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December 5th 2009 2:24 pm
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My name is Greenlee. I just turned 3 years on March 11th 2012. I am a very beautiful cat. I am brown/black/white/silver. I have swirls, boots, mittens, stripes and spots. I am a very curious, sweet, and affectionate cat. I love the dogs in my family! In fact, I always share a bowl of kibble with my best dog friend, Babe. I absolutely love water - whether it's drinking it or playing in it. I very much prefer to drink from the running tap water, I don't like to drink from bowls, usually. I also love to play with one of my cat siblings, Kobe, but he sometimes bullies me and plays too rough. Leo and I pretty much ignore each other and never come into contact with each other. I have the cutest soft meow that still sounds like an 8 week old kitten! I'm a good little cat with a sweet personality. I would be a perfect cat, IF I didn't pee on furniture. I had urine crystals and I peed on soft surfaces while I had those, but they are cleared up now, but I have made peeing on soft surfaces a habit! I poop in the litter box, but not pee. My people have tried everything from scrubbing the couches with vinegar, baking soda and hot water, and using Natures Miracle and Ew cleaner, nothing has worked. They fear if they get new couches, I will begin to pee on those too. My people say I am the most beautiful kitty they have ever had and also the sweetest!


Purred by: Kirin P

January 2nd 2011 at 8:45 am

Hi Greenly! Well first of all, I doez hope ur peein' habit comes to a halt! MOL! But I know how dat is wif us kitties! We r so 'scented' oriented! I like my smells too! Ur a lovely kitfur, an' hey look! We r same, I haz ur markin'z too! We be'z furtastic tabby's! Meowrow 'n haz a Happy New Year, purrty girl!




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