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Birthday and Gotcha Day - May 7, 2014

May 7th 2014 8:16 am
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Meow, I cannot believe I'm 6 years old today already!

And that my Dad got me 5 years ago today; I've been with him that long now; time sure flies. I'm not such a little boy like I used to be!

I like to sit on Dad's lap when he's at the computer; in my own way I might be suggesting to him to feed me, though I don't need as much food as I want to have!

After he gets ready for work in the morning I lead Dad to my food bowl. I actually run ahead of him, and stop at my bowl, even though he has fed us all wet food about half-hour before he gets ready for work.

We kitties love to be pampered.

Thank you Rory for the nice Birthday/Gotcha Day photo you made for me today!

I love the gifties, thank you very much, from:

The family of Tony, Anna, Greystone, Sammy and more!

The family of MILO BLUE EYES DB# 73A, Smokey Joe Angel Dreamboat #9, SAM Dreamboat In Training #23 and MALLEE DG# 22.

The family of Mugsy, Taffy (forever loved) ADB#30 and Texas.

Now I'll check my food bowl for a Birthday Cake!

Love Tyson, xo


Hallowe'en Skeletons

November 7th 2013 8:59 am
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I'm so sorry I could not send out many of those skeletons for Hallowe'en.

You are all very kind to send me so many of them. Thanks very much!

They are pretty scary but because they are dancing I began to think they are cuter than you would think!

I did not dress up for Hallowe'en because I thought I was already wearing a pretty original costume with my white coat, and my funny totally orange tail.

Hope you all got some salmon goodies in your trick or treat bags!

Love Tyson


Pirate Flags and Screen Shots

September 20th 2013 4:37 pm
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Thanks to all my friends for the pirate flags! My whole family thanks you too. I guess the free flags lasted a whole day, and we missed out on giving any.

Another thing I found out is people, such a my Dad, can't keep up to date on things, only us kitties can (with our food, grooming, sleeping, bathing ourselves - we never are out of date on anything)!

Because he just opened one of my pawmails he missed and he found two nice screen shots from Cesar, of when I was Diary of the Day way back on May 9! I'm so humiliated that he's going to put them on my page now; he's embarrassed too.

But how can I face all of you again. I'm gonna have a nap - and sleep it off!

Thanks Cesar! (Catster #755980)

Love Tyson xo


Thanks! May 7 Birthday & Diary of the Day May 9/13

June 2nd 2013 11:10 pm
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I am so grateful to all of you!

Thanks to all my friends for the BEAUTIFUL gifties, comments, the mail, photos made for me on my Birthday May 7 and Diary of the Day on May 9/13.

My dad hopes to send out thank yous, and keep track of all of you. His job has been so busy and now he's going on vacation for 2 weeks.

We have missed special days of special friends too, and when he's on vacation he might miss more good friends with special days. We miss being in touch.

Let us hope he gets time to thank all of you when he's back!

THANK you ALL very Much with lots of LOVE!

Tyson xo


Who Could Possibly Be Diary of the Day Today!

May 9th 2013 10:59 am
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I can't believe I was chosen Diary of the Day today!

You will be happy to know I have not bit Dad's ear in the last couple of days. Actually my Dad is happy about that - I mostly do it on weekends when he sleeps a lot longer than usual and I want him to get up - now! But I've cut back a bit on biting ears and ear lobes.

Thank you all for the gifties and congratulation notes you have sent!

I still have to send my birthday thank yous and also thank yous for gifts I received today; I would like to hire someone to do that for me but I don't have a full time job since I prefer to lie down a lot, and wait for food, and bite my Dad's ears!

Chasing Elsa is a lot of fun; but she does not like that either.

Thank you all, Very Much!

Love Tyson xo


Birthday and Gotcha Day, May 7, 2013

May 7th 2013 6:16 pm
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I'm quite overwhelmed and grateful to all of you for the gifts, mail, comments today for my Birthday and Gotcha Day; I'll have to get my thank you's done!

Thank you all very much!

To get started I'll post two photos for my Birthday and Gotcha Day which Rory, Manytoes, Lynzee and Tundra sent me. I appreciate them very much!

My dad's lap is becoming a favorite place, always when he's very very busy! I wonder if I'm just wanting more food (even though there's bowls of it, all over) or just want to have a warm place to lie down! For sure, I sleep with him every night, but so does Ginger and Elsa. Tabatha sleeps with us too, but very rarely.

My bad habit has not totally gone away: biting my dad's ear and making it bleed, when I think he should get up. I don't do it too often though. He covers his ear with his hand or a sheet.

I do remember my Gotcha Day, in dad's back seat in the cat carrier, after he got me at the Humane Society and he stopped the car to visit and talk with me a bit before we got home. I was quiet and calm in the carrier. Then being calm at my new home, spending my first ten days alone in a bedroom with Ginger playing with my paws under the door!

I'm so happy you visited me today; it's made a wonderful Birthday for me; and am very lucky my dad got me; so I can have a home!

