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Time to Say Goodbye

March 24th 2014 7:57 am
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Well my friends, the time has come to say goodbye. Way back in November of 2011 I was diagnosed with a tumor near my intestines. I took prednisolone every day since then to keep things in control. Back then we didn't know what to expect, how long I would have, but I was lucky to receive alot more time with my family and friends.

Lately, things have changed. I have lost lots of weight, even though I was eating well until the weekend. Mom gets kinda sad every time she looks at me because I am just skin and bones. Mom can also see the area where the tumor is, it has enlarged. I have lost alot of fur and I used to treasure my beautiful coat and could sit for hours to be brushed. This weekend, I stopped eating. It didn't matter what Mom gave me. I would taste it, but wouldn't eat with any enthusiasm. She tried pork, chicken, tuna and all flavors of canned food and packets. I didn't even want my treats. Mom gave me an appetite stimulant, but it didn't have much of an effect. I am still up and around and drinking water and using the litter box, but i am weak and unsteady on my legs.

My friends, I do not want you to be sad for me. I have lived a wonderful life, sometimes I even say...I had three lives. My first with my original owner, then at the library, and then here with my Moms and the big furry family. I have so many memories that I will forever treasure. Memories of my first home, where Mom thinks I acquired my personality....a refined, little old lady in a fur coat. With a taste for opera and fine china and leather. Memories from the library, sitting on the balcony, looking over the reading room and sitting with the kids at storytime, Memories from this house....warm sun puddles, grammy's leather purses (oh the smell of leather), laser chase, nip parties, sleepovers with Skittles, visits from Aunt Anita, endless brushing and unlimited Fancy Feast! Plus then there are the Catster goodness, the fun I had here with you guys! I made so many wonderful friends.

No, do not be sad. I have had 17 wonderful, love filled years! It is time to make my journey. I am going to the Rainbow Bridge....I get to see my first human, some of my friends from the library and of course, some of my friends from here. I will run and chase lasers and nap in sun puddles, and eat Fancy Feast and have treat parties very night. Life will be good again.

Mom is sad, but she knows it is the right thing to do. She has always promised all of us that we will do what is right for us when the time comes. She doesn't want me to go alone, when she is at work or sleeping. She wants to be there with me, so that I won't be alone. Our appointment is for 6:30 tonight.

So my good friends, thank you for your love and friendship over the years and for all your purrs and POTP when I was not feeling at my best. I promise that I will watch over you from afar and that you all will forever be in my heart.

All my love,
Mrs. Murphy


Sweet Sixteen

February 5th 2013 6:55 am
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Today is my birthday! I am 16 today. Sweet! Well, Mom is not really sure how old I am or when my birthday really is, so today is my assigned day. When Mom got me from the library they were not sure how old I was. Some said I was three, some said four or five. Mom knows I was not kitten-like when she brought me to live here. I never really liked to play, except to chase the laser light and to have my catnip fix. I have always loved to just sit and snuggle, get brushed and have treats. I love the simple things.

We are grateful that I am still here to have another birthday. We enjoy and appreciate each day. I still love my brushes and quiet time with Mom. I can go through a bag of treats in less than a weeks time. Doc says it is okay, really!

Thank you for all your purrs and well wishes and love through the year, I know they partly the reason I am still around...the miracle and power of the paw is a beautiful thing.

Thank you for my birthday presents. I see that there is a lovely cake from Sleeper and Samhain and Fearless and the Ferals and I am sure Owl played a part in that too. Thank you! Please have some cake, it is delicious!

I am also glad to see that my brother Rusty is home. He didn't come up to see me yet, but I cam down the steps part way and meowed a greeting to him when he came home. He looked my way and winked. He is a pretty good little brother!

Love, Mrs M


Who Needs An Alarm Clock?

January 20th 2013 2:03 pm
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Yes...Who needs an alarm clock when you have a cat. Might as well throw them away in this house! Even though it was Sunday, there was to be no sleeping in. Even though last night Mom went out to hear a local band and got in way past bedtime. Even though I went to bed at the same time she did I still was awake at my usual time. And when no one came to let me out for my morning stroll down the hall and to bring my breakfast, I got a little loud. First one test meow, no answer. A little louder with two meows, still no answer. I got a drink and went and stood by my door and let out a roar that my lion ancestors would have been proud of! That did it! Mom came stumbling down the hallway and we got on with our day. Coffee was put on, breakfast served and life as usual. For what it is worth, I did let her catch a nap this afternoon! Do you guys wake your families up?


Paw Prints in the Moonlight

January 9th 2013 10:25 am
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That was title of the book Mom just finished reading. It takes places in rural England and stars a smart little cat named Toby Jug. The book chronicles his first year after his dramatic rescue when he was only 3 weeks old. He was quite an adventersome young kit, very handsome and personable too. He forms an incrdeible bond with his human, Denis and together they take strolls, go on a camping trip and other small forays too. Toby Jug is smart, brave, and very endearing.

