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Cali's Caravan of Chat!

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An Occurrence at Rainbow Bridge....

May 24th 2015 9:07 am
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She awoke with a start. Instinctively her head hugged the ground,& her ears flattened. Slowly,warily,she gradually opened her eyes. This was decidedly not the place she had fallen asleep. She had been lying on a bed with her human & her young friend,the kit Snowflake. She had taken a few shallow breaths & fallen asleep. And now she found,wherever here was......
She gathered her courage & looked around her;first to the left,then right,then to the rear. She was in the middle of a green field,and there was a large rainbow glowing in the not-too-far distance. The air was scented with fresh grass,and the aroma of chicken,fish,& other good things to eat was perceivable as well. And if her no longer aged nose did not deceive her,she detected...catnip.
And that was another thing....her joints no longer ached,& she didn't feel that awful constant fact,she felt better than she had since she was a kitten. She absently groomed herself,& realized that her fur was once again soft & full. She tried her swatting paw,which had lately been slowed by was faster than ever. She arose,stretched,& froze with fear.
A figure was bounding toward her...a small one,& bounding....more floating;barely touching the ground. The tiny creature seemed to take one bound,then float for three. As it approached,she crouched,hissed,& readied her paw for swatting......suddenly she realized that she knew who this figure was.
It was the kitten named Burt. She had befriended him during his all-too-short lifetime,& now here he was,in this odd place. Except....except he was healthy,vigorous,& not dead,as he had assuredly been the last time she had seen him. There was something else about him she did not recognize....she was fairly certain...not positively certain,but fairly certain....that when he had passed away,he had definitely not had.....


The winged Burt-bird alighted next to her,purring & headbonking. He gave her whisker nuzzles & wrapped his little paws around her. She was thoroughly confused,which was no condition in which to experience what then occurred. From the direction of the rainbow,she saw a flock of more bird-cats,& as they drew near,she knew them as well. She had not met all of them in person,but she knew them. She saw Scaredy Cat,who had died even longer ago than Burt. There was Pounce,Buddy,Allie Katt....Samoa,Norman....and more,and more again....too many to name....They formed a large circle around her,and the air next to her began to shimmer & glow,as a large form started to manifest itself beside her.
She shuddered in apprehension as she began vaguely to comprehend that which was taking place right next to couldn't be....not the Big Guy....not....Ceiling
The shimmering form settled into the form of a large,wizened old cat. It looked down upon her,& smiled. It placed its paws above her shoulders,& the air again started similarly to shimmer & glow. Something was materializing over her....upon her....

It was a pair of wings.

The Cat-Form once again looked down upon her. It smiled again,began to once again shimmer & glow,& faded away. Her circle of winged friends began to bound toward the rainbow. They looked back,& motioned for her to come. She started walking....then trotting....then bounding,seeming to take one bound,then float for three. Within a few yards,she could feel the wings becoming a part of her,& her of them.
Her friends continued bounding off toward the rainbow. She couldn't be sure in which direction she was going,or what their destination was,or by what name it was known,but she knew one thing more surely than she had ever known anything before.....

She was going home.



August 24th 2014 9:23 am
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Cali died today of apparent old age. She was lying on the bed with me & Snowflake. Her breathing got weaker & weaker,she took a few deep breaths & left us. She did not suffer. She passed being petted & chinscratched & being told that it was OK to leave if she had to.

I am glad that her last dinner with us last night had lots of chicken...her favorite food....

Today is a very sad day for us.


My thoughts on choking....

July 26th 2014 8:28 am
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I almost choked to death on a piece of chicken the other are my observations,as near as I can recollect them....

By Cali
Mmmmm!!! Chicken!
My favorite!
Others are after my prize....
better suck it down quick....
It won't come out....
Slobber trailing from my mouth.....
Dad sticks his finger in my mouth....
YOU MORON!!!! I already have chicken stuck in my throat & you want to cram your nasty fingers in my mouth?
A chomp from my cutting molars removes his digits....
GHAAAACK....he rubs my throat....
Finally I swallow it.....
*whew* That's better....
Better rest for a few minutes....
Macaroni & cheese with chicken?????
One must get back up on the horse that threw one
Especially if that horse
is chicken.


Go to Church or go to Heck.....

February 22nd 2014 5:36 am
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Since Catster is not closing(for now) Dad is thinking of re-activating the Church of Ceiling Cat group....he says it will give me someplace to rant.....I do NOT rant....I form cogent,logical,well constructed arguments,& any LOUD MOUTHED BOYCAT WHO THINKS OTHERWISE MIGHT FIND MY PAW UPSIDE THEIR FLEA-RIDDEN HEAD!!!!!

Anyway,I am the Minister there & may start it up again.....


A Catsmas Carol 2013...

December 24th 2013 9:40 am
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I present my annual production of "A Catsmas Carol" experienced with catnip cookies & catnip cocoa before a warm fireplace,or at least with the warmth of your furmily around you.......

A Catsmas Carol


Another DDP?

August 4th 2013 6:19 am
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First I get a DDP for wondering how old I I get a DDP for writing about getting a DDP for wondering how old I am....the birthday gifts just keep on coming! I wonder how long I can string this out?


DDP & More for my Birthday!

August 2nd 2013 5:49 am
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I got a DDP for wondering how old I really am....& when Dad got home from work this morning,he had brought me...a bag of popcorn chicken! Mmmmmm.....Chicken......Thanks to everyone who sent me presents & messages!


How old am I?

August 1st 2013 5:04 am
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Today is the day Dad chose to be my birthday....but I don't know how old I am....I have been with Dad for 8 or 9 page says I'm 12 years old....I think I'm between 10-12....


Cheese & Dressing....

July 26th 2013 2:37 pm
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I wasn't feeling too well yesterday,but I feel better now....Plus,Dad said it was too hot to cook,so he made a always,I stared at him & meowed until I got a on top of my liver & bacon cat food dinner,I got a few chunks of cheese from the salad,& I licked the bowl clean of buttermilk ranch dressing....I might get to like salad if he'd take that green stuff out of it.....or maybe catnip salad?


Cali's Memorial Day Purrayer....

May 26th 2013 7:04 am
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I wrote this a few years ago & thought I would repost it again,even if Memorial Day is not until tomorrow.....

Today is Memorial Day. This is the day when our humans remember those who have died defending our country. It is altogether fitting & proper that we do this. I think we Feline-Americans should also use this day to remember our friends who have passed on to the Rainbow Bridge;not to grieve for their loss,but to recall the pleasure & love given to us by their mere existence in our lives,however short that may have been. We should remember the strays & ferals who lie in unmarked graves,unmourned ,simply for the crime of not having a home;of being unwanted. We should remember the victims of animal cruelty(a misnomer,since it is really HUMAN cruelty) who died because an evil or unthinking Human thought their lives worthless. We Purr for all these souls,that they have at long last found the comfort & compassion at the Bridge that they were denied in life. We Purr for all of Felinity that is suffering an illness or injury,a privation or hardship,& we Purr that the Blessings of Ceiling Cat be upon them,and upon us as we remember them today.
In Ceiling Cat's Name we Purr;

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