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Melvin and the twitchies

June 2nd 2009 9:17 pm
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Today has been pretty eventful. Melvin had an odd burst of energy and was ripping and roaring through the house. When he finally stopped and slowed down, I noticed his left eye twitching back and forth. He also had a moment where he wandered throughout the house crying. Being an owner of an epileptic dog in the past, I knew that these little "quirks" were the signs of seizure activity, which is a side effect of primordial dwarfism. Although his diagnosis isn't 100%, he is showing a lot of the symptoms.

Seeing that there is very little information on this genetic condition in cats, the only information we really have to work with is the human counterpart. Some of the symptoms that Melvin seems to share is a possible hip displacement, as he runs somewhat odd, widely spaced teeth, some hyperactivity, weak muscle tone, a rather large head, and most recently, seizure activity. Other than that, he seems perfectly healthy. He eats well and plays hard.

In humans, PD comes from the mutated gene in both parents, and I can see this as being true, as both Melvin's mom and dad were insanely small, nearly the size of an average 4 month old kitten. Despite their size, they looked rather healthy. I just think that poor Melvin got all the bad parts of the genes and is having a rough start.

I understand that seizures can be a big cause for concern, but working around them in the past, I at least know the signs and when it becomes an emergency situation. During his twitching, I made sure to check his heart rate (normal) and keep a close eye to see if it elevated, thankfully it never did. I've found that this activity comes soon after he is having fits of hyperness, so I feel that that could easily be the cause. At Melvin's next check up, I'll be making sure to bring all of this up to the vet. In the meantime, I'll be keeping a close eye on the little guy and trying to keep him a little more calm (not an easy task with a kitten!).

Anyways, sorry to turn the post so sad, it's not too bad of news because Melvin eats and drinks well, his back end is producing some quality doo, he's having no problems going potty, and all in all, he's growing quite well.

By the way, I have to share with all of you my favorite part of Melvin:

His little paw pads are the softest little things I've ever felt. And their about the size of the tip of my little finger, which makes them ultra cute. I'd kiss them, but he walks all over the potty box with those. That would be rather unsanitary.

One more thing before I go (Man this is a long one!)... Wednesdays are going to be the one day that I want to share reader submitted rescue stories. Although Melvin's story is a good one, there are so many lucky kitties out there that should have their stories told. So if you have a story to tell, contact me via email button ( with as many pictures as you can manage to share.


Om Nom Nom

May 29th 2009 11:16 am
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I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this, but I've decided that a new blog schedule is going to be taking effect.

Don't worry, it's still all about Melvin. I've decided to schedule certain subjects for each day of the week and then ALSO post any updates on Melvin or other random stuff along with it. So basically, you're going to be getting MORE Melvin!

But anyways, back to the topic...

Melvin lost one of his baby teeth (I'm thinking one of the back ones) while eating his hard food (He enjoys the hard much more than the wet for some reason). I heard a tiny yelp from his little room and went over and found that he didn't want anything to do with his hard food anymore. Well, seeing he refuses to eat soft food from the plate, and now refuses to eating hard food from the plate, I've decided that it's time to bring back the syringes. This way I know he's eating enough and he doesn't end up having a love-hate relationship with his food.

(He's wrapped in a towel because he likes to knead on my hands while he eats, and that kind of hurts)

He loves the syringe for some reason.

Looking for more

And then he's content.

Usually after he's done being fed, he gets a bath because, as you can see, he gets pretty dirty. He really has no problem with taking a bath, he just hates it when I wash around his eyes to get all the goopies out.

After his bath, he gets wrapped up in a warm towel and naps until he's feeling warm enough to come out. After that, he gets a brush and goes off to play.

For those of you that are wondering what the schedule is going to be, I'm going to be leaving that a surprise. I'm going to try and post the same time every day, but who knows how well that's going to work out. Along with the daily scheduled posts, I'll be adding update posts as well. All will be labeled and easily accessible on the side.



