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Some thoughts from a kitty's perspective

here is what I am doing - any thoughts?

July 28th 2013 4:00 pm
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here is the list of symptoms in case anyone has any ideas..Tig has been sneezing here & there. This morning he kind of was snorting like trying to clear his nose.Friday he seemed like he was trying to get up a hariball, but nothing came. I did find one a few days ago - the first he has NEVER had a hairball & he is 5. He rubs his nose with his paw but not constantly. He has shaken his head sometimes too. His eyes are not runny or red, just the 3rd eyelid. His nose is not wet either. I looked at his teeth, but I do not see anything. Vet looked at them Friday & did not say anything. If it was something bad like a nasal tumor or something wouldn;t it show in his blood test? I keep telling myself that so I don's start worrying even more. I really don't know whether to get him back in tomorrow or wait til Friday. Vet said it was ok to wait. I was hoping the toxoplasmosis test result would be in by then so he doesn't have to have a bunch of xrays - but maybe he should anyway..I am so very confused & worried about him I don't know what to do =-what the right thing is. When vet did the neuro check his left side was a little slower to respond, but how do I know it wasn't always like that? I just keep wondering if it is an ear or sinus thing, that would explain alot, but he has no discharge anywhere or fever. I will look up Horner's Syndrome. I don't know what else it could be...When he looks at me I am heartbroken for him. He seems miserable but yet he is acting pretty normal. aargh I just want all 4 of them healthy all at the same time!


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Purred by: Alex (sweet angel girl) (Catster Member)

July 28th 2013 at 5:10 pm

Are you sure it's not asthma?
Purred by: Zeke Mama's Loving Angel (Catster Member)

July 28th 2013 at 7:21 pm

That is how I acted for many many months, Mom took me to 4 vets and none of them would help me and Mom figure out what was wrong...they just kept giving me medicine...once the medicine was gone I started up again.
Finally Mom got on the computer and found our new vet. She called talked to them and told them how I was acting and how concerned she was, thinking she was going to watch me die from how I was acting.

They told Mom they had the prefect Vet for me and I went in. Mom cried because she felt she was up against the wall and no one was listening to her, no one would take that extra step to help me. My Vet Dr. Kathy told Mom they she would not let me leave without finding out what was wrong and going on. She took all my history of URI and what my systems were, she held up a mirror to my nose she could see that I wasn't breathing to well through my nose....she told Mom I either was allergic or I had asthma....they took x rays and gave me a different medicine to help until the x ray tech came in to view my chest...

Well guess what my Vet guessed it, I have asthma....I now have the inhaler and a mask...once I started on this I am 99% better...once in a while I have an attack, but Mom is there to give me my inhaler...

So you more than likely have asthma.....if they haven't done the chest x ray get it done and tell them what I went through and don't give up they surely need to figure this out...

We are purring for you Tig....we are here if you need any help about asthma...if you look at my pictures you will see that Mom took pictures of me with the mask on my face..

Zeke and Mom
Purred by: Daisy Angel (Catster Member)

July 29th 2013 at 6:55 am

An x-ray might show if it is asthma, but not rule it out completely. We've also had to go to different vets to get things figured out, a second opinion is always a good idea (but can be costly).

We are purring fur ya pal!

Daisy and furmily
Purred by: Jasper, Angel Dreamboat #49a (Catster Member)

July 29th 2013 at 6:58 am

Sounds like asthma is worth checking out, Tig. Mom's never had a cat with asthma, but she knows it's not uncommon. Purring that you feel better, and going to the angel dust depot for a fresh supply.
Purred by: Zeke Mama's Loving Angel (Catster Member)

July 29th 2013 at 8:34 am

Mommy wanted to give you this site that our vet gave to us. It shows you about asthma and the inhaler haled.php

and here is another that has a video of a cat doing what I did and what Tig is doing! nosis-feline-asthma/

Hope this will help you decide what to do and maybe the Vet will figure it out too.

Purred by: Meep (Catster Member)

July 29th 2013 at 10:47 am

So sorry you are sneezing and uncomfortable. You've probably had this checked but maybe an allergy?
Purred by: Calísta (Catster Member)

August 24th 2013 at 5:42 pm

Sorry we're just hearing all doesn't sound like my asthma at all.

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