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It is Good to be the King

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Home, Sweet Home!

February 5th 2013 7:17 am
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Boy am I glad to be home. Anyone who has ever spent time in a hospital knows, you don't get any rest. I had a drink, something to eat, got my pills and fell asleep in my cube. I didn't even come upstairs to bed, I just zonked out.

Today I am feeling better and am a little perkier. I have sniffed around the house and sat in the window to make sure the neighborhood is okay. I got my morning meds and had a little something to eat. My appetite isn't great, but it is coming back.

My docs were very nice and treated me very well. I had the emergency room doc and the internal medicine specialist on my case. Here is what the internal med. doc had to say....."we suspect that Rusty had an exacerbation of the previous illness in 2011: pancreatitis plus infection or inflammation of his liver and gall bladder (cholangiohepatitis). His chronic intermittent vomiting may be due to food allergies, IBD, chronic liver disease or chronic pancreatitis, Cats can have a condition known as Triaditis which involves chronic intermittent pancreatitis, liver disease and IBD, This is diagnosed via biopsies of the affected organs, Therapy revolves around treating the inflammation in the liver, pancreas and intestines, a hypoallergenic diet, and antibiotics if needed based on cultures. Rusty has responded well to supportive medications thus far. We would like to find a long-term solution to his illness which would involve a hypo-allergenic diet trial. However because of the numerous cats in the house, changing to a novel protein diet would be difficult. After his current signs have resolved we may consider starting him on a very low dose of a steroid to reduce inflammation in the intestines and pancreas."

I am on Ursdiol, Baytril, Famotidine, Amoxicillin and Metoclopramide (as needed). I have to go back next week for another ultrasound and bloodwork.

Mom is willing to try the novel protein diet. We know it will be expensive to change over our food, but this hospital bill wasn't cheap either. Maybe it would be worth it in the long run. We did buy some for Mrs. M, so Mom says she will at least see if I will eat and like it.

Thank you so much for your purrs, prayers and well wishes. They sure meant alot to me and my Mom. You guys are the best!

Love, Rusty


Visiting Hours

February 3rd 2013 7:10 pm
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The Moms came up to visit me at the hospital today. The sweet nurse wrapped me in a blanket and brought me to a room to see them. As soon as I saw them my eyes lit up and I got very animated. I purred and purred. I walked around the room. I smelled all the smells of home on Mom's jacket. I told then that I am being very good and that I will try to eat now that my temp is finally coming down. They hope to send me home tomorrow, if I eat and my temp comes down under 102. It was 104 yesterday and 103 today, so things are looking brighter. Thanks for all your purrs, they are helping me and the Moms get through some pretty rough times.

Here is a pic of me Visiting Rusty in the hospital

Mom will get update call tomorrow morning, we will keep you posted.
Thanks. Love and purrs, Rusty


A night away from home

February 1st 2013 1:34 pm
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Mom had to take me to the Emergency Vet today. I got sick again last night and can't eat. She called my regular doc this morning but since it is Friday they would not get my blood work back until Monday the doc thought it would be best to go to the hospital. It is about 40 minutes away. I was there before, when I had my bout with pancreatitis.

They are very nice and Mom knows that they have really good doctors. They took blood from me and found that some of my values are pretty high, including the one that troubles the doctor and my Mom the most. My lymphocyte count was way too high. The emergency doc wants the internal specialist to see me and to have her do an ultrasound to see what is going on in there. She was there, but in surgery, so hopefully she will see me yet today. They have me on fluids and something to soothe my stomach. I was very good and actually talkative with the nurses.

Mom gave me a hugs and kisses and we talked for a while. I will miss her, but I know they are going to try and help me so I will be brave. But please purr for me, we are nervous about what might be going on.

When we have more info, we will let you know.


Do Cats Get the Flu?

January 29th 2013 3:39 pm
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I have heard that there are alot of cases of the flu going around. There is that cold-like flu and then there is that stomach flu. Can cats get the stomach flu? Oh man, was I sick!

Last night I didn't feel good. I threw up several times. Mom gave me meds and they came up too. Nothing would stay down. I was miserable. The others were miserable too because Mom took away the crunchy food. After about 12:30 AM I fell asleep and stayed in bed all morning. Mom called the Doctor right after they opened and they said to bring me in. The doctor took my temperature and took me for an x-ray. She kept me in the back and gave me Sub-Q fluids and an injection for my nausea. I came home and slept. The doctor isn't sure what caused it, but wants Mom to give me a bland diet (which means boiled chicken---I do love my boiled chicken. The doc wants Mom to call tomorrow and let her know how I am doing.

If you can spare a few purrs for me I would appreciate it. Mom always worries as soon as I get sick that it could be pancreatitis again.




I'm a Teenager Now!

January 5th 2013 5:56 am
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Lucky 13! Today is my birthday and I am now a teenager. I still sometimes think I am a young kit. I still play tag with Mom and go running through the house. I love to chase the wand toy when we play at night. Of course, I love my walks outside on the harness too. I still even like to tease the little ones every once and a while. Last week, I stalked Roni, I scared her and she went running and hid under the desk. I wasn't mad at her, I was just playing, but she got scared anyway.

Mom is working today and then tonight we are going to snuggle up and watch some football. I love to nap on the recliner with Mom. I peeked and saw that Mom picked up some extra treats from the grocery store, so I think we will be having a treat party tonight to celebrate my birthday.

