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Still here!

March 4th 2014 10:24 am
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Well,the fatal day has come & gone,& Catster is still here....what form it will take in the future,& who the new partner is has yet to be divulged,but for the moment,we are still here.....



February 19th 2014 12:31 pm
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So Catster's not shutting down the community now.....I'm taking a "wait & see" attitude....I'm keeping my Facebook branch of the Tigger's Arcade(tm)franchise open.....we'll see how it all shakes out.....


New site?

January 26th 2014 1:24 pm
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Pets4pals(not crazy about the name)is starting up....all types of varmint welcome...looks kind of like a cross between Catster & Facebook....you can apparently decorate your page....not sure about groups....worth a look....



Tigger's next-to-last diary entry......

January 25th 2014 6:05 am
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*Tigger walks onstage into a spotlight,twirling a golf club nonchalantly*

Hello,everyone,this is Tig "on the road out of Catster" DaCatt,& I just came out here to say....

*Tigger cues the orchestra & begins to sing*

Thanks for the memories
Of fun at the Arcade
And all the games we played
DDP rosettes from Buddie
And the pics Big Harry made
How lovely it was

Thanks for the memories
Chef Rooster's recipes
Miz Rose's singing fleas
Pharoah Loki's appetite
Which THE HAM could only please
I thank you so much

Many's the friend that we made here
In this community that we've dug out
But now they're pulling the plug out
It was mostly fun
Guess Catster's course has run,so....

Thanks for the memories
Wil Scooter's CASA flights
Lake Snagafishee nights
Will the last one out of Catster
Kindly turn out all the lights
We thank you so much

Thanks for all of the Catster memories,everyone....goodnight....

*Tigger walks offstage as the orchestra finishes the tune & the spotlight fades.....*


The End.....

January 16th 2014 1:24 pm
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Catster will be closing the community area on March 3rd. They are throwing it away. I can not say just now how I feel,because it would violate their curse word policy.

Can someone please explain to me how kicking out the ONLY people who regularly come to this site will improve ad revenue?

I will be looking at other sites,or looking into starting a "Tigger's Arcade" website....I will keep you posted....


Here we go again....

January 6th 2014 7:21 am
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Our computer got peed on & now it is fried....we'll be back if we can find a computer we can afford....Happy New year? What was I thinking?



December 24th 2013 9:37 am
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Sending Purrs for a Meowy Catsmas to all of our Catster friends!


December again....

December 4th 2013 7:05 am
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Most of my longtime readers will already know of my continuing problems with Claus,Inc. of the North Pole.....

It's December once again,& time for me to do battle yet again with that unreasonable troll known as Santa Claus...I don't know why I bother. I know he won't be bringing me the one gift that I truly desire....my well-deserved & long-denied "Lil' Monster World Domination Kit". I have endured Santa's abuse & excuses long enough. This year,I believe I will boycott the obese elf-enslaver altogether & embrace a new holiday....I shall be celebrating Catsmas henceforward,with no room for a corpulent fraud who promises to exchange gifts for good behavior,then reneges on the deal....only peace on Earth,good will to cats,& tasty treats & catnip. A day to worship us cats as we deserve....

So,therefore,I shall have no further truck with this "Santa"(if that IS his real name),or his grandiose promises that go unfulfilled.

In closing,Santa,don't let the door hit you where the North Pole split you.

Tigger DaCatt


Cat Thanksgiving...

December 1st 2013 6:39 am
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TIGGER'S DAD: It's a bit late for Thanksgiving,but here is a bit of doggerel(or catterel,as the case may be)that Tigger pawed out a couple of years ago....we all know how modest & self-effacing Tigger is,so he would never have posted this himsel---OWWW!!! Stop scratching me!!! I'm typing as fast as I can!!!

OK!!! OK!!! I'm posting it! Here it is!!! Jeez....

A Housecat’s Prayer of Thanksgiving

O Ceiling Cat,attend unto me
I know your paws are filled
I do not beg nor is this a plea
But inside me thoughts do build.

I am a housecat,no longer a stray
In comfort & plenty do I live
Yet it hasn’t always been this way
I consider the thanks that I should give

You gave unto me a house of shelter
Though reduced in circumstance
Safe from the rain & summer swelter
And sting of winter’s cruel advance.

I no longer have to hunt to eat
Rat or bug,I could not quibble
Now always waits for me a treat
My feeder runneth o’er with kibble.

At dinner time,I’m served canned food
Heaped up inside that bowl of mine
I get Kitty Treats,should it fit my mood
Though Treats I seldom do decline.

I see the stray cats who live outside
Surviving on kindness,luck & skill
A blush of shame runs down my hide
As I nap on pillows & eat my fill.

O,Ceiling Cat please Bless the strays
Who daily toil to scratch out a living
And may I for my remaining days
Give you my Purrs of Cat Thanksgiving.


Back again....

October 30th 2013 1:14 pm
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ATT Fed Ex'ed me a new modem....it took 30 minutes on hold to get to talk to someone there....on my new TracPhone,which fortunately gets triple minutes for the life of the phone....I suspect that someone peed on the old modem....looking at YOU,Rederick!!!!

But anyway we're back until the next catastrophe......

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