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Age: 15 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 17 lbs.

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He likes to pronounce his name with a French accent(Tee-Zherrr),because he thinks it makes him sound more exotic.

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-cat rescue

June 1st 2002

Gray Tabby

Eating,annoying Cali.

Dinner being late.

Favorite Toy:
The Catnip stuffed squirrel,the horizontal scratching board & the laser pointer.

Favorite Nap Spot:
On the futon.

Favorite Food:
Canned Cat Food,& plenty of it.

Begging for food & the Silent Meow.


Arrival Story:
Tigger was found by his original human in a junkyard. He didn't want to leave his house when I bought it,so now he lives with me. Tigger doesn't come when called(in fact he ignores you),but if you tap on his dinner bowl with a spoon,he comes RUNNING!

He survived an attack by dogs,was CEO of an eBay business,& ran for president in 2008. He is currently plotting to RULE THE WORLD!

Lives Remaining:
7 of 9

Forums Motto:
Tig DaCatt!

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May 16th 2009 More than 8 years!

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Saving poems 2....

July 10th 2015 6:54 am
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November 24, 2011
A Housecat’s Prayer of Thanksgiving
O Ceiling Cat,attend unto me
I know your paws are filled
I do not beg nor is this a plea
But inside me thoughts do build.
I am a housecat,no longer a stray
In comfort & plenty do I live
Yet it hasn’t always been this way
I consider the thanks that I should give
You gave unto me a house of shelter
Though reduced in circumstance
Safe from the rain & summer swelter
And sting of winter’s cruel advance.
I no longer have to hunt to eat
Rat or bug,I could not quibble
Now always waits for me a treat
My feeder runneth o’er with kibble.
At dinner time,I’m served canned food
Heaped up inside that bowl of mine
I get Kitty Treats,should it fit my mood
Though Treats I seldom do decline.
I see the stray cats who live outside
Surviving on kindness,luck & skill
A blush of shame runs down my hide
As I nap on pillows & eat my fill.
O,Ceiling Cat please Bless the strays
Who daily toil to scratch out a living
And may I for my remaining days
Give you my Purrs of Cat Thanksgiving.

October 8, 2011
by Tig DaCatt
Rain,rain,go away
Tig wants to go out & play
That harness I will gladly wear
If you will let me go out there
On the patio I'll stay
It's raining past there anyway
I want fresh air,I want some grass
To eat so hairballs come up fast
I'm trapped inside,I must get out
Breathe rainy air & strut about
Oh please oh please,I want outside
My wishes must be satisfied!
My harness is upon my neck!
We go outside,but...What the heck?
My feet are wet,it's cold & rainy!
This field trip seems a bit insaney!
Whose plan was this to leave inside?
My fur is wet,as is my hide!
Oh,why against me must you sin?
Foolish Human! LET ME IN!!!!!!

(By Cali)
"I'm Cat of the Day!
Hoorah! Hooray!
Oh wonderful,glorious,well deserved day!
It's about dang time,is all I say
It's good to be Cat of the Day!
Tigger & Sobe,outta my way!
Step aside whenst struts the Cat of the Day!
I see you feel jealous,your faces betray!
Perhaps one day,Sobe, but not today!
Tigger's Cat of the Day is old & gray!
Grrrlcat of the Day!
All homage pay!
Awards & honors in vast array!
Let all things be done the Cali way!
Because I rule over Catster as Cat of the Day!"

August 17, 2011
The Song of Pharoah
Twas a burning summer day
The plains were scorched & bakin'
The hero Pharoah Loki cat
Had took all he was takin'
He set out on a Holy quest
His will was forged of steel
His aim to fight the fearsome beast
Who made all Mancats squeal
Armed with but his wits & claws
Our hero searched & searched
At last he came upon the place
In which the beast was perched
Our hero leapt to the attack
He smacked IT's fearsome rump
Her backside wiggled,jiggled
And she fell down in a clump
She gave our hero such a look
That grapes no longer there
Had shriveled into raisins
From Miss Ninja's doleful glare
Our hero claimed his victory
And bravely then withdrew
Leaving fearsome Ninja cat
To plot revenge & stew
Somewhere now across the land
A hero's story's told
A tale of ancient bravery
Of Mancats' exploits bold
When any speaks about these tales
Please let it be their duty
To tell of Loki's glorious day
When he smacked Rose's booty.

