around a bit partly due to her love for Caelin Kian her soulmate male cat. And they thought it would be Chayton! He is younger than Caelin and they thought for sure he was the one who would like Thomasina and vice versa. He was the one that was to be a present to Mother but he is having none of that, has his eye on another kitty cat too young for him they say because she is just a kitten. He is also a long haired Siamese and he is waiting for a kitten to grow up, can you imagine that! A kitten who is the cat's meow to him! Does that mean most of us cats aren't fixed? No, it doesn't as quite a few of the cats are spayed or neutered but we still have our preferences as to a boyfriend / girlfriend cat a mate even those of us who can't have kittens. Below is my fellow house cat Siamese's introduction. Her Mama Michelle has named her. Our peoples / humans think it's an important thing our naming and that our persons should be the one to choose our names because that's part of our attachment to them, our names.

Tehya Ayita is my name and I go by Tehya and Ayia / Aya as nicknames. I will have my own page as soon as Daddy Rob & Mama Michelle stop arguing over not having their own Catster account before a Dogster one. Mama says Catster comes first because the cats came first and so right now I will sometimes speak from Crow’s page since I am friends with Crow and staying with him. Besides, I don’t have a photo yet. It’s not the camera. You see, you just don’t point anything at me and I mean not even your finger or I hiss. That’s rude. Stop pointing at me! You don’t shake anything at me either unless it’s feathers! Mel & Mother person are my foster people until Mama Michelle helps get the old house of her parents settled. Mama was sick and her Mother took care of her for awhile and then her Mother got sick and Michelle is caring for her, Mama Michelle. Sounds like Mom ah the pronunciation and not the accented each syllable Ma Ma as one would call a Grandmother or equivalent. If Daddy Rob & Mama Michelle don’t work things out on the account, I will go on the site with Crow their account but Daddy Rob hasn’t even gotten the photos and pages up for Jaden or for the other kitty cats yet so…. Meanwhile I want my own voice so Crow will let me talk on his page since I live in his house. I was the youngest in my Mom cat’s litter and so I am small. Mama loves me and has been over to visit me, but she can’t take me home yet. These things take time and she says she is frustrated with how very long things are taking but they are working on it and she can’t make her Mother heal any faster and is struggling for patience with prayers so remember us in your prayers and meditations. Send good thoughts and healing images Heavenward for us to the skies & the stars. Toward Heaven above. My name is Native American and Tehya means “precious” and Ayita means in Cherokee “first to dance.” However Mom says it means precious dancer. I do like the primitive cat ceremonies and so love to dance although I’m not sure that climbing the curtains right side up and upside down counts quite as dancing. Mama got me down but she didn’t fuss, said that I am still a kitten and I will learn not to climb things that I shouldn’t and she pet me. I like her. I knew she would find me and come for me even if just to visit for now. Did despair for awhile as all my brothers and sisters were desired and people looked at the brown across my back and for some reason didn’t want me, that and my small size and Mom says that I am beautiful and that many prize the cats of Siamese type with brown on their backs and others agree and it is said I wasn’t chosen because I was the runt and slow to grow. But my former people say they had me marked as Mama Michelle’s and that they hid me sometimes when others came around as they like to match cats to people and that I needed someone special to understand me and my ways. I don’t act like the other Siamese and am not as vocal as they are but I can yowl and meow. I have a much higher soprano voice than they do and it might stay that way. I am about five months old. My people are not breeders, my former people but they do allow their cats to have a litter every now and then for friends who desire Siamese cats. I am slender and not stocky of build like many a Chocolate Point and that might affect some’s judgment of me too say my former people due to expectations that it’s the Seal Point that’s longer and leaner and not the Chocolate Point. The ones who were interested in me: my original people didn’t want them to have me didn’t think I would be suited for their homes. I am also a gift. The others were not but I am a gift of value. At least one of my sisters is also a gift. However, she may come to live with me too eventually as she may not be working out where she is, quite hissy and scratchy meaning she loves to claw things up and her people just don’t seem to understand that Siamese cats are different. We will see.
MewYowl, Tehya Ayita


The Electric Wind

July 9th 2009 11:41 pm
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Our window unit has gone berserk and it gets far too cold some days anyway, so Mom put together this tall bladed thing for us that I have seen in other rooms of the house. She says it's just a fan, but this thing just mega blows wind so I say it's a wind machine! Love it, and hang out in front of it and Mom thought we would miss the air conditioner but we don't. She says that we have another window unit but they have to buy some new boards to secure it into the window as the old ones won't do. We're fine and she was surprised that we were but this new wind machine keeps the air circulating and blowing around along with our small fan and we like it better than the air conditioner. Mom says that they will still install the new window unit but we don't seem to care and she is surprised that our room is not scorchingly hot, but it's not. However, they were getting worried too about just how cold that old window unit was getting, afraid that us cats were going to get sick and so they were leaving the door open for us so we could go into Mother's room and Morse has us into his room too!

