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I made Photo of the day in France!!

December 24th 2004 4:47 am
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Why do they put up a tree once a year for me to climb on when it is cold outside, then cover it in cat toys, which makes climbing a challenge, and get mad when we play with all the toys. Hmmm must be something to all of this.


It's a Wonderful life

December 20th 2004 11:34 am
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Today I was subjected to being dressed as an elf. I was extremely embarassed so I posed and got it over with fast. If you should see me in the annual Christmas stroll, do not tell anyone it is me! Other then these Kodak moments it is a wonderful life.


A commentary by Henry and Ellie

December 17th 2004 8:13 pm
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I was a rescue just like Noelle. I was angry when I first arrived and was not very friendly. I had just lost my family of 6 yrs. They drove me to a strangers home and I never saw them again. I was initially put into a small pen about the same as my old one and I had a pigloo (also known as a dogloo) to my name. My mom went out and bought me bowls one heated for winter, toys, and a kiddie pool. I just hid in my pigloo and chased anyone away who tried to get close to me. I felt sad and alone, I cried a lot. Everyday mom brought me fresh veggies, pig chow and my vitamins, everyday she smiled and talked to me. I just looked away. Mom and dad ignored me and went to the other side of the yard many times for hours and hours it seemed like. Mom would come in in the mornings and afternoons to talk to me , clean and brush me, rub vitamin E on my scar and love me, she misted me on hot days and really seemed to care. One day when I was ignoring her she came in with some hay and threw it at me, she was giggling and I nudged it back. When we were done I realized how much fun it was to play and I greeted her the following morning. She brought me out into the yard. She had a hand full of carrots and she kept running away with them so I ran after her everytime I caught up she'd run in another direction and we had fun. When she led me to the other side of the yard I could not believe my eyes. There was a huge pen, it had grapes growing on one side. There was a pond with a patio (the worlds largest emery board) and rocks for rooting, there was a piano which mom taught me to play, a row of rose of sharon and lilacs and wind chimes next to my little tykes house to lul me to sleep. There was a passage way to an 8x10" shed! It was filled with straw and bales of hay. Mom bought solar lights because I am afraid of the dark, a solar filter in my pond so that I don't have any wires to harm me. I let my anger go and decided I never wanted mom to go into the house. everytime she tried to go in I cried and squeeled, grunted and teared at the eyes, and she stayed. One day she came home with a box. I knew it was a gift for me so I broke it open and out popped Ellie (Eleanor Pigby) she was a baby. She was frightened so I led her into my pen and she has been my constant companion. Along with my mom.
Noelle holds onto her anger and I feel sorry for her. She needs to lighten up more and she will be so happy here! Come on Noelle give us a kiss!
Henry and Ellie

P.S. Pot belly pig rescue site is: The pig placement network
They are online!


Green eyes

December 17th 2004 7:18 pm
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The indignity of being a muli-feline family is at times overwhelming. I start to rub moms leg as a tease, just before I am ready to turn up my nose and walk away one of the "others" comes along and rubs her up, nose swipes the whole 9 yards! I loose my edge and give the "others" a swipe of my own!

last year was one of the worst. My human decided to rescue a 6 yr old Porcine! A pot belly pig named Henry.He tries to give me a smooch with his mudd filled nose. He digs in the dirt and eats green pellets and uncooked, unsavory foods!
raw vegetables, yuk. He stares at me with love sick eyes and he thinks he's a human. He should think of himself as a feline! He used to cry when our humans left him, their solution was to adopt another one of "them". The young porcines former human broke her hip and could no longer care for the piglet. The humans brought her home to Henry and he carried on with a display of excitement and happiness that was discusting! What a disgrace. The humans call her Eleanor Pigby. They graced MY page with her likeness.

Some of the "others" , the less intelligent felines took the porcine for a very large rodent or mouse upon their arrival they stalked them for weeks! I on the other hand, love ham and pork however, I do not enjoy "them", the porcines. The humans think they have better hygene due to the fact that they do not sweat. I do not sweat, I glow.

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