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Fleas Release Me....Let Me Go

November 4th 2011 7:55 pm
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As I mentioned in an earlier diary, the foster kitties had fleas. Well, the kitties are gone and the fleas are still with us. Mom found one on me today and one on Skittles and she has seen several of my siblings who seem itchier than usual. She has been vacuuming alot and washing throw carpets and bedding but she knows we must do more.

Do you get flea treatments? What do you use? Do you get it from the Vet? From the store? Or online?

What about the carpets? We don't think we need to fog the house. It does not seem that serious, yet.

What do you recommend?


Best wishes to our little friends

November 1st 2011 7:09 pm
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Today is a bittersweet day in our house. The Magnificent 7 went to the shelter today. We had 7 foster kitties that we were raising because they were too young to go to the shelter. Their Mother was a neighborhood feral cat that got hit by a car on our street. Their Mother was also the Mother of our Percy, Ivan, Roni, Maedia and Skittles. We had set traps for her for three summers to get her spayed but she would never trip the trap, no matter what we used for bait. She was one street smart Mama!

Anyway...we had called the shelter and they would not take them because they were so young. They want them to be at least 8 weeks old and over 2lbs. So, of course, we brought them in our house. They were a lot of work, but it was very rewarding to see them thrive and flourish. They grew bigger and stronger each day and we marveled as their little personalities developed. One was a neck snuggler,draping itself over your shoulders. One was a toy thief, carrying off little mice with 6 siblings chasing it around the room. One was a leg climber, good thing it was not shorts weather! One reminded Mom of the Tribbles from Star Trek!

Mom would barricade the upstairs hallway and let them out to play and run around. They would chase balls and each other the whole length of our house. I would stand at the top of the steps and keep watch. Boy, they sure were amusing.

So I will miss those little cuties. I like having little ones in the house. They weren't supposed to mix with us, because they had not been tested for any illnesses, but Mom couldn't seem to stop me. I was just too nosy!

They went to a shelter which is not a no-kill. We do not have a no-kill in our county and the out of county ones are not accepting kittens from other counties because they are crowded. The shelter they went to does move alot of kittens, they have more trouble adopting out older cats. They also place their cats and kittens at Petco and Petsmart and hold lots of adoption events; so they have an excellent chance for adoption. But please give a little purr that they find loving forever homes.


Thanks for making my Gotcha Day so special

October 29th 2011 7:37 pm
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I wanted to thank you all for making my Gotcha Day so special. I think it is even better than a birthday. It marks the day I came to stay at my forever home. A home that is warm, there is plenty of food, there are humans to play with and my furry brothers and sisters to snuggle with. Don't know where I would be if Mom wasn't in the yard that day. Plus I wouldn't have all these great friends..... your gifts and comments on diaries and pictures mean alot to us.

Thank you to....

Tink and Snow for the spider that can spell (I will call her Charlotte)

Milo for the zipping and zooming bat

The family of Luke, Tully, Samantha and Natasha for the black cat (he looks a little scared right now, but I think he will calm down)

Da Tabbies O Trout Towne for the Adopt a Pet Ribbon

Ingen for an Adopt a Pet Ribbon

Meep for the football (baseball is over, now the seasons have officially changed!)

Tate for the pumpkin (Good thing you picked it when you did, otherwise it might be buried under all the snow)

The family of Misha, Samsara, Colette Sidoni-Samantha and more for the heart

Nellie for the heart. I'm sorry I can't put a link to your page but Catster can't seem to find you right now.

Alley Cat Angel for the pumpkin (I think we need to put the oven on and make a pie!)

Nellie and Alexis for the Yellow Star (It is shining brightly!)

Alley Cat Angel for the pumpkin (I think we need to put the oven on and make a pie!)

Littleboy for the pumpkin (It is really wonderful sharing my gotcha day with you!)

Plus many more thanks to all of you for your comments and reminding my Mom that I am a Dreamboat and a Sexy Mancat. She usually just sees me as her little boy in the classy gray suit.


Things That Are Hard to Believe

October 28th 2011 2:16 pm
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Mom was just checking the computer quick before supper and just kept saying. "Oh, I can't believe it!" What Mom? What?

First she said "These girls....they think you are a sexy mancat! And it's not just one..... It's a bunch of really cute girl cats. Even the dudes think you are sexy, in a manly way of course!" She turns to me slowly and said, "What have you done?" I just sat and looked at her, giving her a tilt of the head and long slow blink.

