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Some thoughts from a kitty's perspective

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magic kittens

November 30th 2011 3:58 pm
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Some good news! This morning, guess who was waiting for breakfast? REAPPEARING KITTENS!! ok little ones, I wish you could tell me where you were. Did you get stuck somewhere? No ears clipped, so I know there was no TNR. They were starving, and ate like piggies. That was why I was so worried, they have not missed a breakfast EVER. So at least it was a great start to a very cold day!!


disappearing kittens

November 29th 2011 7:33 am
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Had a normal Turkey day round here. Even the strays got a few bites of turkey. Sunday morning, mom went out & fed the 3 kittens & 2 adults, all were waiting by the back door as usual. Yesterday morning, only Fluff & Rocky - the mom & dad were out there. All 3 kittens were not there. She went by the alley & called - no kits. By last nite they should have at least been in the yard looking for a snack - no kits. This morning, still no kittens. Looked in the garage, and shed just in case they ran in there when The Dad got the Christmas stuff out. Mom cannot figure out how all 3 of them (they area bout 6 months old) just disappeared. They kind of stuck together, but still....all 3? She hopes that maybe someone that TNR took them - as there is supposed to be someone in the area. Otherwise - how could 3 fast, not overy trusting to anyone but mom - kittens, just disappear? We have looked around, but not a sign. Mom is sad.....that will mean that she lost all 4 kittens within a month.


happy fall

October 2nd 2011 10:07 am
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Thank you my friends for the gotcha day gifties and the summer gifties. Mom also had an issue with the gift store on pirate day, so we could not send any. arrrr. She has been busy helping human sis to pack things for Washington. I managed to get hold of another mousie from the live trap, but mousie had already kicked it while in the trap, so I flipped it around a few times anyways. Now I am too bored to play with the furry toy mousies. We are soooo happy that Ingen was found!!!! yippee!


Ode to Summer

September 8th 2011 4:06 pm
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Well it surely has been a while since I have gotten Mom to write. In her defense, she has been busy with Nana's after-surgery care & trying to catch up work, and such. So let me tell you about my summer...
I have enjoyed countless walkies, and I also sat outside while on my leash. It gets hooked to this little pole, but a human is still outside keeping an eye on me. We have this metal live-mouse trap by the garage, and one afternoon, I was fussing by it, so Mom looked inside it, and there was a teeny toad in there. So she set it down & opened it, thinking I would maybe paw or sniff it. OOOOhhh nooo - I grabbed the thing & would not let go. Mom had to actually scruff me & kinda shake me to let it go, and just at that time, it must have spewed it's toadie juices, cause I started to gag & stick my tongue out & spit. Ahhh so then Mom got the bright idea of trying to wash my mouth out. Right - have YOU tried to wash a cat's mouth out...with water?...a cat that does NOT like water? Mom wore more of it than anything, and I was just fine.
A few days later, again, I was by that trap, & Mom saw nothing in there. When she opened it, well, there was a mouse & I got it so fast & ran. Unfortunately I played a little too hard with the mousie, and well, he went to mousie heaven before Mom could get it away from me (I had alot of fun though - Mom sighs)
One Saturday all of a sudden we started to get water seeping in our basement, after a very light rain. This never happens - only once when we had days of rain. It was coming from under the baseboard, and through some small cracks in the floor. Poor Mom shop vac'd every 2 hours round the clock & put towels down for a week until we found out that when the neighbors on the one side abandoned their home, they left the water on in the basement, and there was 6 feet of water in there, and it seeped over to us. It only stopped because some worker guys hooked a gas pump & pumped it out next door. After we have now had to rip out a bunch of tiles, and will have to replace some drywall. But Mom says it is nothing compared to those that have lost everything in the flooding, but it still is pretty crummy.
Right now, our human brother & sister are on a long-planned trip to London. They are very close & worked for this trip for a long time. Next week is our annual end of summer shrimp boil. mmmm perhaps we may get a teeny bite o shrimpies mom? This year it is in honor of our human sister - she is moving far away all the way to Seattle. Far from Chicago! She is hoping to hear on a job at the zoo there. She does environmental education & mammmal education. Momma is very sad, but happy for her too. I have been feeling great - no potty troubles. Except for my little spritzing incident. But Mom is ordering a calming collar & getting some feliway spray to try. I just do not like that feral cat that she is feeding. Well actually there are 2 that get fed, but only one is nervy enough to stroll around MY YARD. Well, I should leave some news for Maizy & Smitty to tell, so I will sign off for now.
A very big thank you for the well wishes & gifties on my gotcha day. Mom says the bestes day was when I ran to her so fast, I almost knocked her down! It was love at first sight!
purrs, a happy toad-licking, mousie-catching Tigger.


