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I got in trouble

October 22nd 2010 12:08 pm
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Boy did I get into trouble! So, Wednesday night I went onto Mom & The Dad's bed as usual. Their bed is up against the 2 windows, and The Dad had his window open. Well, it was only open a little bit, and when I launched myself under the blind to sit in the ledge, there was not enough room for my manly butt, and I slipped & fell....onto The Dad's face and scratched his nose pretty bad. Blood everywhere..... sorry o great Dad, wonderful Dad, bestest Dad in the whole kitty world that lets me do whatever I want.....I love you Dad..... ok well I got hollered at a little bit, and was told I would never see the birdie toy again....(which of course I did) and I would never come on the bed again, (which of course I did) but I do feel very bad I hurt my favorite person besides Momma. I have been rubbing on his legs extra cute & kneaded next to him even more cute, and of course, he pet me....he still loves me, even though "he is scarred for life now" he says. Mom told him to tell everyone the scar is from a huge Tiger......hmmmmmm. but I am so very sorry my dad


thumping time!

September 5th 2010 7:00 pm
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Boy, I would never have thought that such a little kitten could wrestle so much! I am still a youngun myself - only 2, but I was trying to take a little nap out on the porch, and just started dozing, when WHAM! I got pounced! By a little teeny scrap of kitten! We rolled around a few times, but I really wanted that nap, so I had to give him a tap out. The other day, I got a little too exhuberant, and I made him squeak, so Mom had to break it up. I didn't mean to hurt him though. Smitty follows me everywhere, so I showed him just where to stand & look pitiful for wet food time, the good window ledge to look out of, and I have even let him pilfer a few of my mousie stash. I am trying to be a good big brother, and I am trying to show him that it is a good thing to get lots of scritches, and pets from humans. He is getting a little better with that, but what can I say, no one is as loveable a guy as me. I looooove my Mom so much I talk to her all the time, and sleep by her most nights. Well, I am gonna try & take a nap once again until it is playtime with Da Bird! Also thank you to everyone that has sent me presents! :)



August 27th 2010 10:31 am
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talk about a busy week. Mom is still running back & forth, but auntie seems a little better which is good. I have been meowing to my kitty out on the porch. I am a little miffed that Mom won't let me out there, but she puts my leash on & carries me through so I can go patrol the yard. yesterday, for a few minutes, she let me out to see my kitty while she supervised. He grabbed my tail! the little stinker! and he bit it! it didn't hurt, but Mom was laughing alot, so I was glad to make her laugh. I always do my best to do that! As my name says I am fun fun fun! I gave him a light little tap just to show that I am in charge, but aw he is so tiny I can't be mad or anything, I will have lots to show him. We also got a new present (I think Mom is trying to pave the way for the new kitty mol) We got a Da Bird toy. OH MY GOSH - I.LOVE.THIS.TOY! I jumped, I flipped, I twirled, I stretched! I don't know what it is about it, as I have a few other wand toys that basically make me yawn. BUt it got so bad that Mom had to hide it, because I climbed up the entertainment center to get it off the top shelf, and tried to climb up the fridge when she set it up there. So she went into her room & shut the door, so I could not see where she put it. darn! She said I have to go slow, because while exercise is good for me, she doesn't want me to have a problem with overdoing it & hurting my heart. So we stopped sooner thatn I wanted, but I still got a good work out. LOVE DA BIRD!!!



August 25th 2010 1:21 pm
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Things have been pretty crazy around here lately. Last week I felt sorry for Mom. Her aunty went into the hospital very sick, and they did not think she was going to make it. Nana came here to stay for a few days, and her & Mom went to the hospital every day. Aunty went home with Nana on Friday, and Mom says she is doing a little better & that she might be able to try another medicine they call chemo to help her. Aunty used to come over alot & she always brought me my favorite treats, so I miss seeing her. So our paws are crossed that she will get better for a little while. On another note, I was doing the usual chilling on my porch & I see this little teeny kitten in the tree next door. I meowed for Mom to come see. She was upset, because the kids next door are not very nice at all & would most likely do mean things to the kitty. So she got some food & put it down hoping that the kitten was not stuck, as she couldn't go into the neighbors yard to get it (don't get us started on the neighbors). Luckily he came down & was so hungry. We kept meowing at each other alot. He even tried to crawl up the screen to see me! Mom kept putting food out, and he seemed to stick around the yard. I would see him on my daily yard patrol - he always hid in the pepper plants. He would follow & wanted to nuzzle by me, but Mom said "no Tig I don't want to get you sick" So finally after a week, Mom was able to pet him, and well, he is gonna be my new little brother! We haven't picked a name yet, but will soon. I don't think Maizy will be too happy, but I will try & be a good big brother.


