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ok vet tell me some good news!

May 28th 2011 7:09 am
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I go today back to the vet for my about 2 week after block checkup. So far so good in the potty department. Mom says that I still seem kinda not myself. I am not playing as much, and my fur is not at it's peak. Hopefully that is because of all the medicine & a pretty traumatic month & 1/2. I also have been pretty crabby with Smitty. I have played a few times with him, but sometimes he just walks up to me & I am growling at him to go away. Mom feels bad, cause Smitty doesn't understand. We are thinking that could be from the prednisolone? I have been on varying dosage of that stuff for over a month. But at least the second round of baytril is done. Mom says the plastic comes off the porch today! I am sure that will improve my mood too. Her & The Dad have been trying to take me outside, cause that seems to make me happy. For some reason I am obsessed with this one bush, and I feel the need to spray on it. Mom says at least she knows I am definitely still peeing! I mean my tail goes flippy & the back leg lifts up, and I let go ALOT. We figure that one of the cats around has sprayed and I am trying to remark. She sprayed the urine gone stuff all over by the plant, but it did not stop me the next day. So gotta find a solution to that, cause she does not want me to get upset by this. I will let ya know what the vet says, and I have so many thnk yous, both for my get well, and for COTD. If I miss nyone, it is not intentional, and we cannot thank you enought for the nice comments, and support. IT really helps!
Boxie Brown - my very own purrsonal Guardian Angel for the crown & my huge potp, Gimli for the fancy crown,Nellie & Alexis for the milk, Moonshadow Taz Hermie Gidget for the paw, Tommy Felix Lars Buster for the diamond, Kaya Skye for the emerald, Tyson for my ladybug, Skylar Miss Murphy Rusty Skittles for my ribbon, my man Tigger for the heart, Mea Mikka Miko Milo Mimi Maui Mokka for the shrimpie, Moninda for my birdie, Casey for the shrimp, TOki for a birdie, my good pals Finnegan & Lacey for the paw, the Bush Bros for a ribbon, Gump & Nadi for my heart, another good bud Hunty for my bird, Buddie for my special blue ribbon, Tigger, Cali, SObe & Scaredy for my paw & trophy, my newest pals Buddy Bo for the flower & paw and Tommy for the flower & mousie.
the special hearts with all sorts of nice wishes & words from:
Brantley & the Willams furs, Hazel Lucy, Reanan, The Texas Gang, Athena & Aragorn, Greta Daniel Buster & Sugar, Moonshadow Taz Hermie Gidget, Skylar Miss Murphy Rusty Skittles, Mia, Jezebel, Squirrel & KitKat, River & Simone, Zak Pugsly Yellow Meow, Tessa, Finn & Lacey, Tyson, Lady Baby Sammie & Cesar, Tate, Nellie & Alexis.

Whew! I gots lots o love! Mom tried to write all the names down so we would not forget, but just in case, we really do appreciate all the gifts of caring from everyone. I shall update probably tomorrow about the vet. Cause when we get back, I WANT MY PORCH! Have a peaceful Memorial Day to all. love ya guys! The Tigman


so excited!

May 23rd 2011 8:45 am
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Wow first a diary of the day and now COTD! I am so honored, and thank everyone! For some reason, when we click on the gifties, the "gift card" & comment that pops up is not showing. I don't know if this is just us or a site issue?
We will check back later, as we have so many many thanks for everyone.
health update: so far so good - almost at the 2 week mark since the blockage. I only have a few antibiotics left, and Mom thinks the Cosequin is helping too. It was so nice this weekend! I got to sit on the front porch & supervise while Mom, The Dad & my sister put grass seed in the big dirt pile that will hopefully be a nicer lawn than last year. They successfully moved Mom's prized hydrangea bush too. Then I got to loung around in the back on & off all weekend. Except I ate some grass & barfed. But then yesterday afternoon, Mom was putting the last of the garden plants in, and it got really dark, so she brought me in, and put the tools away - and holy smokes it started to hail! I mean big fuzzy mousie size jagged chunks! We never had hail that big before! Sister got a couple small dents in her car hood, and brother got a small paint chip. We have a truck, so Mom can't see on the roof too well. So 2 of the cucumber plants bit the dust, but the rest made it ok. Whew! I was worried, because that is one of my jobs during the summer, is to walk with Mom to check the veggie progress & chase any squirrels away from the tomatoes. Well - thanks again, and we will check back in later! purrs, a very honored Tiggie


day 8 and counting

May 18th 2011 11:54 am
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The last 2 times I blocked was around day 10, so Mom is ticking the days off the calendar. Doing pretty good, I lost a whole pound with being sick. I did eat a little plain chicken baby food, and I am trying to eat the other food. Mom feeds me throughout the day. I even got breakfast in bed today! The Dad said "I don't even get that Tigger!" Mom set the new fountain up, and we have been investigating it, so hopefully I will get brave & take some licks. I am resting, playing a little bit, and talking to Mom. We went outside on the leash for a bit too. And not one kibble of dry food for a week. I sure miss my crunchies though. I keep looking where the container was. Thanks so much to everyone for your gifties & purrs, and prayers and hugs. Keep em coming! I'll keep ya posted!


secret gift?