the journey

July 7th 2011 3:48 pm
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well, so far so good for me! My fur is getting shiny again, and I have been flipping and jumping like my old self. I am not sure how long I have to eat the stinky food, but Mom says she will ask the vet. It has been a while since we have been here - although we have grabbed a few sneak-peeks here & there. Our Nana got very sick, and ended up having open heart surgery a couple weeks ago. Mom was at the hospital every day. But Nana is home & doing very well. I even took a nap by her just to keep an eye on her for Mom. I know we have missed many friends special days, and we apologize....sometimes you can only do one thing at a time. Mom got a few awesome pics of me out in the yard, which she will put up soon. In the meantime, hope everyone is having a splendid summer


melting kitties

June 8th 2011 8:26 pm
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Boy it went from being so cold & having to put the heat on to a blast furnace around here! Mom & The Dad got a new furnace & air conditioner put in at the end of Dec so we could get the tax break, and the service co. had to add some stuff & calibrate it or something before the air could go on. Well, we had appt set a few times, but the rain caused them to be cancelled. They finally set the appt for Friday the 10th. Then THE HEAT WAVE. I swear I was watching Smitty actually melt yesterday. It was soooo hot in the house, the inside temp read 89. It made Nana not feel very good, and Mom kept giving her cold washcloths for her head. I was pretty blech too. At one point the three of us were all splayed out in the hallway where we could get the air from the fans on both sides. Mom felt so bad for me, she took me in the bathroom, and wet my paws cause she read that kitties sweat from their pawpads. She then wet her hand and wiped my face & head off. At first I was kinda squirmy, but then heeeeeyyyy, that felt pretty good! I sat & let her wipe my whole face again. I think it worked, because I was able to go to sleep then. Smitty got a facewipe too, and his fur on his head was all sticking up, it was pretty funny. Maizy actually likes water, so she didn't care. I even ate my food cold, and that helped. Mom called the company yesterday & told them that she had a senior in the house, and that her pets were geting sick, and they made a special appointment for this morning! So aahhhhh we are now nice & cool. I even jumped around tonite & played with my catnip cigar from Boxie. Have a good night! signed a very kewl kitteh!...


the endless search for food

June 3rd 2011 12:54 pm
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Tiggie's Mom here - I just really need to vent. I did in the forums already. I certainly do not want to keep Tig on the prescription diet forever. I am afraid that the acid will cause him other problems down the line. I just put him on it, because he still blocked even being on 90% Natural Balance wet& 10% Blue Buffalo Wilderness dry. Had to get the PH down. I don't even know how long to keep him on that food. The vets say they can have it the rest of their life, but I am not happy with the ingredients, and boy do it stink! pew! But trying to find a wet food that is low minerals, has no fish except for salmon oil, and is not shredded. I looked online so much I got a headache. I don't even know how to figure out what the mineral % should be. It's like I just want to see a can, and it is exactly what I need. I realize there is no perfect food, but this really should not be this blasted hard. Every time I think I found something, I read that it is not so good. Or Smitty won't eat it. He is doing so good without any kibble - I am so proud of him. He takes all these meds with little complaint and eats his food like a good boy. ok now I feel better. The search continues tomorrow.....


guarded optimism

May 29th 2011 1:38 pm
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Well, my PH level is down to 6! yippeee!!! Culture shows NO INFECTION, NO CRYSTALS! Dr said that my bladder felt a little full, even though I had gone in the morning, so she had Mom give me a 2nd prednisolone yesterday, and stay on a whole one till Tues, before I drop to 1/2. Of course as soon as I got home, I emptied out. I even played with The Dad & Da Bird yesterday. Mom says that I am prob crabby cause I really have been through alot in the past few weeks, and so much meds jammed down my throat - she said she would be a little cranky too. I tried to go out this morning, but it started to drizzle. I did try to be a ManCat & stay in the mist for a while, but then I do not like wet feet, so sigh had to go in.
Mom wants to feel like this is all over, but it is still scary that maybe it could happen again. I think it should be ok with my PH down...but I know she loves me so much that is why she worries. Be safe everyone - hoping for no rain! Tig


ok vet tell me some good news!

