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Thanks for the Presents on my Birthday, May 9, 2015!

May 9th 2015 3:36 pm
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Thank you everyone for the presents you gave me!

I'm so grateful for the sweet photo from Tundra and family and the colorful greeting from We Bees Siameezers. I'm hoping to get them onto my page!

Today is my 10th Birthday and I have recently had surgery. I had my large intestine removed April 29/15 because I spent many weeks prior to that with constipation, medicine, enemas at the Vet and even the Vet having to remove stool I could not get rid of.

So far I'm doing fine; and hopefully will for a long time, and glad I'm at my 10th Birthday!

You are all so nice to give me so many rosettes, cupcakes and presents; I gotta open them!

Love Ginger


My Gotcha Day Anniversary, July 21, 2014

July 21st 2014 3:03 pm
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Thank you kitties for all your gifties on my Gotcha Day Anniversary and I got a cute picture from We Bees Siameezers; it almost looks like me! I'll put it on my page. Elsa and I have been with our dad since July 21, 2007.

My dad wanted me to lose weight so we went to the Vet for food to help me lose weight. All 4 of us cats (Tabatha, Elsa, Tyson and I) can all eat this new food. The thinner ones like Tabatha and Elsa can be given more of it whenever they are hungry. But not me and Tyson! We got canned and dry dietary food. The dry food can be left out only if Dad is home to watch what we eat. This might not be easy since I love to beg for food whenever I can. Maybe this new dietary food will keep us feeling fuller longer than Fancy Feast did.

Sometimes I am constipated and the vet gave a white powder to sprinkle on my food. I've been using it quite awhile but there are rare times it does not help. The vet said to see if the new cat food might make a difference though.

Thank you all again for thinking of me! I'm really glad my Dad got Elsa and I together. Sometimes we sleep in our own little boxes on Dad's computer desk. Elsa sometimes comes to me on the bed to wash her; other times she will slap me if she is with my Dad; she is unusual isn't she!

Love Ginger xo


A Birthday May 9, 2014

May 9th 2014 9:30 am
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I see the dandelions are out in the grass and it's my birthday today! But that's ok; that was the name the Humane Society gave me, "Dandelion" feels familiar at this time of year. When Dad got me in 2007 he changed my name to the more suitable Ginger name!

The fridge is always interesting. Sometimes, when all 4 of us cats sit in the kitchen, because we think we need to be fed, my Dad sometimes gets things out of the fridge. I love to look in there and I don't wanna leave it even when he calls out my name. So he lets the door softly lean on me so I can inspect everything while he gets our food ready.

When I come out, within a few seconds later, he pets me saying good girl, but he can feel I'm cold; no wonder I don't inspect it for more than a few seconds; it's cold in there!

Thanks Catster friends for your gifties today, and Tundra for the Birthday Photo! I sure love cat napping and that photo is purrfectly me!

Love, Ginger, xo


My Gotcha Day, the July 21/13 Anniversary

July 21st 2013 4:46 pm
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I love food and was just fed again today but it's a special day! My Dad got me July 21, 2007 along with my sister Elsa.

He went to the Humane Society that July to check out Elsa but I gave him so much attention too, that he could not resist me either! So he went home with two kitties on July 21/13; (good for us)!

And I've been fed more and more and given attention and love ever since! Dad is trying to figure a diet for me without starving Tabatha, Elsa and Tyson!

Thanks to all my friends at Catster for your love too, for the gifties, comments, mail, and photos! I hope to give you my thanks soon; I'm very grateful to all of you!

Love Ginger xo


Birthday Thanks, May 9, 2013

June 2nd 2013 11:06 pm
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I am ever so grateful! I wish to thank all my friends for the BEAUTIFUL gifties, comments, the mail, photos made for me on my Birthday May 9.

My dad hopes to send out thank yous, and keep track of all of you, but his job has been so busy and now he's going on vacation for 2 weeks.

We have missed special days of special friends too, and when he's on vacation he might miss more good friends with special days. We miss being in touch.

Let us hope he gets time to thank all of you when he's back! THANK you ALL very Much!

Love you!
Ginger xo


Birthdays Come so Quickly!

May 9th 2013 10:53 am
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I can't believe it's my birthday today and now I'm eight years old!

Maybe Dad will bring me a present when he's home from work. Otherwise he was wishing me a Happy Birthday after midnight already and this morning too!

This must be a special day or something!

Thank you all for the gifties and congratulation notes you have sent!

Tyson had a birthday May 7 and has to send out Thank Yous and now I have to send some too. And I see Tyson is "Diary of the Day" today. He has more thank yous to send!

We'll have to hire a full time secretary!

Love to All!
Ginger xo


The Fridge

March 27th 2013 10:21 am
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I like to check out what's in the refrigerator but my Dad never lets me get too far inside and he does not hold the door open very long!

But yesterday I did. He did not want to close the door since I was standing at the open door, investigating this cool environment.

I smelled around everything and began pawing at a tangerine, on the lower shelf, what was that!

That was all my Dad would let me do and he closed the door and petted me and he said "oh you're cool like you've been outside".

Luckily we never go outside!

This morning I had my last syringe of the pain medication for having teeth pulled. That stuff smelled worse today than yesterday! But I don't think I was in pain at all, I wanted to be fed and lean up on my dad's leg so that he'd be sure to feed us; acting just as normal as can be!

