Tis Good to Be a Princess

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Boys will be Boys.....

April 27th 2010 2:29 pm
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So Tigger thought it was funny that I was afraid of The Dad's shoes.....weeeeellll the eating machine decided to try & eat one of the big moths that are around here. Well, frankly when Mom ran in the house with him, he looked like a cat with rabies. They were in the bathroom for quite a while, and when they came out, Tigger was wet on his whole face. He went and laid down - I think he did not feel to well, and was probably scared from the excitement. I did feel sorry for him a little though, and I decided not to even hiss at him when he walked past me. Mom paced for a while & talked to my human big sis (she is a biologist & knows alot of stuff about animals) if the moth was actually poison. It turns out they have stuff on their wings like histamines to deter predators - which apparently Tigger thought he was. I think he learned his lesson, and will not try & eat one again. He should have just swatted it instead, that is what I do...I mean I am a lady, I would NEVER eat....an icky bug eww. I much preferred the little lick of vanilla cream frosting I got off Mom's finger from her cupcake. Now THAT is tasty! and that is what princesses like myself indulge in..never bugs.


Mystery solved!

April 22nd 2010 3:52 pm
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Well it seems that Mom found this sherlock holmes thing she was talking about, because she figured out what was scaring me so much. The Dad has these black junky shoes he wears when working in the yard and such, and somehow, instead of putting them away..AHEM he placed them by the foot of the bed, and when Mom swept the floor, they got pushed further under, and she did not really see them. I cannot be mad at Mom, she has been so stressed lately with Aunty Rose being so ill, that she barely has time to tidy up. Anyways, she figured it out, because she saw me staring in there, and she picked me up & walked in the room. Now I DO NOT like to be picked up, but I clung to her so scared and put my head down on her shoulder and was shaking. Mom knew then I was very frightened, and let me go. When she laid down on the floor, then she saw the evil shoes. They looked like an animal under the bed! She said "no wonder my girl was so scared" and put the shoes away. phew! so that night I slept right by her legs as usual. Thank goodness that Moms know how to banish the bogeymans that scare us kitties, and that they know this sherlock thingie too. Signed, one very happy and calm kitty.


Slinky girl

April 16th 2010 8:50 am
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Mom is concerned with my recent behavior. As always, I am a skittish kitty, but the past few days, I have been crouching low and slinking past Mom and The Dad's bedroom, and in the living room as well. Sometimes I have been staring into their room at what? Mom cannot figure it out. She says maybe I am seeing a ghost. The Dad hopes it is not a mouse, but I am pretty sure between me & Tigger we eradicated the last one back in Sept 08. None since. While I am doing this slinking if I hear a noise, I jump about 5 feet in the air. Mom says something is frightening me, but she cannot figure out what. Nothing is different around here, and we have a pretty quiet house. (unless The Dad is watching the Blackhawks hockey game.....but I am soooo used to him yelling at the tv for that) I am very strict about my routines and keeping everything the same. I do not at all have an easy time with change. So she says she is going to go around like a detective to find what is upsetting me. It has to be something in her room, because she was commenting that I have not come to sit on her head to be scritched at night, and I have not jumped up to look out the window as I usually do. And that has all been since the slinking. She says it is time for Sherlock Holmes - whatever that is, I hope it means finding the source. Hopefully I will have good news by Monday. I don't think I am sick or anything, because Mom thinks I would be doing that all the time. Still, I feel bad that Mom is worrying, and I cannot speak human too good to tell her.


Ode to spring

March 31st 2010 6:37 pm
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Ah beautiful day! How nice it was to sit in the windows with them open & sniff the breeze. It was almost 78 degrees in Chicago today! I watched birdies and napped in the window feelin the sunshine. Tigger had his butt on the cushion out in the screenporch ALL DAY practically. I am not quite ready to go out there yet, unless Mom comes with me. I am a bit of a scaredy cat, so it will take me a few days with her accompanying me before I will venture out on the porch by myself. Oh Mom brought home a new toy the other day. It sort of looks like a bird with this HUGE bunch of purple feathers in it's behind. It had catnip, and the pretty good kind too. Of course "mister grab everything" snatched it first and tore a few feathers out of it, but eventually I got to toss it around. He likes that one, so he can have it - too many feathers for me. She also got this little mouse that you can hang on the doorknob, and it makes a squeek like a real mousie! Well Tigger really had no use for it, but I have been enjoying battering it around and hearing it. So we each got something new to play with. Mom & The Dad have been talking to us about making us a cat tree! I am so excited about that. The Dad is very handy & makes things all the time, so I bet it will be pawsome! I hope they start it soon - I will have to remind them with some occasional yowls if need be. Ahh springtime!


where does all this hair come from?