May 28th 2011 7:09 am
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I go today back to the vet for my about 2 week after block checkup. So far so good in the potty department. Mom says that I still seem kinda not myself. I am not playing as much, and my fur is not at it's peak. Hopefully that is because of all the medicine & a pretty traumatic month & 1/2. I also have been pretty crabby with Smitty. I have played a few times with him, but sometimes he just walks up to me & I am growling at him to go away. Mom feels bad, cause Smitty doesn't understand. We are thinking that could be from the prednisolone? I have been on varying dosage of that stuff for over a month. But at least the second round of baytril is done. Mom says the plastic comes off the porch today! I am sure that will improve my mood too. Her & The Dad have been trying to take me outside, cause that seems to make me happy. For some reason I am obsessed with this one bush, and I feel the need to spray on it. Mom says at least she knows I am definitely still peeing! I mean my tail goes flippy & the back leg lifts up, and I let go ALOT. We figure that one of the cats around has sprayed and I am trying to remark. She sprayed the urine gone stuff all over by the plant, but it did not stop me the next day. So gotta find a solution to that, cause she does not want me to get upset by this. I will let ya know what the vet says, and I have so many thnk yous, both for my get well, and for COTD. If I miss nyone, it is not intentional, and we cannot thank you enought for the nice comments, and support. IT really helps!
Boxie Brown - my very own purrsonal Guardian Angel for the crown & my huge potp, Gimli for the fancy crown,Nellie & Alexis for the milk, Moonshadow Taz Hermie Gidget for the paw, Tommy Felix Lars Buster for the diamond, Kaya Skye for the emerald, Tyson for my ladybug, Skylar Miss Murphy Rusty Skittles for my ribbon, my man Tigger for the heart, Mea Mikka Miko Milo Mimi Maui Mokka for the shrimpie, Moninda for my birdie, Casey for the shrimp, TOki for a birdie, my good pals Finnegan & Lacey for the paw, the Bush Bros for a ribbon, Gump & Nadi for my heart, another good bud Hunty for my bird, Buddie for my special blue ribbon, Tigger, Cali, SObe & Scaredy for my paw & trophy, my newest pals Buddy Bo for the flower & paw and Tommy for the flower & mousie.
the special hearts with all sorts of nice wishes & words from:
Brantley & the Willams furs, Hazel Lucy, Reanan, The Texas Gang, Athena & Aragorn, Greta Daniel Buster & Sugar, Moonshadow Taz Hermie Gidget, Skylar Miss Murphy Rusty Skittles, Mia, Jezebel, Squirrel & KitKat, River & Simone, Zak Pugsly Yellow Meow, Tessa, Finn & Lacey, Tyson, Lady Baby Sammie & Cesar, Tate, Nellie & Alexis.

Whew! I gots lots o love! Mom tried to write all the names down so we would not forget, but just in case, we really do appreciate all the gifts of caring from everyone. I shall update probably tomorrow about the vet. Cause when we get back, I WANT MY PORCH! Have a peaceful Memorial Day to all. love ya guys! The Tigman


so excited!

May 23rd 2011 8:45 am
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Wow first a diary of the day and now COTD! I am so honored, and thank everyone! For some reason, when we click on the gifties, the "gift card" & comment that pops up is not showing. I don't know if this is just us or a site issue?
We will check back later, as we have so many many thanks for everyone.
health update: so far so good - almost at the 2 week mark since the blockage. I only have a few antibiotics left, and Mom thinks the Cosequin is helping too. It was so nice this weekend! I got to sit on the front porch & supervise while Mom, The Dad & my sister put grass seed in the big dirt pile that will hopefully be a nicer lawn than last year. They successfully moved Mom's prized hydrangea bush too. Then I got to loung around in the back on & off all weekend. Except I ate some grass & barfed. But then yesterday afternoon, Mom was putting the last of the garden plants in, and it got really dark, so she brought me in, and put the tools away - and holy smokes it started to hail! I mean big fuzzy mousie size jagged chunks! We never had hail that big before! Sister got a couple small dents in her car hood, and brother got a small paint chip. We have a truck, so Mom can't see on the roof too well. So 2 of the cucumber plants bit the dust, but the rest made it ok. Whew! I was worried, because that is one of my jobs during the summer, is to walk with Mom to check the veggie progress & chase any squirrels away from the tomatoes. Well - thanks again, and we will check back in later! purrs, a very honored Tiggie

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