What the heck is a fish and why is it in MY house?

August 11th 2010 1:13 pm
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A couple weeks ago, Mom & The Dad went down to U of I to pick up some of my human sister's stuff. She finished her Master's Degree, and once she is done with her summer job, she is gonna be home for a few weeks, and then her next job will have her an hour closer to home! (Mom is happy about that) Anyways, they bring in some of her stuff till she moves to her new place, and there is this glass box. ok whatever, but wait there is a little buzzing bubbling thing in this glass box. Mom says it is a filter. ok. There's water in there? Weird humans, I do NOT like water. But wait, what's this? There is a small silver thing flitting around in this box! OOOOH I must get on top of the box, wait I can't see through the cover...ooohhhh how can I get closer to see this silver thing? I can't seem to tap it with my paw, because it is in this stupid glass box. Ah. Mom moved it by the entertainment center. So now I can jump to the shelf & see - what is this thing? Mom called it a fish. Well, that is what she calls the squishy stuff we eat at night (she calls it that no matter if it is fish or chicken - cause we reaaaly respond to the word FISH) Well, I can't eat it like that! In water! In a box! So I guess I am supposed to sit & watch this thing, so that it does not jump out & try to take over the house. OK, I shall do my best to be the official "Guardian of the Fish" Tigger - on guard!


I am humbled

July 14th 2010 9:02 am
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Thank you to all the well wishers on both my DDP and on being Cat of the Week in "Hey you look like me!" Mom was not able to go online yesterday, so I am a little belated in my thanks. Thank you to Aedan for the bouncy ball, Tigger & Cali - my buds- thanks for the ribbon. Georgina I love shrimp! Pigeon, Chandler Ray, Squirrel. Oreo,Leo thanks for your nice comments. Gosh I hope I did not miss anyone, but if I did, I truly send you thanks also.
To answer a question on a few of my pictures, (since we are not Plus members Mom couldn't leave a caption)-
The ones with the little pink oragami hat on, Mom happened to catch me in a yawn (after partying all day mol), In the cabinet, Mom & The Dad were in the midst of tearing down the old kitchen cabinets for a redo, and well - I saw an empty shelf....the rest is history! Again I thank everyone for the well wishes & gifts you bestowed on me. Heck even Maizy allowed me to sleep in her basket yesterday! purrs, Tigger


Little Cat in the Big City

July 4th 2010 11:33 am
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So the other day, Mom figured that since I love to go outside, and love adventure, she thought I would like to ride in the car. She put my harness & leash on and said, let's go get Alex! My human brother takes the Metra train to & from work, and the station is about 3 minutes away. She put me on the seat & got in and started driving....Tigger does not like this. I crawled onto her lap and pretty much dug in. You kitties with claws know what I mean. While we waited in the parking lot, I kinda peeped out of the drivers side window, but there are too many lights, and sounds, and cars. When Alex got in, I hung onto him the ride back. I know she meant well, but it was way too much excitement for me. This kitty likes his own back yard, just like Dorothy learned in the Wizard of Oz. Mom kept saying she was sorry to me and I know she is - I did get a few extra treats & scritches, so all is well.



July 4th 2010 11:26 am
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Thank you very much Sarge, Lena & Pepi for the lovely emerald. It kinda matches my eyes! Believe me I am happy every day that I picked Mom & The Dad - I get spoiled rotten and loved o so very much.


Happy Father's Day

June 20th 2010 9:19 am
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Since Maizy is walking around with her head in the clouds, I want to wish all The Dad's a happy Father's Day. Whether you have human kids, furry kids or both - remember you are special! I already gave The Dad my gift - I sat on the chair next to him on the porch and gave him my extra cute meow, and let him scritch my tummy. He seems quite pleased with his gift.
On another note, Mom got us a furminator the other day, and I actually kinda like it. I don't like the slicker brush, but this one feels good, and wow Mom says she could prob make a pair of mittens out of the fur from me! Have a wonderful day all you Dads!



June 15th 2010 11:58 am
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I meant to type Go HAWKS in my last entry! I guess my paw was sore from the blood test... and also I tore right though the new cloth carrier Mom got, so I had to ride in the plastic one again. I guess I did not know the strength of my manly cat paws! But I was so good at the vet that I got some sardine in aspic food (Mom saves that only for special times) and I got to wander around in the yard on my leash while Mom planted a flower by the fountain. I meowed at the birds to come down & play, but for some reason they don't wanna. It is supposed to rain AGAIN today (although we did not get near the rain that everyone has been flooded so bad had gotten) and it is rather a sleepy day. Both me & Maizy were still dozing at 7 this morning when Mom got up. She said "hey you lazy bones how come you don't sleep like this on Saturdays?" hehe our little secret!

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