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My So-called Nine Lives

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We miss you all!

July 8th 2016 10:58 pm
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We are so sad to hear that Catster will be closing for real this time. Mommy has had troubleaccessing the community pages for at least a year, but we would still check in when we could to catch up with iour friends. Mommy and I are doing fine, but we really miss playing on Catster. Please email us at if you want to stay in touch. That's Mommy's email. She's nit much of a Facebook person.

Tiger and Mommy Dawn


Thank you and Happy Gotcha Day to Me!!!

November 22nd 2014 10:19 pm
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First of all, thank you all for remembeting Beauty's birthday. It means so much to my Mommy. Beauty was a special girl and will always be loved. Grandmom misses her every day and so does Mommy.

It's my 6th Gotcha Day. I can't believe it. I don't remember anythjng before I came i the house. Mommy tells me I used to be outside with the squirrels that I watch. I never even got one to keep. I never even caught a bird. No wonder I'm not a good hunter. I had my chances and blew them.Today will be no different than any other day. I will get anything I want and Mommy will tell me how special I am. I am looking forward to getting my new catnip mat that Mommy ordered from Friday. It's good to be Gotcha'd!


Thank you for remembering Tiny's Gotcha Day

November 7th 2014 9:17 pm
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Mommy misses him so much. She saw a cat on a commercial who looked like Tiny when he was a kitten and she was so sad. Tiny was a lot of fun. He was a good uncle to me. He taught me to play, he showed me the best places to watch birds, he taught me how to beg for treats and how to make Mommy spoil me. Mommy says he was so good ag the vet the day she brought him inside. Tiny was always easygoing and loved to have fun. Thank you all for remembering him on his Gotcha Day.


Tiny's Bridge Anniversary and other news

October 4th 2014 9:09 am
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Thank you all for remembering Tiny's Bridge Anniversary. I think about him every day and I miss him. He was my buddy.

Mommy just came home from visiting her friend in Warsaw. I am going to show you a picture of my new girlfriend, Tunia. She is a pretty calico girl. She is almost 13 years old. Whenever Mommy comes home, I can smell her on Mommy's suitcase. Mommy says she loves to sleep there.

It looks like I can log onto Catster now, so I will be able to check in more often. I hope you are all well.


Hi everyone!

July 31st 2014 9:02 pm
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I have been having problems reading diaries and getting into Catster. I love to keep up with my friends, but it's been difficult. I want to apologize if I've missed birthdays, gotcha days, diary picks, and other occasions. I love and miss all of you!


I'm a DDP today!

June 3rd 2014 12:58 pm
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I'm so excited! I have had an exciting week so far. This morning I took my collar off again. Mommy likes me to wear my collar because she says she can keep track of me better. I didn't mean to take it off but I was frolicking so much it came off. I think Mommy will sneak it on me while I'm asleep like she did the last time.


Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

May 31st 2014 9:22 pm
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It's my birthday! I can't believe I am six years old. Mommy ssys I'm six going on two because I act oike a baby sometimes, hehe! I will always be Mommy's baby. I am going to have plenty of Fancy Feast, eat treats, and nap. Now that I think about it, I do that every day!


Thank y

May 29th 2014 8:37 pm
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ouThank you all for Tiny's birthday wishes. Tiny would have been 17 this year. Mommy was sad that she couldn't see his pictures because of problems with Catster. We have had problems sending messages and gifts. Pleaseaccept our apologies if we didn't respond to you. Mommy appreciates all of your thoughts and well wishes.


Mommy's back!

March 31st 2014 6:47 pm
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My Mommy came home very early Wednesday morning. I hid when she came in the door. It yook me s minute to realize it wad Mommy. Then I went to her and said hello. Her suitcades smelled like...another cat!!! I knew it! This other cat nsmed Tunia was sleeping on Mommy's suitcases. Once I realized she wasn't actually in the suitcase, I felt much better. Mommy said Tunia is a good girl and she's very pretty.

Mommy had a nice time. She saw a lot of nice things in Warsaw and slso visited Berlin. Momjy said yhere wrre a lot of crazy people in Berlin. She said she was glad she went but it's not the best place she's visited. She said Warsaw is prettier and friendlier.

Gramdmom and Grandpop spoiled me as always. Grandmom is doing well with radiation and will br finidhed next week. Thank you all for your prayers and purrs. They are working!


I see a suitcase

March 7th 2014 10:36 pm
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that can only mean Mommy is going somewhere. I think she is going to see her friend in Warsaw, because I noticed her putting a mouse shaped present in her bag. I hope Mommy knows I am already jealous that she will see another cat.

I will be cared for by my grandmomnand grandpop. They spoil me! Please purr for my grandmom. She has stage 1 larynx cancer and is getting radiation. The doctor said she will be fine but she is scared of what side effects she will have. She has had treatment for one week and is doing well.

I will let you all know how Mommy's trip was when she gets back.

I am so glad that Catster is still around. Maybe soon we can change our backgrounds when problems with Fun Stuff are fixed. I hope I won't see Santa untilnnext Christmas.

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