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I don't feel so good

April 24th 2011 8:08 pm
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I was rushed to the E vet this morning. It turns out that I was blocked and could not go, I was screaming & growling it hurt very much. I have to spend the night at the E vet, and Mom is so worried, and missing me so much. I want to be home too. We don't understand how 10 days ago there were no crystals only infection, and now even though I was taking meds, I get blocked. Mom is really freaking out because she is so worried about my heart & me being stressed. The e vet is very nice & seems to be taking good care of me. My blood came out ok - no damage to kidneys, so that is good. I just want to be better. I miss my bed, and my family! Please purr for me.


restful day

April 17th 2011 10:52 am
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I think I am feeling better. Mom says the spots in the litter are getting a little bit bigger. We don't expect an overnight miracle, but it is in the right direction. I even played a bit yesterday morning. The Dad tied one of our mousies to an old kids fishing pole, and he said he was going kitty fishing! I jumped for it a few times, and even Maizy pounced on the moving mousie. Smitty went berserk over it. The Dad cast it down the few back stairs to the landing, and he kept popping down them stairs and back up. But it was good exercise for him - he is not so thin & slinky like me. He needs to drop a few ounces. I slept on Mom's chest and rested my head on her arm for along time this morning, and she just rocked me. I have laid like that on her ever since she found me when I was a kitten. I haven't really eaten a lot, but she keeps giving me extra wet food when I take my antibiotic. So I guess the best thing is for me to rest. And thank the powers above that I do not have crystals, just the infection. Thank you everyone for your purrs & thoughts for me to get better. Thank you Nellie for the pretty rainbow (it is so gloomy here, we could use one!) Thanks to my pretty Hazel Lucy for the bunny. I am waving my paw to you up in heaven! THanks to Buddie for the blue ribbon - Mom says I get first place in snuggling! and thanks to my anonymous power of the paw gift whoevercat gave it to us.


What now?

April 15th 2011 1:49 pm
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Well, yesterday Mom noticed that I kept digging in my box, and then when I sat for a long time, I only had a teeny sprinkle. I then did this in and out about 5-6 more times within 45 minutes. So after asking in the forum to confirm what she thought, the vet was called, and in I went. Luckily I do not have any crystals, it just shows lots of infection. I got 2 shots, and one of them really hurt! I hardly ever growl or hiss ('cept when I am playing with my little brother) and I let out a growl at that dr & hissed at her! And now I have to take all this medicine besides my heart pill. Momma gave me extra wet food, and I got some with my pill this morning too. Smitty was jealous, but he got to lick the spoon cuz he already ate his breakfast. Momma is kind of concerned about the steroid with my heart, as to whether I really should have it or not, and she is asking the dr again today. The shots must be helping a bit, cause I went a little bit more this morning. Mom cannot figure out why I got this bladder infection cause I drink lots of water, and get extra water in my wet food. I eat only a little dry in the early morning, which The Dad usually feeds us breakfast cuz he is up early with the birdies. So Mom doesn't know if eating the duck flavor Blue Buffalo changed something which caused me to get this. (They were out of chicken at Petco) She is not going to give us any more, and we are already back on the chicken. And we eat only wet at night. So I have been resting alot today, dozing by the kitchen window watching the birdies. Hopefully things will get back to normal - our Nana fell 2 days in a row, and Mom has been trying to make her rest too. Sometimes a nice quiet day is not so bad! Thanks to my pals for the purrs! A big thank you to Ashlynne & to Bella for the egg & paw gifties.



March 24th 2011 7:48 am
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We just got back from the vet, and my ultrasound shows STABLE - mild to moderate - same as last year! My heart murmur is barely detectable! The cardiologist said to mom "whatever you are doing, just keep doing it!" I even got a new toy called a cat dancer since I was a very good boy. Thank you so much my friends for your thoughts, they helped alot! So now I am off to demand my breakfast, since I could not eat before my test. I wish that all kitties could get good news when they have a now tomorrow is our Nana's test, we hope those are good too.
signed, a very happy Tigger & him Momma :)


oh no you didn't

March 23rd 2011 1:35 pm
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So I was out on the leash Monday afternoon. It was nice & sunny. Mom says "oh look Tigger, 1 yard over, there is the little cat I have been seeing" ok - the cat sees me - I ignore the cat. I strolled over in front of the garage to peer up at the bird feeders, (in the chance that a bird might be up there & fall off or something) and who peeks around the edge of the garage? yes, folks, the cat. Then within the spans of a minute I am crouched low on the grass, slinking, and I took off after that cat. At least as far as the leash & Mom's feet could move. I agree, I am the one who found & adopted Smitty. He was teeny & little & cute, and well would not leave me alone when I went outside. But I have to draw the paw Mom. We cannot even attempt to be friends with this cat. Yes you may feed it by the alley, but I have my paws full enough keeping Smitty in line! And please anyone reading this please keep your paws crossed for my heart ultrasound tomorrow...will let ya know.