August 2, 2011
Ninja Rose,Ninja Rose,
With squishy paws & warty toes
From whence came Fred?
Nobody knows
He met his maker,I suppose
When he met Ninja Rose.
Buggy Fred,Buggy Fred,
Once was alive,but now he's dead
How did he die?
He lost his head
It is a night cap now,instead
For Ninja Rose,it's said.

February 26, 2011
Musings of a Mad Housecat.
Whither & thither
& hither & yon;
I sit here & think
About what lies beyond.

I sit & I ponder
On numerous things
Do the fishes applaud
When the Humpbaked Whale sings?

I think about bugs
Is the Mantis called "Praying"
Because she's devout
Or for the victim she's slaying?

We have the mosquitoes
Those little vampires
As food they fulfill
The winged bat's desires.

And why are there fleas?
They're filled with diseases
As far as I know
No beast eats the fleases.

I like to eat fish,
But they live in the water
Why don't they come out
On the land like they oughter?

Why are some humans nice
& some humans cruel?
Why are some of them smart
& some of them fools?

Will my dinner tonight
Be the same old stale flavor?
Or a luscious delight,
A taste that I'll savor?

How come about this?
What for about that?
How on Earth should I know?
I'm only a cat.

February 26, 2011
Sobe's Lament.
So Tigger thinks he's the only poet around here?

"Sobe's Lament" by Sobe

"Get down! Sobe!" the Dad Guy cries
I won't get down,to his surprise.
I just want to see what's cookin'
You can't blame a cat for lookin'.

I'm on the counter,by the sink
Perhaps I want to get a drink
On the bathroom counter he washes my face
I jump right up,there is no chase.

In the bathroom,when I do that,
He pets me & calls me "Good Cat!"
But when I do it in the kitchen,
He acts like I deserve a switchin'.

All I want to do is play
But Tigger don't see it that way
He acts as if he's been attacked
Don't ask me why,that cat is wacked

The Dad Guy even trims my claws
To make sure that no blood I draws
He tells me that I must be good
I get that,yes,it's understood

But I'm a Mancat,young & restless,
Rambunctious,fun,& largely pestless
How can he place these limitations
Upon my Mancat aspirations?

The Dad Guy's rules give me a pain
Perhaps I'll be a stray again
Free to do just what I please
Filled with worms,ear mites & fleas.

The Dad guy's rules are wearing thinner,
Got to go! It's time for dinner!

February 22, 2011
Ode to Spring
Spring has sprung
The grass has riz
You wonder where your birdies is?

We'll have your birds
Down here,you know
I live down South,we got no snow.

We await down here
Our hearts a'throbbin'
For the invasion of the robins.

Each year they come
In early Spring
They scream & poop on everything.

I'll watch these fowl
So bold & brazen
On bugs & berries they'll be grazin'.

They don't like cats
They scold & mob us
Of dignity they try to rob us.

I'll catch one someday
I'll give him the Dickens
Robins are practically chickens!

Oh,Ceiling Cat
Please hear my prayer
For us in peril from the air!

"Birdie,birde,in the sky
Why'd you do that in my eye?"

February 13, 2011
The Gnawing Hunger
(another poem by Tigger)
The little beasts inside my soul
"Awool,Awool,Awool",they cry!
The contents of my Dinner bowl
The only thing that satisfies!
I waste away;I'm growing thinner
You there! Human!
Where's my Dinner!
The little monsters in my belly
"Feed me,Feed me,Feed me",they whine!
I don't want peanut butter & jelly
I want cat food on which to dine!
My belly is an empty hole
You there! Human!
Fill my bowl!
The hungry Spirits in my gut
"Food now! Food now! Food now!",they bleat!
I know you open the food cans,but...
I notice you are made of meat!
Don't make me get all mean & rude
You there! Human!
Where's my food?


Saving poems....

