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I rule - by Pad Thai

Mommy is home sick today

July 25th 2006 8:23 am
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My mommy stayed home today but she's no fun! She wouldn't take me walking and just lies around watching television. Charley is trying to play with me, but I'd rather go out! We did have tuna juice at lunch time though. That was tasty.

Oh well, Charley is pretty fun when he wants to be! I guess I'll chase him around the living room. That makes mommy laugh and maybe she'll feel better soon!


Last night I walked in the snow

December 8th 2005 7:52 am
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Or let's just say I skipped around it and ran back to the patio. Mommy was laughing at me and so was Lily. She just walked around and sat down under a tree. Snow doesn't bother her.

Oh well, I don't mind being laughed at! I've always been the clown of the family. Now that Charley and I are friends I have someone to pal around with. I don't know why I didn't like him before. He's cool!


I scratched Mommy tonight and she is mad!

October 8th 2005 4:54 pm
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Mommy has been feeding another cat she calls Charley. Lily and I were both mad. She chased the beggar the other night and I surprised Mommy by going out in the rain and chasing this creature tonight. When Mommy picked me up I was still really mad and put claws into her. She's been hissing and growling at me ever since.

I don't want Mommy to adopt another cat! There isn't room here and I have enough of a problem sharing Mommy with Lily.


It's been a busy summer

July 28th 2005 5:31 am
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Summer is sure going by fast! I wait for Mommy to come home from work every day so I can have dinner and then go out in my kitty walk. Last night Mommy said it was too hot to go out right away so we waited. I kept reminding Mommy that we needed to go out. She kept saying, "Pad Thai, you're driving me crazy with that yowling!. When we did go out the wind was blowing and it started to thunder - that sends Lily to the back of the closet but it takes more than a little thunder to scare this Siamese!

It was getting cooler so I lifted my nose to smell the breeze. It smelled damp and cool. We stayed out a little longer until the thunder got too loud and the rain started to blow in on the patio then Mommy picked me up and we went back inside.


My Human Cousin Came for a Visit

April 25th 2005 6:35 am
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Mommy was running around and fixing food but I still wasn’t sure what was up until the doorbell rang. My Mommy’s niece came for a visit and brought a male with her. I went and hid at first but they stayed a long time and ate at the dining table. Finally I came out, I had to see what was up, besides, the chicken smelled good. Of course I remembered my cousin, she always wanted to take me and make me her special boy, which I am not. But my Mommy gave me a piece of chicken and picked me up and held me - but the chicken had something on it I didn’t like so I didn’t eat it.

Then Mommy gave the male some foil and told him to make up two little balls to throw to me, that I might like him then. Well I do like the balls but I still don’t like him. After all, he is a male and a stranger to me.

Mommy put on my leash and harness and my cousin and her male were waiting outside the back door. Mommy picked me up to carry me out and I became afraid my Mommy was trying to give me away and I trembled a little. When my Mommy felt this she just held me and kissed me and told me it was alright and took me back in.

We all came back in and sat on the sofa and Mommy sat on the rocking chair and held me and petted me and I felt better. Mommy was talking about me and I think she was explaining why I am always afraid I will be given away – how I had been moved from home to home as a baby before I found my Mommy. Later my cousin and her male left and I was happy. I had my Mommy all to myself again -- Except for Lily, of course! So Mommy took me for a walk on my leash for a little while then we came in and had dinner, I was hungry because it was cold outside and it had been such a hectic day. Later, I took a nap in my chair in the bedroom, snuggled in the wool afghan my Mommy knitted.


I finally get to go outside again!

April 6th 2005 12:12 pm
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Mommy got me this kittywalk thing and now I can sit out in the sun and watch the birds. Mommy said I was good this morning on the leash - we stayed out a long time walking until a stupid human on this loud motorcycle kept making a loud noise that scared me then Mommy picked me up and took me away, so I wouldn't panic.

But I don't panic when I'm in my kittywalk because nothing can hurt me. And Stephanie comes over from next door and pets me through the walk. I'm glad the weather is nice enough to be outside!


Where is my Mommy!

March 2nd 2005 8:57 am
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When the white stuff falls from the sky my Mommy stays home to play with me. She calls it "Working from home" but she sits at the computer and I climb on her shoulder and I'm happy. If she doesn't pay enough attention to me I'll grab a beanie baby on the desk by the neck and strangle it. You don't mess with this feline!

Today she went to "work". I tried to go out the door with her this morning, I struggled to get away from her so I could run up the steps to the giant dog's apartment. She grabbed me saying NO, NO, Pad Thai - I'll be home tonight! She ran out and I had to go back to the patio window and look out at the birds.

Well she better pay attention to me when she comes home - maybe I'll jump on the Bose player and turn the alarm off for tomorrow!

I wish the white stuff would fall so Mommy would work from home.


Yesterday I was Loopy!

January 29th 2005 2:22 pm
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Yesterday was awful. My Mommy didn't feed me any breakfest but gave Lily breakfest. My Mommy was playing with this box and before I knew it, my butt was inside it and we went out in the cold to Mommy's big moving box that takes her away. She left me at this place!

This witch of a woman in a white coat left her smell in my mouth! I growled at her a few times but she didn't take me seriously. I fell asleep and when I woke up my Mommy came to get me and talked to me and I was happy! The witch said I wasn't waking up as well to this drug they had, but my teeth cleaned up just fine, and that she would recommend not using the drug again on me. Mommy took me home and I was running all around like I usually do, but whenever I tried to jump on my Mommy's shoulder or on the counter or anywhere, my rear end just didn't get aimed in the right direction! I was reeling back and forth - you could say that my caboose was not in alignment with my locomative! Mommy put me back in the box and sat in the little room with me, but I kept trying to put my paws through the cage.

Mommy broke down and let me out again. I knocked over a few things and it felt like the best catnip I ever had and I rolled on the carpet and then I was very affectionate and gave Mommy many headbutts and dirtied her glasses and wiggled for a while. But after I was allowed to have dinner I took a nap on her lap. I love my Mommy so!

I hope I don't get her angry again anytime soon!


Mommy says I'm grounded

January 10th 2005 6:58 am
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I was very bad on Friday. I got away from Mommy outside and didn't come back for hours. I returned around 6:00 as I was hungry by then. I don't know what all the crying was about, I can take care of myself.

Mommy says I can't go outside anymore. She couldn't bear for anything to happen to me. So I am grounded. Well I will be jumping up on her shelves and breaking the teapots and picture frames I guess! And yowelling! But Mommy insists.

My aunt Mary (my Mommy's friend) suggested I needed a bath for causing all this trouble, but Mommy hasn't given me a bath . . . yet.


Mommy is working from home

December 30th 2004 7:46 am
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Mommy said she is "working from home today". What exactly does that mean? To me it means I will sit on her shoulder while she pecks away at the computer. To help I might walk along the keyboard. Then she scoops me up, saying, "Don't do that, Paddy!" But I was just trying to help! Oh well I'll get under the covers and take a nap until Mommy decides to take me out later.

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