Love Ginger xo


I Had Teeth Pulled Too!

March 25th 2013 4:08 pm
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I just returned from having 4 teeth pulled today. The funny thing is my pupils are still big and black; but that will wear off by morning. That is what usually happens, because I was 'cat-napping' so to speak, while the Vet did the surgery.

The Vet said I had lots of little teeth missing; where did they go!? They said that can happen sometimes too; and not to worry. Maybe that's why I got these little coughs sometimes, if I had swallowed a teeny tiny tooth. I don't know why my teeth would wanna fall out & leave me!

I sure was hungry when I got home awhile ago. That was because I could not eat anything after 12 midnight. But my Dad was lenient and fed all of us at 12:40 am last night! Well really, he was behind in getting all his things done! He wanted to be sure I ate around midnight since it would be awhile until I'd eat again.

In the morning I will be given a syringe of pain medication and again the next morning too; but they said I have to eat before getting the medicine.

Probably I will be sleepy most of this evening; ahh yawn...

Before I fall asleep:

Happy Easter to all of you!

Love Ginger xo


Margo R.K.N.'s Mom's Birthday!

September 9th 2012 6:15 pm
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Today September 9, 2012 is Laura-Lynne's Birthday. She is the Mom of the kitty named "Margo R.K.N." who used to be on Catster, and was very popular!

Remember how Margo loves the color poople! She also loved to sneak some food if her Mom went to Booger King!

If you've been emailing Laura-Lynne since they left, then don't forget her Birthday today!

They have a blog too which you can read:

We could never figure out how to join her blog, so if you know how, tell us how!

Love, Ginger, xo


Your Catster LOVE Gets SHINING Thanks!

June 3rd 2012 1:12 am
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Hi everyone, this is the same as my sister Elsa's diary, but we wanted to let many of you know this happy news!

You’ve ALL made Julie so happy!

Lots of you wrote to me (and to Elsa, Felix & Tabatha) last March/April allowing us to write your names in a "Happy Spring" card and "Welcome to Your New Home Card" which we sent to Julie, when she had to give up 6 of her kitties. My diaries last March/April tells what had happened to her.

After Julie received the "Happy Spring Card" you can see how happy she is where she posted in the Catster Forum on April 4/12:


You Guys Are Amazing!! (Tiny, Squint, Autumn & Fuzz) -

What I love about Catster is that there are true, blue people here that really, truly and authentically care about others in distress about their cats.

I want to thank all those who have offered support, gave donations to the shelter in the name of my cats... that's a big one - they are still awaiting adoption - and my gratefulness and thankfulness, joy and comfort from Catster people is none that I ever remember experiencing in my life.

Thank you deeply,

Tiny Dancer, Fuzz Black-Toe, Squint-Delicious, and Autumn Sits-With-Tiny-Paws (and Julie O')

p.s. I'll be offline starting tomorrow afternoon for maybe a week because of my move into the smaller place.

I love you guys!

See how you've all made Julie feel so wonderful & cared for! Here is the link to that: ster/thread/741176

After Julie received the "New Home" card with your names written in, she posted in this Catster Forum on May 7/12:

FROM Julie:

How can a group of people be so authentically caring and nice? -

Thank you soooo much for my "Happy New Home" card, what a special card and it's the only one I got, too! so, so much, we all love you here, myself, Tiny Dancer, Squint Delicious, Autumn Sits-With-Tiny-Paws and Fuz Black-Toe.

You all make mine and my kitties' lives better.
Much, much thanks again!!


Julie O', and the gang 'o pudsta's

Once again you've made Julie feel so much better! That one is linked at: er/thread/744087

From Me: The update on Julie's kitties today is that of the 6 she had to give away, 5 are now adopted (including Graciela adopted out to a family that wanted a special needs cat)!! So now, only loveable Marilia is waiting to be adopted (if ANYONE is interested...).

She's at
and they now have her biography posted and while reading it you can see she would be a Loving Kitty.

About 2 weeks ago, my Dad got a THANK YOU card in the MAIL from Julie and she wrote LOVINGLY about ALL of you!! Here is what she wrote in the card:


Thank you and everyone SO much for emotionally carrying me through a hard time!

You guys are all amazing, compassionate, caring people which I was of the mind didn't exist anymore, so thank you also for restoring my faith that there really are wonderful people out there.

You are awesome and I feel blessed to know you, Heather, and everybody that's written.

Reading the cards has filled me with such joy and I become touched to tears. THANK YOU!!!!

Much love and warmth to all of you and your families.


Heather is a friend of Julie's and she is Mom to Art Blakey on Catster. She had written in Art's diary about Julie too. Heather especially helped us all to make Julie's unfortunate changes in her life go a little smoother.

Again, “Thanks” my Catster friends for letting me put your names in the cards for Julie. You are all caring Catster Families and I'm clapping my paws together and giving you all a standing ovation for your caring words & thoughts for Julie!

This will greatly help her continue on with just the 4 kitties she has now (Tiny Dancer, Squint, Autumn and Fuzz who are all Catster kitties). You've helped her to not feel so alone in what she's had to endure!

Thank YOU!

Ginger, xo

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