May 12th 2011 7:31 am
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Well, Mom was looking on here last night for more info to help me & to see what is up, and then these Plus pages started to show up. Somehow we are Plus Members now, and all we can think is that someone gave us a lovely thoughtful gift. It was something we had wished to have, but had not been able to do. So secret gift giver, we would love to know your identity for proper thanks, but if not, please know that we are so excited for the wonderful gift! Boy now we have even more stuff to explore on Catster! (ok Mom, don't forget that you do still have to work...ahem vet bills remember?) THank you to everyone for your gifts, thought, purrs. They have been such a help for Mom & for me too. I get to come home today, and paws crossed no more troubles.


thanks and purrs still needed

May 10th 2011 8:49 am
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thanks you for all the kinds words, and gifts for support, and also for my BirdDay. I got to take a long walkie on my leash on my Day! Sadly I am back in the hospital with another blockage, but again was caught in time. Our vet is suggesting a surgery, but we want to get more info on it first. I guess there was a big crystal that blocked so they put some mediine in there to dissolve them all. So my friends keep the purrs going - I don't wanna go back for any more of this stuff!



May 3rd 2011 8:01 am
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just a very quick entry, will be back later - everything is fine & we have so many people to thank, and Smithwick has to thank too.


so many thanks

April 27th 2011 3:05 pm
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We really cannot thank everyone enough for the well wishes, and support. Mom was really really scared and Catster was where we came for help & ideas. I am doing pretty good today. I can finally piddle without growling, and I ate wet food all day, just had a couple kibbs early this morning cause of course at 5am we are all going to expire on the spot if "The Dad" does not feed us NOW. So Mom switched the 1/3 cup we used to get with 1/8, and instructions to make it VERY SCANT - like 6 bits! On days he does not get up that early, we won't get any kibbs, just wet. Now we just gotta find a few that will make us all happy (right good luck with that Mom) HA! And Mom is being so over protective, I get an audience every time I use the box so she can check it! hmm a little privacy Mom would ya huh? Supposed to go back in 2 weeks, and hopefully we can find a new vet. Mom is just not comfortable anymore, and she says if it was a people dr, she would switch just the same. I slept on the bed with Mom all night, and she said it was the first good sleep she has had for days! purrs, Tigger


I'm Home!

April 26th 2011 12:26 pm
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Mom picked me up about noon, and boy am I glad to be home! First thing I did was rub all over Mom's legs, and then I had to run around & sniff. Then I ate some wet food. I want to thank everyone for all the purrs. It helps so much to know other kits are in your corner (& their humans too)
thanks Hilda for the POTP, Alley cat & fam for the cross, Bobcat for the heart you sent from heaven, and Tigger/Cali & Sobe for my ribbon, and Kaci for the lovely cross too. Now all I have to do is rest, and eat wet food, and drink. Smitty was so glad to see me, has been following me around since he saw me! I have to go back in 2 weeks for a checkup, but hopefully things will be getting back to normal.....



April 25th 2011 7:15 pm
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The vet said they took the catheter out about 6, and things looked good. They are doing an xray in the morning to make sure there is nothing squirrely inside. (hmm no one mentioned this until Mom asked about it) but as long as my bladder stays empty and I do ok, I can come home! I am sure that Mom will have washed my blankie in my favorite wooden box, and have the fluffy purple robe out for me to knead on. Because some of the confidence has been lost, we are looking for a new vet. There is a cat only clinic in Flossmoor, IL, which is not too far away, so we are looking into that one. Waiting to sleep in my own bed - (or Mom & The Dad's) Tigger


I miss my Mom & The Dad

April 25th 2011 1:53 pm
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I had to go straight from the e-vet to the regular vet, and I have to stay there until tomorrow. They put a yucky collar on me that I do not like, but it is so I won't pull the catheter out. Mom is trying to figure out the best wet food for me. I have been eating wet, but now I cannot have any dry. They want me to eat the prescription stuff, but Mom says no, too much salt for my heart! and grains! And all these medicines I have to take - even more yucky! I just want to come home. I meowed at Mom and she was crying cause she missed me and did not want to leave me. One more day....

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