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Melvin and the twitchies

June 2nd 2009 9:17 pm
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Today has been pretty eventful. Melvin had an odd burst of energy and was ripping and roaring through the house. When he finally stopped and slowed down, I noticed his left eye twitching back and forth. He also had a moment where he wandered throughout the house crying. Being an owner of an epileptic dog in the past, I knew that these little "quirks" were the signs of seizure activity, which is a side effect of primordial dwarfism. Although his diagnosis isn't 100%, he is showing a lot of the symptoms.

Seeing that there is very little information on this genetic condition in cats, the only information we really have to work with is the human counterpart. Some of the symptoms that Melvin seems to share is a possible hip displacement, as he runs somewhat odd, widely spaced teeth, some hyperactivity, weak muscle tone, a rather large head, and most recently, seizure activity. Other than that, he seems perfectly healthy. He eats well and plays hard.

In humans, PD comes from the mutated gene in both parents, and I can see this as being true, as both Melvin's mom and dad were insanely small, nearly the size of an average 4 month old kitten. Despite their size, they looked rather healthy. I just think that poor Melvin got all the bad parts of the genes and is having a rough start.

I understand that seizures can be a big cause for concern, but working around them in the past, I at least know the signs and when it becomes an emergency situation. During his twitching, I made sure to check his heart rate (normal) and keep a close eye to see if it elevated, thankfully it never did. I've found that this activity comes soon after he is having fits of hyperness, so I feel that that could easily be the cause. At Melvin's next check up, I'll be making sure to bring all of this up to the vet. In the meantime, I'll be keeping a close eye on the little guy and trying to keep him a little more calm (not an easy task with a kitten!).

Anyways, sorry to turn the post so sad, it's not too bad of news because Melvin eats and drinks well, his back end is producing some quality doo, he's having no problems going potty, and all in all, he's growing quite well.

By the way, I have to share with all of you my favorite part of Melvin:

His little paw pads are the softest little things I've ever felt. And their about the size of the tip of my little finger, which makes them ultra cute. I'd kiss them, but he walks all over the potty box with those. That would be rather unsanitary.

One more thing before I go (Man this is a long one!)... Wednesdays are going to be the one day that I want to share reader submitted rescue stories. Although Melvin's story is a good one, there are so many lucky kitties out there that should have their stories told. So if you have a story to tell, contact me via email button ( with as many pictures as you can manage to share.


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