March 23rd 2010 3:52 pm
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I just don't get it. I get brushed at least once a day, usually two or three as I love it so much and well, I can be very demanding about the brushie. I am an excellent groomer too. But once the weather gets warm, I turn into this walking furball. I guess it isbecause I have a rather fluffy undercoat even though my fur is not very long. Mom says she thinks I am a domestic medium hair since that undercoat is very fuzzy. I don't know, I just know I see the evil vacuum out alot more and I really hate that thing.


my brother

February 26th 2010 11:45 am
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I truly cannot beleive that I actually missed the pesky one while he was gone. I went around the whole house looking for him in all the spots he sleeps, and the ones he hides in before he jumps at me. Wow, I guess I really do love my brother! Mom says he is doing great & won't have to go back to the vet for a while, so I am glad. I even let him sleep in the wooden box last night - I usually sleep there until dinner, but well, he did have to go to the vet and all. The only thing I was not happy with was the fact that I couldn't have food or water the night before since he didn't. What is up with that? Mom said it wasn't fair to let me eat in front of him...but she kept putting a couple of crunchies for me to snarf real quick when he was out of the room. So all is back to normal, except for Mom's aunty being sick. We don't really know too much about that yet. I am kind of excited, because my human big sister is coming home from far away school this weekend to visit, and I do like to see her. I know Mom is real happy about that. Well, it is time for my beauty nap in the basket, so I am off. purrs to all for a good weekend, Maizy cat.



February 20th 2010 1:35 pm
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I am really a scaredy-cat kind of cat. I really have never gone where I should not, or explored any nooks and crannies in the house. I will only go on the screen porch if the inside door is left a pinch open so I can scoot back in. Even that is a BIG step for me. It seems since Tigger came, I hate to admit it, but he has helped me get a little braver. I even went into Mom's closet & napped on her shelf of fuzzy warm sweaters. I did kinda scare her though when she went in there & turned the light on to get her slippers. I thought it was funny... I have been climbing around & looking in spots I never knew where here and I have lived here my whole kitty life. I jumped on the one shelf he alwasy does, and can climb onto the file cabinet to get into my new basket. Who knew? I am feeling so proud of myself...I am like Super Kitty Girl - yeah I like that!


getting along

February 18th 2010 1:33 pm
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Mom has been pretty sad the past few days. I have been doing my best not to smack Tigger or growl. I even gave my cutest meow at her last nite, and she did smile for me. It is so hard when we can't fix what is hurting our favorite people. Tigger says he wants to claw this bad "c" thing that aunty has, and I agree. I wish it would go away for anyone that has this very bad thing.



February 11th 2010 8:29 am
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Mom brought home this new bag of food. It is blue & has some sort of cat looking type animal on it. "Humpfh- I only eat what I want" I says to myself. Well, she opened the bag & it smelled heavenly! Mom thought it was a little stinky, but I guess humans don't get it - stinky is awesome! Well, she gave me a couple to taste & it was gourmet heaven, oh they crunched and I smacked my lips. The best part is that this stuff apparently is not a treat, but the stuff is going in our bowls! I am not so thrilled that she is still mixing the old food in, but she says I will get a tummy ache if I change over real quick. So I did my best to eat those pieces first MOL. Boy I got a new basket to nap in and some new crunchies. Sheer Bliss I meow!


A New Delight

February 1st 2010 12:58 pm
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Oh wow, I have discovered.....plastic hangers! How have I not enjoyed biting these multicolored triangles of fun before? Oh and you can grab them and claw them, and they don't break. I skittered it around the bed and had a pretty fun time. And Oh Joy Mom thought I was so cute that I GOT A TREAT besides! Of course I should get a treat, because I don't break things, unlike Tigger, who seems to have a growing list of things he has broken around here. I thought for sure he was gonna get hollered at for breaking the blinds AGAIN, but he used the super kitty power cute face weapon. Darn I should not have told him about that..... Oh well, I still got the treat, and the last meow, because she was getting those curtians way before he broke the blinds. He just THINKS it's for him. Silly silly boycat. fffft!

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