March 18th 2011 2:30 pm
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We are still reeling from the news of Hazel Lucy leaving us. It seems like there has been so much sadness lately. It is hard to say goodbye to a friend. Some of them we did not know very well, and others we did. Does not make it any easier to know someone is in pain. Please keep crossed paws for me as I go for my annual ultrasound on the 24th to check my heart. We need good news. Our Nana has to have some tests done the next day, so we need good news there too. On a good note, I got to go out on my leash twice yesterday! Got to do some digging, and even stalked a bird! Of course Mom would never let me catch or hurt it, but it was fun to pretend being a wild jungle kitty. Hope that everyone has some peace this weekend, and we send our purrs to anyone hurting no matter what the reason.
The Tigster


spring fever

February 25th 2011 3:00 pm
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ok Mr Winter - I have had ENOUGH! It is below zero, and I can't go for a walk. We get all this snow...yikes 22 inches, and I cannot go for a walk cause Mom says she will lose me in the snow. I tried to prowl in the snow, and my feet got so cold, Mom had to carry me back in. We get a nice couple days, that I could stretch out and warm up the ol leash, then more SNOW. More RAIN more COLD. I WANT OUT! I keep yelling at Mom to make it nice out, and she is trying to be very patient. I admit I really have been yelling alot. Although I have actually almost perfected mommmow... and well, the screen porch is not as fun as summer since with the thick plastic up, it is hard to see out. But when it is sunny it can get up to 45 degrees in there! Sigh so I will have to try & be patient. The Dad even took me out one day, but it was so cold, I pretty much took 5 steps & turned right back round. Smitty is content to snooze on the porch, but I want to sniff the grass! I want to dig in my dirt pile! I want to scream at the birds! YOOOWWWWL! Mom says I will be going out soon for my ultrasound at the vet, but THAT is not the same, and it is NOT fun. But at least she got a new feather for Da Bird (since Maizy tore up the last one harumph) Heres to an early spring for us all!! I know there are many of you that are as weary of this weather as we are! Come-on robin birds...where are you?


it is like a dream!

February 9th 2011 1:54 pm
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Hey we are back! The Dad & Momma moved Nana completely out last weekend. All that is left is some cleaning up & hoping someone will buy a cute little trailer reeeeaaaly fast. I do feel kinda bad for Momma, cause there is soo much stuff. EVERYWHERE. It has been easier to bring it here, then Nana goes through it, and hopefully gets rid of stuff....which is a big hopefully. It is hard to do, but there is only so much room...and Nana has to be persuaded a little bit that we do not really need 5 roaster pans, but in the meantime, there are tons of boxes to climb on! oh I love to climb & poke around in everything. Mom came downstairs to work, and there I was all the way on top crammed in the corner smiling like the Cheshire cat! We missed everyone so much on Catster, so we will be trying to catch up as much as possible! Purrs!
ps please keep your paws crossed, Mom is waiting for them to set up my annual ultrasound appointment to check my heart - and we need to keep the good news going! keep ya posted on that!


been a while

December 15th 2010 11:28 am
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We haven't really been on Catster since before Turkey Day. Mom has been spending all available moments packing things at Nana's, and getting rid of stuff here & making room. But hopefully by the end of the month, Nana will be completely moved, and then we can get back to a little bit of normal - whatever that is. Hope that all our friend have a great holiday, and we will be back quick as a whisker!


Me? a hero?

November 9th 2010 4:14 pm
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Well Mom keeps saying that I helped save the day when Smithwick got out. I dunno, all I knew was that I got to snif around in a different yard. The Dad pointed to the deck underneath & said "Tig, go get Smitty" and I poked my head under, and kinda wiggled under there. Then when I came out, Smitty followed me, and whoomph, Mom got him with the fishing net. So now Mom made a sign by the door to remind everyone, and she has been talking about getting us collars, even though we are all microchipped. I am feeling better, I only have to take my antibiotics for a few more days - I am glad. I take them like a good boy, but they make my tummy hurt. WEll, time for dinner!

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