Of course, the story ends on a sad note, but most of our stories do too. But as in our lives, that shouldn't be the part that sticks with you. It is the life in-between that should be remembered. Well-lived and Well-loved.

From an old lady who lives and loves well....
Hugs and purrs,
Mrs M


Time for another book review.....

January 2nd 2013 7:31 am
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Mom and I read a really cool book over the holidays. It was called "Rabid" by Bill Wasik and Monica Murphy. It may sound like a horror book and at times it was very horrifying, but it was actually all about the the history of rabies. The book also tied rabies in to literature, from the greek myths to a zombie apocalypse and even vampires and werewolves too. See how those blood-sucking creatures fit the theme?

It talked about how early medicine tried to understand the cause of the virus and then how modern science is using what it has learned to investigate treatments for other illness that cross the blood/brain barrier.

It was not an overly scientific read and the medical things were actually very easy to understand. The ties to literature and even popular culture were alot of fun. We even learned where the expression "hair of the dog that bit you" originated! Perfect for New Year's morning! MOL!

The book even proposed that a number of famous people, including Edgar Allen Poe may have died due to rabies. The final chapters talked about some present day outbreaks including the island of Bali and even Central Park in New York City.

A fascinating read and a very good reminder to always stay up to date with your vaccinations (for animals and for humans) if situations warrant that. Raccoons and bats are our most prevalent carriers of the disease now.

On a side note, Mom listened to the radio alot over the holidays, and she often heard a commercial from our emergency vet which warned dog owners about the dangers of canine parvo virus. It seems we had a very bad outbreak last summer in our area.

Stay safe! Till next time lots of love and hugs from me,
Mrs M


I may not show it, but I am....

November 21st 2012 1:34 pm
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I may not show it very often; I am not the most affectionate or exprssive cat in the house, but I do want to say how thankful I am.
I had a pretty big health scare and used up a few of my nine lives; and there is nothing like a crisis to make you appreciate what you have.

I sometimes purr and sometimes give mom nudges with my head. I sometimes flop over and lay on her shoes. We chat in the morning when she is the shower.

I don't say it, but I truly am thankful for the life I have lived. Long ago, I lived with the old lady who loved opera music. She was such a fine, proper lady. She taught me to appreciate the arts, music and good crystal.

When she passed on, I moved to the library. I learned to appreciate words and silence tempered with children's excitement and laughter. The library was a wonderful place. I am thankful that I had the chance to brush against so many legs and make so many children smile. Adults who were lonely, brushed my fur and spoke a few kind words to me. Youngsters practiced reading to me; I was never a harsh critic.

When my time came to retire from the library, I came here. I am thankful that Rusty learned that I meant no harm, intruding on his space. I am thankful that they take such good care of me, I know I am getting older and they are so patient with me. I grumble, but I know in my heart that trips to the vet are necessary. I growl, yet I know my nails have to be clipped. I appreciate that they buy me Fancy Feast and my new crunchy food that is $22 a bag.

I am thankful for all my wonderful friends here and for the friendships Mom has made too. The love and support and care and prayers and purrs mean so much to us. We are truly thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Mrs M


Still have a few tricks up my sleeve

November 17th 2012 6:48 pm
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I may be old, but let me tell you, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve.
I did a good one tonight, Mom laughed out loud!

It was supper time, Mom brought me my dish and put it in my room. I took a few licks and then went back to my cozy bed. A little while later, Mom came up, opened my door and asked if I wanted to take a stroll. Sometimes I walk the hallway and then take a nap on the bathroom carpets (they are soft and fuzzy)/ If I don't eat much of my meal, Mom will bring my dish in for me, sometimes I don't like to eat alone. Tonight Mom brought my dish in and I was eating with gusto. Skittles and Skylar were watching me eat. Our cat family is pretty respectful and won't bump me from my dish. Skittles waited to go and inspect my supper till I walked away. I was only taking a break, I planned to go back and finish my supper after a little nap.... So there was Skit with her nose inching closer to my bowl, so I laid down and rested my tail across my bowl. Skittles was puzzled! The look on her face was priceless! How could she possibly get something out of that dish with my tail in the way? It was perfect!

I got up about 5 minutes later, nibbled a little more and then walked away. I did save some for Skittles. I like her, she has always been patient with me. When she was little, she liked to come for sleepovers in my room/ I'll share with her, but only when I am truly done eating. MOL


An Old Lady?

October 17th 2012 7:16 am
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I went to the Vet on Monday night and that young doctor had the nerve to call me an old lady! It was said sweetly, but still, that wasn't nice. She should show some respect to her elders. MOL!

