Nice Little Tyson Boy

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A Nice Little Boy

May 21st 2009 8:05 pm
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My daddy cleans my litter box every day and thinks he saw the tail of my toy mouse I chewed off; but I did not see him investigate it very thoroughly! But he was staring and staring while cleaning the box. With me being a new kitty, he kept me separated from the other kitties of the house for my first 10 days at my new home but I peeked out once in awhile when he'd come in my room and my sister Ginger was always at the door, so interested in meeting me because she is such a sweet little girl. (One day, because the door does not shut all the way, I pulled on the door and Ginger pushed on the door and we opened the door and just then daddy was going upstairs to see me and I was staring at him from the open doorway and he wondered how that door got open! But I went back into the room like a good little boy, as I was startled having never seen someone walk up any stairs before!). He let me out to meet all the other kitties on Monday, May 18 and Ginger and I sat watching each other, then immediately she used my new cat scratcher which I usually only lie down on! But SHE knows how to use it - for scratching. I have joined in nicely with the other kitties at home and even went nose to nose with little kisses with Serena and Elsa. My daddy wants to make Catster pages for all the kitties soon. Then, our other kitty Tabatha, who is a good and nice lady kitty, is always growly but she simply accepts me! Because I'm a nice little boy as my daddy says.


Tail Of The Mouse

May 14th 2009 7:45 pm
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My daddy kept visiting me at Pet Smart all through April 2009 and finally he just couldn't stand it any longer and he adopted me and took me home May 7, 2009 and I'm now exactly one year old. I have a few sisters and right now, Ginger is on Catster too. Daddy has a friend in Jersey City who sent home toy mice for us kitties so daddy gave me a brown one but I began to chew off the mouse's tail. Daddy took it away and would only let me play with it while he was watching me, until he turned his back, and I ate the tail of the mouse! That was yesterday. Today daddy's been inspecting my litter box carefully. But he shouldn't worry. It was small anyway - the tail of that mouse!

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