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Dear Santa Paws...

December 10th 2010 4:28 pm
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Dear Santa Paws,

This year hasn't been so good for anyfur I know. As Meowm says, "It was just PAWFUL." So furst and furmost, I wish EVERYFUR a happier 2011.

Now, Mr. Paws, PURR-REASE...PURR-REASE...I want TT and BK...and even be a little less picky with our food. We purr-romise to try. Not just cuz it's Christmas. But becuase it makes our Meowms all upset. And Happy Meowms equal Happy Cats. RIGHT? And we've all been furry good this year.

Second, I don't want to hear the following phrases: herpes, sneezing, coughing, icky eyes, pancreatitis, asthma, allergies, attacks, random puking and diarrhea and SURGERY. No shots, except for the ones that we have to get. And NO meds.

Instead, Mister P...I would prefer the word HEALTHY.

Also...pretty purrrrrr-rease with catnip on more NOISE for the World's Coolest Ishtar. Tell them to take their soccer/footbal games and celebrate in that Evil Purris Place that Meowmmy left me alone to visit!

And one more, if you more VET VISITS for Skippy and Riley! We just want them to feel good because they are the sweetest little fur-buds on earth!

I know that's a pretty big list. And Meowm says I should always say what I'm THANKFUL for...and not so much what I WANT.

SO here it goes: I'm thankful for my LYSINE. It keeps that herpes stuff at bay, and it prevents me from having eye surgery.

And...OK...I'll admit it. I'm actually kinda thankful for Dr. B. Even though I hate him because he picks and pokes at me, he does keep my health in check. And he sent me to the wonderful Dr. Welser who saved my eye with a contact lens. Yeah, I guess he's a good guy. He DID tell Meowm, "I LOVE a happy ending..." when I had my well-baby visit.

And I am thankful MOST for my aunties -- Joyce, Julie, Lori, Paula and Teddy. (I put them in alphabetical order because they're all equal in my little furry heart.) They put up with all of my silliness and shyness and sickies. (Aunt Lori acutally cleaned my puke off the bathroom rug!) They lend an ear and a shoulder to Meowm. And they share some laughs and tears along the way.

BTW, my Aunt Teddy is a BOY. I don't know why he's an "auntie," but he is, and I love him. He even came to see me in the shelter with Meowm!

OH...and I am so very most reverently and blessedly thankful for RO!!!!!!! She -- all five of her -- never ceases to amuse, comfort, and entertain. I love her so much that I could just bite her head off, but she's stitched so well that I can't seem to decapitate her.

And...ummm...yeah...I'm thankful for Meowmmy. Even though she takes me to the VET to have my toenails trimmed...and sometimes...she just doesn't know what FOOD I want to eat...(HELLOOOOO! Can't you read my mind, Lady???)...and she LAUGHS at me when I'm creating toilet paper and paper towel art...she DOES make sure I have everything I need and then some. And she never leaves the house in the morning without saying, "Eat your breakfast. Be good today. And...I LOOOOOOOOOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU!"

Yeah, shut up. I'm a Meommy's Boy and I kinda love her, too. Most of the time.

So purr-rease, Mr. Santa. I'm not trying to convince you that I've been a good boy. I mean...yeah, I know I fell in with a bad crowd...that Carter dude that sometimes comes over...and he's done some bad stuff -- like breaking my litter box! And I know I took my Meowmmy's picture of my Baby Daddy -- ANDERSON COOPER -- and I bit his head off.

But LOOK AT THE CUTE...don't LOOK AT THE MESS! And don't look at that hole in Baby Daddy's head.

So I wish...I WISH...a happy holiday, CHristmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, New Year, Russian Christmas and anything I'm forgetting EVERY FUR! And PURRS that the sick and old and shy kitties in shelters find a FUREVER home this holiday season.

Purrs to EVERY fur...


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Purred by: Riley

December 10th 2010 at 5:38 pm

Ahhhhh, Coop! *wipes a tear* That is the most wonderful letter to Santa Paws. You have been a very good boy!
We purrs for happiness and good health, and finding homes for homeless kitties!

Thank you for thinking of us! We love you!

I bet Santa paws gets you something special for Christmas.

Merry Christmas Coop!

Hugs & Purrs,
Purred by: Coopurr (Catster Member)

December 10th 2010 at 6:05 pm

Awww,don't cry, buds! I just want you guys to be WELL in the New Year! We * heart * you both!

Furry Christmas!
Purred by: Athena (Forever Loved) (Catster Member)

December 10th 2010 at 10:49 pm

What a wonderpurr list of wishes, Coopurr dear! I hope you get them all!
Purred by: Kerstin K

December 10th 2010 at 11:41 pm

:))) oh, boy for this wish list you'll get what you did not wanted... (or at least haven't asked for)... have a close look at your profile ;)
Purred by: BK (Catster Member)

December 11th 2010 at 10:54 am

Aww, we're right there with Riley - I just caught mom wiping her eyes too! I have some good news for you Coop - your purrs to Santa seem to be working. I had a HUGE dinner last night and I didn't do so bad for breakfast today either. I'm getting my groove back!!! And mom says that she doesn't know what she'd do without your mom either. When I'm sick she has to spread out the complaining and worrying among her friends so they don't run away screaming, mol. And your mom's been there through it all with her. So we're thankful for your purrs AND your mom!

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