My visit went pretty well. The doctor thought that I looked good and that my weight was good too. She is concerned though, because I have been on a steroid since last year. She is worried that I could become diabetic from taking it. She gave me my exam and felt around my belly. She could not feel the mass that she felt last year. She asked if she could give me an x-ray to compare with ones she took last year. We did this and she does not see any of what was on there last time. She is not sure what really happened to me. There was a mass and now it is gone. Because Mom chose to not do anything invasive to me, we may not know what it was. The doctor wonders if it could be something like IBS.

She wants to wean me off my steroids and change my diet and see what happens. She gave us a few cans of Hills Science Diet ID. I liked it on Monday night, but then would not eat it after that. I have a little bit of an upper respiratory thing going on too ( Mom says I have the snuffles) so food doesn't really smell that appealing right now) Mom is giving me the tuna and has started to taper off my steroid doses.

If you can spare a few purrs for me, I would appreciate it. Since I may not like this Hills stuff, what else do you guys recommend? I sure will miss my Fancy Feast!

Oh, here is the other kicker. The doctor was looking at my eyes and they were very dilated. She took me in the back for an eye exam and wanted to take my blood pressure too. She said that high pressure can cause the eyes to dilate like that. She wants to see me next week with Rusty just to check my blood pressure. Mom is very mad, not at this doctor, but the one we had two years ago. Our favorite vets retired and a new doctor bought their practice. When I was there with the new doctor, Mom asked about my eyes and the doctor just kind of blew it off and said, "She is old, probably has cataracts" Mom had to pressure him to even get him to turn out the light and exam her eyes. Mom was pissed and that was the last time we went to him. He had hired two other doctors and we always request the one we have now. She is nicer, more thorough, and although not quite as experienced, but we believe, more knowledgeable. If I do indeed have high blood pressure, it could have been caught over two years ago! mom is kicking herself for not making a bigger deal of it at the time, but she trusted what the doctor said. Grrrrrrr.

Much love from "The Old Lady",
Mrs M


I Gave Mommy a Scare this Week

August 25th 2012 7:40 am
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Hi Everybody! I gave Mom a scare this week. She was really worried about me, she even called the vet. I was sick on Monday and threw up a few times. There was a hairball mixed in with it, so Mom wasn't sure if that is what was bothering me. I didn't really have an appetite and was just not myself.

When Mom got up, she told herself that she would call the doctor at 9 when they open and that maybe I was trying to tell her that I was ready to make journey. Well I fooled Mom!

I ate all my breakfast! And kept it down. Mom called the doctor anyway and they said, "since she is eating, just keep an eye on her". Thursday night, Mom made me chicken. I love chicken! I ate pretty well, not like usual, but much better than earlier in the week. I did good on Friday and this morning at 5:30AM I was yelling that I wanted to have my breakfast! I cleaned my dish.

Mom was really worried about me, but she feels a little less nervous now. She knows that my time is limited, by how much we are not sure, and that every day has been a gift since I was so sick in the fall. She is also worried be cause she will be going on vacation soon and she doesn't want anything to happen to me while she is gone. Aunt Anita will be coming, so I will be in good hands. Aunt Anita told Mom, that I am her favorite cat in the house! (Not even Rusty, who lays on her in the recliner when they watch movies!) Take that Rusty, I am her favorite! So there!

If you can spare a few purrs, I would appreciate it. Not big time, major purrs, just a few little ones. Thanks.

Love, Mrs M


Um, Excuse Me. Did you forget something?

July 16th 2012 7:30 pm
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I can't believe it! Mom forgot about me. No, she didn't leave me in the car or forget to pick me up somewhere. She forgot about me in my own home.

Here's the story. I have my own room. My beds are there. My nip toys are there. My food, my water and my box are all there. But, I do like to "stroll the deck" as Mom likes to say. I patrol the upstairs hallway and sometimes come down the first few steps to see what is going on downstairs. Mom doesn't like to leave me out too long, because I only really like to use my own litterbox. I am only allowed out in the hallway when Mom is upstairs or within earshot of me, because I will meow to go back in my room.

Tonight, Mom gave me supper in my room and a came back a little later to clean boxes. She let me out in the hallway and continued on to do the other boxes. She then went down to eat her supper. After supper she went over to the bowling alley to practice and then went to cat-sit Silly. Ooops! What did she forget?

Me! She came home to find me sitting on the stairs. Tapping my paw and giving her a lecture. She came right up, opened my door, and I stood right in the doorway and continued my tirade. She won't forget me anytime soon.

Mom's note. We were gone about three hours, much longer than I would usually leave her out. She was fine. No accidents. Rusty sometimes bullied her in the past, but since she has been sick he has been very sweet to her. With the heat, I think everyone was sacked out after supper and didn't even care that she was there.

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