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A Big Thank You!!

January 16th 2015 6:33 am
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Just stopping by to say thank you to all of our wonderful furiends and for making yesterday (our Gotcha Day) very special, I want to thank:

Tundra..Beautiful Portrait
Anna & Family..Cocoa
Mac Angel Ivy & Family..Rose
Spice E & Family..Mouse
Milo Blue Eyes..Heart
Edwina & Family..Cupcake
Angel Soc & Family..Big Cake
Big Harry & Family..Hug and Beautiful Portrait
Hannah..Adopt-A-Pet Ribbon..
Smiley & Family..Pink Ribbon
Zoey,Opie & Family..Hug
Angel Hallie & Family..Hug
Ginger..Adopt-A-Pet Ribbon
WeBees..Beautiful Portrait
Our Family..Forever Crown

Again thank you so very much, we lubs you to the moon and back!!!

Love, Presley ♥


Another Beautiful Portrait~

January 16th 2015 6:16 am
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Lovely Portrait From The WeBees~


Another Beautiful Portrait

January 15th 2015 4:32 pm
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Thank you Auntie Dana & Big Harry~


I Got One Too Paris haha

January 15th 2015 4:27 am
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Thank you Tundra for this pawsome portrait



August 20th 2014 1:28 pm
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For our best furiend Stormy, she is very ill, is having trouble breathing, she has stopped eating and drinking, this makes us so sad, we love her so much *runs to the bedroom slams the door and starts to cry*

Hugs Presley~


Thank Ya Thank Ya Very Much~

August 19th 2014 4:21 pm
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We can read diaries again and recieve emails when someone makes a comment,
you go i-5 or maybe that should be high 5, we can't wait to be able to decorate pages, write diaries, play in groups and have some fun, we are so happy!! Presley has left the building~




August 18th 2014 1:10 pm
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Stormy is still eating chicken but her mom has to feed her the cat food, but she is getting better, as far as Sammy he just lost some weight but we think he will be ok...hey I know what happened to him..he stopped drinking all that catweiser Sonny was sending them *giggles*

Just trying to lighten the mood so please don't be offended, we love those guys so much they are our BESTEST FURIENDS please keep them in your prayers... Presley has left the building~

Thank ya Thank Ya Very Much


Guess What??

August 14th 2014 3:49 pm
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There was this really cute kitty who came to our french doors, he put his paw on the glass and so did I...that silly Paris saw him and ran *giggles*
she is the silliest girly girl, he stayed for a very long time, he was rolling around and doing all kinds of cute tricks on the patio, then Paris came in and jumped up on the table...scaredy cat!!! I was hoping he would stay longer but he went home, maybe he will come back tomorrow *sighs*~
Presley has left the building *starts laffing*

Love Presley~



August 13th 2014 12:09 pm
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Just talked to her Mom on the phone and she said she is eating, she still has a ways to go but that's a start, please keep praying for the both of them, thanks so much~

Love Presley~


My Beautiful pic from Manytoes and Furmily

August 12th 2014 5:22 pm
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Beautiful pic from Manytoes and Furmily

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