May 26th 2009 7:03 am
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Melvin has been growing better in leaps and bounds. He's energetic and has learned how to play rough.

Lately he's discovered the game of Peekaboo:

Stick around until the end. You don't want to miss out on this:

Melvin will be going to the V-E-T soon to see if he's strong enough and big enough to get his shots. I'm looking forward to see how much weight he's gained, as his back and ribs are now almost completely undetectable. When we first got him, Melvin was nothing but skin and bones. He had spent most of his life inside of a cage and was terribly emaciated, so he also lacked in any muscle in his back legs. I'm wondering if this is the cause for the funny way that he walks or if something else could be wrong. Either way, we'll love him no matter what, and we're excited to see what the V-E-T says.

Also! Melvin and I thank everyone for the support! All the recent attention seems to have gone to Melvin's head, as if that wasn't big enough already. He now walks around like he's King of the Castle, which, I suppose he's pretty much become.

We would especially like to thank all those that have left the kind comments and Cat Blogosphere and Zoolatry for the features.

One more time for good measure:


What do cats do while you're away?

May 24th 2009 6:25 pm
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Apparently, not much.

Melvin had his first entire day to himself, and it looks as though nothing changed. Not one wire out of place. But I guess there's not too much trouble to get into when all the trouble is 2 feet above you.

I can't decide if he slept all day, or just did a really good job cleaning up the party he had like any good kid on his own would do.

Lazy little shit was passed out when we walked through the front door. I think the only reason he got up was to glare at us for disturbing his beauty sleep.

Although, I can't really tell if he's glaring at us, or that's just how he looks. Because I swear, he's planning something evil.

Does anyone else's cat out there run around like a little bunny rabbit? Because Melvin sure does. I can't tell if he feels that it's the most efficient way to get around or if something's wrong with him, but he looks like a little bunny when he's in "play mode". I mean it. Tucks his ears down and does this:

(Imagine the following video with Melvin in the place of this adorable white kitten named Cabbit)

I can already tell that this relationship is going to be full of all sorts of fun personality quirks.


Our little man is growing up...

May 22nd 2009 2:34 pm
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Melvin's getting to be a big boy.

Since his sudden explosion of energy, I've finally had enough with the 2 hours of sleep that I've been getting a night. So last night, Melvin slept all by him self in a room of his own.

Apparently he had no problem being all alone. Who knows what he did out there, though? He had food, water, a poop box and a nice, cushy bed at his disposal, as well as plenty of toys. But hell, if he did yell at us from loneliness, I doubt I would have heard him (Just imagine a faint wind coming from an 11 ounce kitten). All in all, it was a good night. Thank God he's growing up.

Melvin also got another bath today. His hair was getting icky and his eyes had all sorts of goobers.

He had a great time.

His left eye is concerning me, lately. It doesn't dilate like it should and has a faint scratch right around the cornea (the big black spot in the middle. I didn't know what it was called, so how am I supposed to know if you do?). As of yet, I'm just going to keep an eye on it. He'll be seeing the vet for all of his first shots soon enough.


In the beginning, there was Melvin...

May 22nd 2009 8:48 am
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"Babe, what should I name my virtual pet?"


"Hey, what should I name this character in my Role Playing screen play?"


"What should we name our new kitty when we get one?"

"Melvin. LDO"

*Melvin after being bathed and groomed. He knows he's sexy

And that's how it started... Sort of. It mostly started with my obsession with cat videos, cat blogs, cute little Himalayan kitten pictures, and an endless search for a "smooshyfaced" cat of my own on Craigslist.

Oh dear Craigslist, how we love to hate you.

If you really want to get technical, it started with a boy cat that really loved a girl cat... But I don't feel like ranting on about a furry porno, so those of you looking for that, you may want to look elsewhere.