Love Tyson xo


Nail Clipping Through the Door!

April 1st 2013 2:49 pm
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Today I got my nails clipped; it was time. Mine was done at my Vet's office instead of at the groomer's, like we did last time.

But I got scared at first.

My dad took Tabatha this morning to be shampooed and brushed at the Vet. They kept her there for 3 hours so she could dry off too. They lent him a carrier so that he could bring me in for my nail clipping, when he picked up Tabatha. They lent that one because the other carrier at home is too small for me and Tabatha was using our really big carrier!

So we were ready to go get my nails clipped and my Dad put me in the Vet's carrier. He picked up the carrier by its handles, and I squirmed and the wobbly movement of the carrier as he lifted it, made me jump through the door of the Vet's carrier! How safe is that...

It's kind of funny when you think of it..but not to me!

So he returned that carrier to the Vet when he picked up Tabatha. Then he used Tabatha's really big carrier to take me for my nail clipping.

This time he set the carrier on its end, with the door now being up above my head. And it's a bigger carrier than the Vet had, and much bigger than our other smaller carrier we have at home (Elsa fits into that one).

My dad held the door of our big cat carrier really tight, as he carried me to the car. And with the carrier in the upright position, I felt no wobbly movements as he lifted the carrier up, and put it into the car.

And I was very good getting my nails clipped and good on the way home (aren't we all)!

Love Tyson xo


Ethan - Sweet Angel

December 10th 2012 5:04 pm
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My heart is breaking because a few minutes ago I was reading that Ethan, Sweet Angel, had to go to the Bridge today. He was only 10 years old and his pancreas had been failing and his heart was not doing well either.

Our family always just loved Ethan and his brother Louis Le Beau so much. My kitty tears and my sobbing came out true and loud.

But now, he will no longer feel that pain and will again be playing with some stuffed grumpy green toy frogs with great vigor at the Bridge; but I'm just so sad - I wish he could still play with them at home.

I'll miss this sweet boy and I know for sure his Mom will too.

I bow my head in memory of Ethan, and my tears fall. We love you sweet young Angel.


Love Tyson


Diary Pick May 13, 2012 & My Previous Diary Was by Tabatha- Who's 16 Not Me!

May 13th 2012 4:04 am
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I'm happy to be Diary Pick today on Mother's Day but we only have a Dad!

My previous diary should really be in Tabatha's Diary (and it is now).

She was so glad to get your Catster congratulations when she had her birthday yesterday. She had turned 16 and wrote her diary but too much catnip cake & you can see what happens - she wrote it in my diary instead. Is age 16 the new Catnip Juice Drinking Age?

So I'm not 16, Tabatha is. I just turned 4 on May 7; I'm just a little boy!

I'm not sure if her words in my diary were chosen, or if my previous diary was chosen but I'm grateful anyway! She posted it about 3 hours before diaries are chosen so I think her words were chosen.

Thanks for the honor and Happy Mother's Day to all the ladies who have Catster kitties, and Happy Mother's Day to all kitty-cat Moms who have little kittens and little cats.

It's funny that Tabatha was born on Mother's Day too - May 12, 1996 happened to be Mother's Day that year!

Love Tyson xo


May 12, 2012 I’m Sweet 16 Today!

May 12th 2012 7:51 pm
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I’m a little upset that Ginger’s Birthday party left me with not much Fancy Feast anymore! Her birthday was only May 9 and she has not replenished the Fancy Feast piles for us yet! For my Sixteen birthday today there is not much left to celebrate with – enough to get by though!

But dad did give me a catnip toy. I was tired when I got it and smelled it but Elsa meowed so she could investigate what it was, so dad let her have it for awhile. She cleaned the catnip toy! I fell back to sleep; I love to sleep! I know I’ll clean that catnip toy myself pretty soon; I’ve done it before!

To my Catster friends, thanks for your best wishes for my birthday today. You are making my special day a great celebration.

Thank you for the special paw mails from We Bees Siamese and Da Tabbies O Trout Towne.

Thank you Lynzee, Manytoes (who has a birthday today too!), Tundra & Rory and also We Bees Siamese for making me photos!

Thanks for your comment in my pictures Platelicker!

For the special stars and rosettes, thanks goes to:

Lynzee, Manytoes, Tundra, and Rory
Milo, Smokey Joe Angel, Timmy, Ziggy, Sam and Mallee
Big Harry, Patches, Angel Lumi, Silvio Angel, Tabatha, and Jameson
Cody, Pumpkin, Ginger, Jingles, and Buffy
Mac, Ivy, and Legolas
Alfie Angel, Dave, Ollie, Buzz and Boo
Smiley Cassanova
Midnight, Popeye, Samantha will be Missed and Peanut
To all your doggies in your families too!

I’ve even added pictures taken of me TODAY on my birthday! I’m looking quite perplexed in them, because I’m sitting wondering where Ginger put all that Fancy Feast from her party!

Thanks to you all, again!

Love Tabatha xo

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