July 10th 2015 6:35 am
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May 27, 2012
You might have heard that our friend
Bent Ear
was very ill this past week,
it might not be too strongly wording it to say
he had a brush with death....
but he is still very much with us
thanks to the Purrs & donations of our friends
but I can't help but think
the Hereafters,if Hereafters there be
I have heard talk of Ceiling Cat
& The Rainbow Bridge
but I don't know
I have heard humans speak of Hell
but how could that be
no cat has ever done anything
that would deserve Hell
The only Hell a cat could know
would have to be forced upon it
by an evil human
in this life
but evil humans
are not as common as you would think
unthinking humans are much more common
as is the banality of evil
so if no cat deserves Hell
does that mean that all cats go to Heaven?
or the Rainbow Bridge to await their human &/or feline companions?
I would like to think so
it would comfort me at times
like when Dad came into the kitchen
to check the grilled beef roast
that was resting on the counter
only to find it on the floor
torn by cat teeth
it had to be Cali
I would never
even think about
entertaining the slightest idea
of beginning to even contemplate
carrying out such a notion as that
because I am
A Good Cat
who is not going to Hell
Cali's destination is,in my mind,less clear
but I suppose that the main thing
is that Bent Ear is feeling much better
and will have to face the Hereafters
but not today.

April 18, 2012
The other night
after dinner
Bent Ear & I
were sitting on the peeping table
peeping out the window
watching what passed by
I asked him how he liked dinner
I said I thought it was good
extra mackeral tonight
he said it was fine
but he kind of missed eating squirrels
as he was known to do in his stray period
I told him I once almost caught a squirrel
I brought in about a third of his tail
Bent Ear laughed & said that the tail
was not edible
I was not hunting for food
I was just hunting for fun
& I played with that tail for quite awhile
as I had sufficient food
& didn't need to hunt for it
Bent Ear said that
being given food
makes the food seem more plentiful
but having to catch it yourself
or else going hungry
made the food taste sweeter
when you were fortunate enough
to eat
I think I prefer
the more plentiful route
as my squirrel hunting skills
are not what they used to be
& they never were much
though I have caught a bird or two
in my time
but was never allowed to eat them
so I can't attest to the sweetness thereof
but I think that on the whole
my cat food & kitty treats
are sweet enough for me.

April 14, 2012
Whann in Aprylle,as the poets of olde would say,
a Yonge Catte's fancy turns to...
How should I know?
I am no longer a Yonge Catte,
and furthermore,
I think I left my fancy
at the vet's
never to turn again
I can only look out of the window
& see the wild
& wonder what it would be like
to roam free
my formerly stray friends say
it is better to eat regularly
than to run wild
with every man's hand
against you
but I think sometimes it would be nice
to lie in the grass
as long as I liked
& chase the queens
but I would miss my dinner bowl
& the contents therein
& the comfy places to sleep
rain & cold civilize us all
shelter & food are good
but I wonder what it would be like to be
a jungle cat
king of my territory
dining on rat & bug
the product of my hunting skill
Springtime is restless time
as growth resumes
but Summer will soon come
& it will be too hot to consider
living wild
I will have to sleep on it
after a snack
just the vers libre
thoughts of
a restless cat
in Spring

April 13, 2012
High atop the cabinet
The Ginja Ninja leapt
Unfortunately an eye upon
Her weight she hadn't kept.
She found herself awedged
Betwixt the cabinet & ceiling
Her fearful eyes & quivery lip
Betrayed her panicked feeling.
Her Mama had to rescue her
From the terrifying height
The Pharoah Loki laughed at her
And got away without a fight.
The moral of our story?
If you climb to a tight squeeze
Then count calories in Kitty Treats
And mind your figure,please.


Comin' home....

July 9th 2015 12:50 am
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We're going to try to be here more often,despite the glitches...still don't have my Catster plus that didn't autorenew....going to try to get things going again with my groups....I want to start a movie group & a music group....anyway,we've been gone a long time but we're comin' home....

Been gone so long
Since I don't know when
Just glad I'm
Comin' home again
Comin' home
Goin' home
Been gone too long
Quite some time
That's why I went & stole this rhyme
Comin' home....

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