Anyways, we found Melvin on Craigslist. A simple post marked "Blue Point Himalayan Kitten - $50". Oh goodness, this is too good to be true! (Remember kids, buying ANY animal from Craigslist is a gamble) But I was set on my smooshyface. So the email was sent (after some discussion with the boyfriend, of course).

*Melvin isn't the biggest fan of his weekly baths.

Melvin was an "accident". His daddy was 9 months old and his previous owner didn't know cats can "shoot their seed" that early on in life. Accidental litters are never a good thing, red flag number one. Finding out he is a "runty" kitten, red flag number two. Being told that he may need a bottle for supplements, red flag number three. All these red flags and I still went on. I was sent some pictures of the little guy and I thought to myself, "Something about him seems funny". He kind of looked like a furry version of Quasimodo, you know, that "special" kind of cute.

When we finally got Melvin, I was ecstatic. His pictures did him no justice. He was so tiny and sweet. We got to meet his aunt, who was brought to show us how he will look when he grows up. She was a delicate little 2.5 pound bundle of fur. Nothing seemed wrong at all. Just a "teacup" Himalayan.

*I'm still confused why he sleeps this way.

We brought Melvin home and instantly noticed he didn't act like a normal 2 month old kitten. He slept almost 22 hours a day, he barely ate, and he didn't play or purr. For the first couple of days, I decided that it was just because he was so small, and the lady I got him from agreed. Then it all happened... *WARNING: If you don't want to read about doo-doo, you may want to stop now, that is, if you actually made it to this point* Melvin got a sudden case of diarrhea. Wet, foamy nasty diarrhea. It was terrible. I had fed him nothing but a bottle that day, so I decided that was the culprit. The next morning, he was shitting blood. After Googling "diarrhea in kittens" and "bloody stool in kittens" for nearly an hour, we finally decided it was time to take Melvin to the vet.

When we got to the Emergency Clinic, we signed in and were escorted to a room. The lady instantly noticed how tiny Melvin was. Through some poking and prodding (and a short rectal temperature-taking that caused the little patient to scream in pain), she found that his temperature was almost 7 degrees below normal, he was severely dehydrated, extremely emaciated and weighed only 9 ounces. The vet came in and continued with some more poking and prodding, looking in every hole he had. She asked us a few questions, continued to proclaim "This is a sick, sick kitten" and schooled us on the Pet Lemon Law (apparently we shouldn't have paid $50, but hell, if we didn't, who's to say someone else wouldn't have? Someone that WOULDN'T have paid for this $200 visit?). Then they took the bag of poop I brought them and started some tests.

Melvin was diagnosed with severe emaciation, dehydration, a crossbite, an overbite, possible intestinal inflammation, and what could very well be a form of dwarfism. Did you know that "teacup" kittens are just midgetized cats? A genetic mistake? But recently, "teacup" pets are all the rage. Actually owning a "teacup" Himalayan, and seeing what is involved, I am now very against further breeding of this genetic mutation.

*Don't worry, we're beginning to reach the end

After paying for the vet bill and getting shit on in the car, we finally made it home, now armed with a prescription diet and syringes. Instructions were to feed Melvin 10ccs of his new gourmet diet every couple of hours so that he eats 60ccs a day. I followed instructions well, added pumpkin to help him poop normal poops, gave him yogurt and watched everything that came out of his ass for the next couple of days. All the while, we saw our little Melvin grow stronger and stronger.

After all that, Melvin is doing well. He runs around and actually became quite a sassy little shit. He eats, poops (my boyfriend is convinced that I'm obsessed with my cat's feces) and drinks on his own. And tonight, he's going to sleep on his own, because I'm sick of getting woken up during the night by a tiny little fuzzball with an obsession for feet.

And there you have it, the unabrieviated version of Melvin's life.
I mean, I had to fill you in some how, right?
And if you've made it to this point, congratulations, you truly are as bored as I am.

Stay tuned for updates on Melvin's life, some cute pictures, and random crap I may find entertaining or cute.

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