I woke up to find a beautiful cake from Sleeper, Samhain, Fearless and family. It looks so yummy. I put the coffee on, come have a piece of cake and a cup of coffee or glass of milk and celebrate with me.

Head nudges,


Walking in a Winter Wonderland

December 29th 2012 1:12 pm
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Today Mom was going out to shovel. I could see from the kitchen window that we had a fresh new snow and that it was still falling. It looked really pretty and I could also see the birds swarming the feeders in the yard. I sat by the back door and meowed. Mom asked if I wanted to go for a walk. I paced in circles around the door and so she went and got my harness and leash. I patiently let her put me in it and then off we went. I went down the sidewalk to the front of the house and then up the sidewalk and up the backyard. I stayed on the path for the most part because the snow was deep in places. I was out about 10 minutes and then my paws were cold and I was ready to go back. It was fun. I haven't been outside like that for a while. Mom will post a pic on my page of us walking down the yard.

Stay safe and warm my friends.
Hugs, Rusty


Mom's Gotcha Day

November 29th 2012 6:23 am
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Today, Mom is just like one of us. She won't be using our litter box or eating our crunchies but she will be celebrating her "Gotcha Day". She had a "Gotcha Day" just like us. On this day, many many years ago she was adopted by her parents and brought to her new forever home. Just like a new kitten, she was only a little over a month old. November is National Adoption Awareness Month for the humans. Tonight her cousin is taking Mom and Mom's Mom (our grammy) out for dinner to celebrate. We hope she brings back a "kitty bag" of leftovers. We will celebrate here too, because we are glad we "got" her for our Mommy.



October 27th 2012 9:12 pm
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I guess we are as prepared for Sandy as we could be. Mom went to the grocery store, target and I guess we are ready. Actually, we have everything we need except D batteries, all the stores are out of them. We have several flashlights, some candles, bottled water, charcoal for the grill and plenty of cat food and litter. I think we could go off the grid for about two or three weeks and do okay. Mom is a shopper and likes to stock up when things are on sale or she has coupons.

Here is my concern about the storm. It is supposed to start raining and get windy here on Sunday, all through Monday and into Tuesday. I am supposed to go to the Vet on Monday morning and stay there all day, till Mom gets out of work at 5PM. They want to really hydrate me and then do my bloodwork and urine sample in Tuesday morning. They want to check my liver and kidney function and think that I may have been slightly dehydrated when I was first tested. Because the sugar and protein and white counts where having a party somewhere in my urinary tract the doctor wanted to wait till I was finished with my antibiotics too, in case these counts where thrown out of whack from the infection. My Mom is worried about leaving me there all day on the storm. What if she can't get back to get me?, what if the power goes out?, what if I am scared by the howling wind?, what if a tree falls on the building? She doesn't know if she should cancel and reschedule for later in the week or just go through with an for get me if it gets really bad. We don;t live far, only about 4 or 5 blocks away from our house, and about 15 minutes away from Mom's work.

To all our friends.... Please stay safe, we will be worried about you. Check back when you are able. Purrs,



I'm Too Sweet!

October 23rd 2012 7:29 pm
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Mom had to take me back to the Dr today. I was throwing up over the weekend and just was not myself. On the bright side, my eye is looking better.

The Dr was pretty nice, but I was a little grumpy. Mom interrupted my morning nap to take me. The Dr gave me an x-ray (which did not tell her more than the fact that I needed to poop). Mom didn't listen when I told her that in the car! A good poop usually follows my morning nap! The x-ray didn't show anything unusual. She took blood from me (Vampires!) and took a urine sample. Yes, they took it! Maybe next time I will willingly give it, right there on their table MOL!

But why am I too sweet. Well, they found sugar in my urine. I told Mom that it just shows how sweet a mancat I am! Sugar should not be there, but could be there because I was stressed. There was also protein in my urine too. And if that was not enough, my white count was up so she also suspects that I have a urinary tract infection. She doesn't want to get to alarmed until all my bloodwork is back. She may refer me back to the specialist I had last year when I had pancreatits/hepatitis. She started me on an antibiotic, I am continuing on my eye drops, and she said I can take metaclopramide for my nausea and to start taking metranidazole again. ( I may have spelled them both wrong). She should have my results back tomorrow afternoon. I have another appointment already scheduled for next week as a follow-up.

Murphy has an appointment on Friday to have her blood pressure taken. Mom says should take hers too, before and after we get the bill. Mom told us that between me, Rusty and Murphy, she is glad we are not children, because now she won't be able to send us to college! We have been quite an expense lately. Our doc does not take Care Credit, (the cardiologist and my specialist do) but at least we put it on a credit card that pays us a certain percent back at the end of the quarter. Looks like we will be getting something back in January.

If you can spare a few purrs, we would appreciate it. No gifts, just a little purr. Thanks,



Mom calls me "stink eye"

October 18th 2012 7:42 pm
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Did you ever hear of giving someone the "stink eye"? Kind of like the evil eye, or sort of a dis-approving look. Sometimes known as giving someone the "hairy eyeball". Mom has nick-named me "stink eye" even though my eye does not stink. Although I have been known to give some dis-approving looks in this house, especially to those younger kitties when they get out of line! MOL! Mom posted a picture on my page of my eye. It was taken on Wednesday and it looks much better today and looked much worse on Monday. Thank you for all those purrs, they sure are helping, I am much more myself today.

Purrs and a wink from "Stink eye"

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