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Simply Mahvelous!

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All Better!

April 17th 2012 4:54 pm
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Hi Friends,
I am pleased to tell you my mouth is completely healed! Thanks so much for purring for me. My Mom is very relieved as things in kitty mouths really scare her.
I have a few sneezies. They are not bad and my doctor thinks they are either allergies or from my new sister, Alma Jean. She has a little eye problem we are trying to fix with lysine.
I am so excited that I am to get a baby brother! Maybe Alma Jean and I can take turns playing with him. Do you know that AJ was recently a Mommie herself, she can probably give me a few pointers.
With the weather getting nicer my regular customers are showing up at the side door. I have worked out a new contract with Gomez so I can give Russell nice presents at Christmas time. I told AJ to make sure Gomez pays her well, too.
I am off to smell the pretty lilacs in my back yard! Mom has the window open and they are heavenly!
Your Friend,
Marvel Ann


Bad Boo Boo in my Mouth

April 3rd 2012 4:42 pm
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Hi Friends,
I was snuggling and purring on Mom's lap this Sunday and she noticed I had a bad red spot in the corner of my mouth. I have been feeling fine, eating and drinking and crunching my treats, so Mom wasn't too worried but she made an appointment for me this morning with my doctor.
Mom was really upset when my doctor opened my mouth and there was a nasty Abb Cess in there under the red part, plus I am running a fever. My doctor gave me some shots and she thinks it is something that will probably go away, but could come back. Mom worried even more when my vet said she couldn't rule out the big "C", which just took our Ko to the bridge. But this is very unlikely due to my age and the way it looked. The doctor thought it most likely it is a thing with a big name, Feline Eosinophilic Granuloma.
Meanwhile, after crying all the way there and back, I am fine at home and playing and keeping Jacob company.
If you could, will you send a few purrs my way? Thank you.
Your friend,
Marvel Ann


Real Birthday Surprises!!!!

March 31st 2012 7:26 am
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Hi Friends,
I had the most lovely evening with Russell! I don't have to have a chaperone anymore. But you know, I felt there was one there. Every time Russ and I would cuddle up, whether at the movies or at our romantic dinner table, I felt the slight brush of wings. And when we were trying to lick the whipped cream off each other's paws, a little breeze would blow it off to the floor!!!
Mom says that Taz and Ko will always be with us. I think this is part of what she meant!
Russ got me home a little late, and Orvis and Gomez were waiting at the front door. I was tired so I went to bed. But the guys sat around talking and having a beer. I snuck down the stairs to listen where they couldn't see me.
Gomez and Orvis told Russ I would soon had a little sister! I wonder what that could mean. She couldn't be a kitten, because they said like Ko she was left and her baby was adopted.
I hope I will like my new sister. It's hard being the only girl in the house except Mom! We can go shopping for shoes, dresses and sparkly hats and accessories together!
Excited purrs,
Marvel Ann


Glad to be Back!

September 2nd 2011 5:07 pm
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Hi Friends,
Mom has been unable to get my pictures up on my page for a while. She figured out a way to make them smaller, finally. I thought you would like to see a recent picture of me. As you can see, I am a grown up girl! I really like this silver chair on the porch that Mom has put a soft quilt on, just for me. I can sit on it for hours and dream of my gorgeous boycatfriend, Russell.
I am looking forward to having my parents with me an extra day this weekend. I hope yours can spend some time with you, too!
Marvel Ann


An Unforgettable Celebration

April 3rd 2011 9:03 am
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Hi Friends,
I had the most wonderful 2nd Birthday! All of us, Taz, Gomez, Ko, Orvis, Xena, Russell, and I, piled into the Tazmobile for our outing. Taz made us promise not to scratch his yellow leather seats! We got to the "placa" chosen by Gomez as our event planner, and went inside as Taz parked the car. There was a table just for us! We had the most wonderful dinner, served by nice mancats in black bowties. Then it was time for the show! I didn't notice but Russell, Orvis, and Gomez had left the table. All of a sudden, the lights went down and all the girlcats, including Ko and Xena, rushed the stage! I had to join them! Then, the announcer, and handsome mancat, said it was Amateur Night, and all of the mancats were going to dance for us! We were so excited, we squealed and squealed! All of the ladycats kept putting dollars in the mancat dancers' dance clothes!! Then, much to my surprise, Gomez, Orvis and Russell came out and danced for all of us!! I wanted to put some dollars in Russell's dance clothes, but the strangest thing happened...I felt paws gently but firmly holding me back! Anyway, our boys put on the best show! Gomez had so many dollars tied around his tail, he could hardly move. Orvis won the Amateur night contest, and Xena was so proud. But, my Russell came in second!! He said he had been practicing for days.
I guess Taz didn't like the show, he pouted all the way home and said he had a big headache!!
I can't wait until our next family celebration!!!
Purrs of pride in my talented mancat Russell,
Marvel Ann


It's my Second Birthday!

March 30th 2011 5:19 am
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Hi Friends,
I can't believe I am all grown up now that I am 2 years old. I am going to have cake and tuna with my family today to celebrate, and we are also celebrating Gomez being named Cat of the Day!
I am going out for my birthday with Russell this Friday, and Xena and Orvis are coming to celebrate their anniversary. Taz is chaperoning, and Gomez is our event planner! My brothers are trying to keep our destination a secret, but I was peaking around the corner and saw Orvis and Gomez dancing in front of the mirror, with Dad's computer open so Russell could see them! So I know we are going to a dance place. I can't wait!
Purrs of anticipation,
Marvel Ann


My Gorgeous Necklace from Russell!

March 27th 2011 3:04 pm
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Hi Friends,
I was so surprised to receive a package from my boyfriend cat Russell. He sent me this beautiful crystal necklace, with a key and heart clasp. His mom, Martha, made one for me with a matching one for my mom! I am such a lucky girl, and am looking forward to our date for my 2nd Birthday!
Purrs of anticipation,
Marvel Ann


Oh, I am a Diary Pick Today!

March 23rd 2011 5:28 am
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Hi Friends,
My diary was picked today! So I thought I would give you some good news.
I know my Auntie Hazel would want me to remember her and celebrate her memory! I felt her telling me just that!
So, next week is my 2nd birthday, and of course I want to go out with Russell. And Orvis and Xena's Second Wedding Anniversary is the day before. So Gomez and Taz are going to take us to a surprise place where we can all celebrate together.
Gomez is so proud of himself, he says he found a place especially for young Senoras and Senoritas!
I hope the boys like it too.
Purrs of excitement,
Marvel Ann


My Sweet Auntie Hazel Lucy has gone to the Bridge...

March 16th 2011 11:27 am
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Hi Friends,
I am so sad, my dear Auntie Hazel has gone to the Bridge. My Mom explained to me that Auntie was tired and it was her time to fly.
I don't feel much like celebrating tomorrow. I am sure Russell will understand.
Tears of grief,
Marvel Ann, proud to be a niece of dear Hazel Lucy


I feel like an Irish Princess!

March 6th 2011 4:29 pm
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Hi Friends,
Yesterday Mom helped me with my St. Patrick's day portraits. Don't you love my Irish Princess dress? I plan to wear it to my date with Russell to the Irish pub.
Taz says he has to go as chaperone. I thought Gomez did a great job, he was so much fun! Gomez says he is going, too, and he will make sure Russ and I have a "buen rato"!
Dreaming of another great time with Russell,
Marvel Ann

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