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JUNE 28,09

My peryer and My wish came true

August 30th 2009 12:02 am
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Yesterday I look at my web page . I all way say my kitty preyer at night and ask God to watch over all the other cats ,kitten and dog and puppy that dont have a good loving home like I have been bless with and wish my web page on here was as nice as other . So How do you thank you God for the Angel that did my web page and my brother Dinky. I was so bless wend my Sister Orange got her web page done for Mommy 50 birthday that was a wonderfull gift of all
I just to let this angel know how I do love you angel with all heart
thank you God for makeing a wish come true and Dear God will you please send Bruce the Dog back home were he is love and send home all the other that are lost out there help them fine there way back home


Angle wing for ORANGE MY SISTER

August 17th 2009 1:46 am
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TODAY was Mommy 50 birthday
she cry when she seen you with your new angel wing your web page is so beauitfull . That was best gift of love now you can injoy all the good thing up there . I to will be on my way to the rainbow bridge . I'm get old it hard for me to get a round now day my little short leg dont move as well as they did but i'm not planding coming up there any time to soon I hope to have another 10 yr to go yet . I know wend the time come it would feel like the world has just end for Mommy and Daddy I wasb there very 1st kitten to come to live them . Daddy keep telling Mommy I had to go back to my old home . Mommy fight for me all way there was no way she was going to give up on me I won a place in Mommy heart just like you did . Mommy love you alot to oh by the way the before I for get you know Foxy that black and white cat that you would let in the yard to eat your food she came up missing . The old human that live a cross the street move and some human move in with little human so no one know what happen to Foxy Daddy said call foxy little buddy . It bed time time for me to go into Mommy and Daddy room to sleep on that big bed Night sis fly big sis have fun we love ya

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