Just love the wind. We have an object that Mother placed to block some of the fan and so we just get behind it to shelter from the wind on the bed if we get tired of it. The wind is wonderful and cool and gives us the smells of the rest of the house when the door is open a crack. Leah now, doesn't like the wind too much and she hisses and spits at it and stays behind the object to shield herself from it and acts like she is under attack! My female friend cat and I, however, love the wind and like to play in the wind! Helps us leap higher all over the room. But Mother did call Mel (Meli Mom) when we managed to knock the drapes down again playing chase up and down them. Mom says she never has her camera at the ready when she needs it because cats climbing down the drapes upside down (and even right side up) would make such a cute picture! Whatever. We're having fun! Love summer. So many more birds to watch and so many more squirrels especially in the morning because they seem to hide out too in the heat of the day.
Yowl! Love the wind! Takoda Crow


Catching Up & Leah going to the dogs...

July 9th 2009 11:24 pm
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No, I haven't yowled here much lately & we haven't been to groups much lately because Mom has been busy with something called work and she also has been trying with Mother to go through storage boxes of things just tons of things. I go out and check out what's going on sometimes but lately I've taken to darting under furniture and playing chase with the other cats in the house. Morse has gotten jealous of Leah and we call her a defector to the dogs because she hangs out with Pinto Paint and with Dion The CatDog in the house and doesn't play with us quite so much any more, just loves those dogs and so spends her time running around with the dog pack. When Lilly is over to our house, all us other cats have taken to hiding out. Thomasina will have to yowl about her on in and out of the house adventures because Caelin Kian so adores her and so behaves himself when she is around that his people borrow her and say it's helping socialize him and a wild cat (domestic cat allegedly but doesn't act like it -- apparently had bad people before) plus Thomasina is still on the socialization experimental program and they say she is coming around. She is here it seems like just a couple of days per week. My Mom says she misses Thomasina and Mother seems to miss her too, but Leah spends a bunch of time with Mother and Lilly when she's over just sleep wherever she sleeps when Mother person sleeps. No, Thomasina hasn't been given away or rehomed but Mother worried about her while we were cleaning up and worried about her becoming more antisocial.

So am I lonely? NO! I have a friend in my room many a day when Thomasina isn't here so I'm not lonely at all, lovely graceful Chocolate Point Siamese with dark on her back, shy thing a bit on the petite side but she still is a kitten. Mews & MewYowls. No, she's not older person Mother's cat and not Meli Mom's cat (Mel's cat) and doesn't belong to anyone here, but I am so glad of her company. We're waiting for BabyCat Calliope's Mom to name her and otherwise if she doesn't name her precious baby soon we're going to name her or at least give her a temp name. She's getting better at standing her ground to both Mother and my Mom. Before she held for a minute and ran just shy and hissy and to me a sweet thing. I'm just happy to have another Siamese in the room with me. I have taken her exploring around the house all through Mother's room and into the dog territory.

Absolutely not again: Thomasina is still Mother's cat but she drove Mother nuts every time Caelin Kian left just crying for her friend and yowling and actually cat wailing. Maybe that's one reason why Mother agreed that Thomasina could go on the experimental socialization program run by friends because she acts like all furs and people are evil every time her friend Caelin is removed. I like Caelin too as he's a great friend. When he gets back home, he's tremendously destructive after being removed from Thomasina's domain, her realm. Mother keeps saying we're renovating and moving and renting this one out and the renters are all arranged too for when it happens two sets chosen, one a back up and they have another friend's house lined up, just confusing people stuff. Caelin is a gift to Mother but we don't have the room right now for him. I am a gift to Mel (Meli Mom) and I run away when I am at other places for more than a couple of days, which is more dangerous than what Caelin does. He doesn't take off out the door just destroys things and they can put things up. With his beloved Thomasina with him, he doesn't destroy things usually. He just absolutely adores her and acts like he has found his soul mate cat. So some days Caelin comes over here to play with us and won't confuse by going into all the places I visit. One at a time in the future. Usually when Caelin comes over, I stay and Leah gets to go over and visit Silly Lilly at Rob's house. The darned dogs misbehave when Leah is not here now, just howl because their pet cat isn't in the house. These attachments us cats and the dogs are forming....
Yowl! Takoda Crow

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