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It's balloon day!

October 1st 2012 8:24 am
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And just in time for Angel Tigger, Angel Taylor and Angel Buddy's birthdays! They were very special kitties and we ate so glad to know them. Tiny and I are so happy about all the friends we made on Catster. Hope you all have a fun day!


I'm a DDP today!!!"

September 29th 2012 3:06 pm
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And best of all, my friend Felix is COTD aand my friend Athena is CATW!!!! We ate a cool bunch of cats!

Me and Tiny are getting ready for fall. We hasve Halloween decorations to play with --oops! I mean LOOK at! The squirrels ate busy gathering food for the winter to bring to their nests, and they keep me busy! And, Chuckie the groundhog is stopping by regularly, too! I still love my new catnip bed. I even let Tiny share.

Thank you for the pretty heart Samhain, Sleeper and Fearless. I love you too!


Aargh! Where is me treasure?

September 19th 2012 9:27 pm
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I have sailed the seven seas on the Good Ship Litterbox with my trusy matey Tiny, and all we did was BURY treasure! Tiny shivered me timbers when he plundered my catnip bed for a while. I didn't make him walk the plank though. Me Mommy didn't even set us to sea with proper gear. No hat, no sword, no fancy ruffled shirt! Maybe next year we will be better pirates and find the buried treasure.


A Present!

September 14th 2012 5:52 pm
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Oh boy! Zack and Zoey sent me a catnip mat for Halloween! Actually, it's for me and Tiny, but he hasn't had a turn yet. The cats on it look just like me and Tiny, too! When Mommy took it out of the box, she put it in the den, and I ran right to it. At first, I tasted it. And I bit it a few times! Then I burrowed under it. Then I got on it and I took a nap. I've been on it ever since. I love it! I do like to share though, so when Tiny wants a turn we will lay on it together. Thank you, Zack and Zoey!


I love my new Crunch Buddie Zack!

September 10th 2012 1:14 pm
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My Crunch Buddies Zack from Spirit Essences came today! As soon as Mommy took it out of the envelope, I went at it! He looks just like my friend Zack! Look at my pictures on my page and you can see me playing with him. I'm going to share it with Tiny when he wakes up from his nap.


Please purr for Tiny!

September 6th 2012 10:50 am
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He made pee pee outside hid box twice today. He has never done that before. Once he did a little outside the box, and once on his way to the box, on the stairs. taking him to the vet at 6. He is eating and acting ok, but get is not young so she can't take chances. He is my best buddy and I love him very much.


I'm a DDP today!

September 5th 2012 5:44 am
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Thank you, HQ! I think me and Tiny will have a party tonight with treats and catnip.

I guess I should take the time to talk about my week. It has been raining for a few days, so all of my favorite backyard critters have been missing in action. Maybe I scared them off? I hope not!

One night last week, there was a guest on my back deck. A strange cat! I think it was a kitten, really, but I can't be sure because I only saw his head. When I saw him, I jumped straight up at the screen door. Mommy said I looked like one of those Garfleld dolls that people put on car windows. I don't know though. I have only ever seen a few cars, so I don't know what Mommy is talking about. Anyway, I jumped at that stranger, and I bushed my tail out, and he ran! I hope he's okay. I hope he has a family to live with and they won't let him outside anymore.

For the past two days, I've had a bad case of the crazies. Have any of you cats ever had the crazies? That's where you run around the house like a maniac at full speed, then stop all of a sudden to catch your breath, then do it again? I jumped on Tiny, hoping he would get the crazies too, but no luck. He just wrestled with me for a minute, then he took a nap. Boy, not long ago, he used to run around with me all the time, but since he went to the vet for his thyroid, he doesn't do that anymore. I don't know what a thyroid is, but that's what Mommy says. All I know is he never gets the crazies anymore. Last night I was so tired from running around all day, I fell asleep in Mommy's bed right away. I think I will nap while Mommy is at work so I will be wide awake when she comes home.


Oh , wow! I'm a DDP today!

August 26th 2012 8:59 am
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Thank you HQ! Thanks to all my friends who made today and yesterday so special.


I want a cricket and Mommy won't let me have one!

August 19th 2012 8:34 pm
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The other day, I found a cricket. It crawled its way under my screen door somehow. I ran and jumped with it. It was so mucch fun! Then Mommy saw it and she killed it! I couldn't believe it! She gives me everything I want but not a cricket.

Yesterday I found another one. It was halfway under the door. My granddad held me while Mommy went and got that already dead and stuck in the door cricket and kicked it outside. I squirmed away from granddad in the process. Poor granddad got scratched but I didn't mean it. He forgave me and still let me sit in his lap.

Today I waited and waited. No cricket. No even a dead one. I guess Mommy scared them off. I really really really hope I find another one.


Play it again!

August 4th 2012 10:06 pm
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I was featured in diary central again today! Who would have ever thought anyone would want to read my innermost thoughts? I haven't even had much to say lately. It's been quiet this week, thank goodness.

I am excited though because my mommy is on vacation this week. That means me and Tiny can spend more time with her. She was out all day today though. What do people do all day outside? She doesn't even bring us back a bird! She does come back some days with a big bag of Fancy Feast, and today was one of those days!

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