She smiles at me , scratches me on the head and says, "I can't believe you are here 4 years now. (Today is my Gotcha Day) Boy the time sure goes fast". For a while, when I was first diagnosed with my heart problems, Mom didn't know what to expect. She just hoped and prayed for the best and that I would be here for a while, and that she she would give me the best possible care and love for whatever time we have together. (I think you are going to be stuck with me a long time Mom!)

Then she turns to the weather report.... types in our city and sees a weather warning for 9.1" of SNOW! Again comes the phrase...."I can't believe it" "In October?" "Are they nutz?"

Thank you to all of you for the great comments, for saying I am sexy (blushes), and for the gifts and rosettes. A more formal thank you will come tomorrow (Hopefully when Mom is off from work due to SNOW!)

Get your bread and milk! Hugs and purrs,


Let's have a little fun

October 15th 2011 7:08 pm
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A few funny things happened lately that have Mom kinda quietly laughing to herself and she a Crazy Cat Lady?

What are the signs that one has become a Crazy Cat Lady/ Crazy Cat Dude? In all fun of course.

Here are a few of her signs....

She keeps a picture of me on her desk at work.

The "cat items" in her cart at Wal-Mart the other night outnumbered "regular items" by a margin of 7 to 1. She had 1 big container of litter, 3 twelve packs of cans, 12 loose cans, a harness for me, and 2 bags of crunchy food. She bought dip for herself!

She has taken to shopping for our supplies at more than one store so clerks don't ask......So, How many cats do you have?

She and her boss were at a conference/trade show last week and today he asked her if she wanted the tote bag and the posters with pictures of cats on them.....What's up with that?

Mom's Mom cuts articles out of the paper about Cat Hoarders and leaves them around for my Mom to see.

We eat all our meals before she does! And we eat out of nice glass dishes...Mom sometimes uses paper plates or re-useable plastic ones.

Mom is on Catster more often than she is on her own Facebook page and will readily admit to friends that this is much more fun!

So what are your signs that tell the world that you are a Crazy Cat Lady/ Crazy Cat Dude? Mom is still thinking of more...but that might only prove how crazy she is. What do you guys want to add?


Missing Cat.... Madison, Wisconsin

September 30th 2011 8:12 pm
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Our friend,Ingen,has escaped from a hotel in Madison,WI during her family's move! URGENT! ALL CATSTERS IN THE MADISON AREA PLEASE BE ON WATCH FOR INGEN! WE MUST FIND HER & RETURN HER SAFELY HOME!!


How much rain did we get?

September 28th 2011 11:39 am
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I think Mom mentioned last night at Sleep and Samhain's party that we were having bad thunderstorms and lots or rain. We were all a little nervous because the rain was just pounding down on the roof and the lightening was flashing and the thunder was cracking! There were not enough beds to hide under.

How much rain did we get?

4.6 inches

Probably not a record amount for a 24 hour period; but it is a considerable amount because of how much rain we have had this month. The ground is so saturated that rain doesn't want to sink in. It just ponds on top.

Mom did some calculating. 1" of rain on 1 square foot area weighs 5.2 lbs. So you could say that we had 23.92 lbs of rain!
Wow...that weighs more than Ivan! (Sorry, bro!)

We had some streets that were blocked and some that were washed out. An area a few miles north of us had a creek that flash flooded and about 20 people had to be taken from their homes by boat.

We are fine except for a little water in the basement. Stay safe and dry my friends! Till next time...

Purrs, Skylar


Catching up on a few things

September 24th 2011 7:38 am
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First things first! I and of course, all of my furry family, want to say thanks to everyone for all our Pirate Day gifts. Mom missed out on gift giving because things were a little hectic here.

We want to thank Friskie, Homer, Kibble, Francis and family, Miranda, Miles, Cookie, Linus, Lucy, Lottie and family, Colette Sidonie-Samantha, River and Simone, Sigmond, Luke, Tully, Sammy and Natasha, Monida, Jezebel, Nadia and Gump, Sleeper and Samhain, Teddy Bearz, Alfie, Milo, Ollie and Katerina, Ingen, Novi, Samoa, Hunter, Tate, Sammy, Tink and Snow, Nellie and Alexis, Da Tabbies O Trout Towne, Griswold, Zach and Zoe. And yes, thank you Anonymouse (who ever you may be). I hope we didn't miss anybody.

We had an awesome pirate day (week) with lots of presents, and having the chance to sail the high seas with Zach and Zoe. Thanks for letting us on your ships. It was so much fun!

Mom also wants to thank everyone for their purrs for Rusty. The power of the paw and your purrs came through big time. He is home, he is eating very well, and getting to be more and more like his old self each day. He is currently on 7 different meds and Mom is so thankful for the creator of pill pockets for cats! Whoever you are, you are a genius! He goes in for bloodwork on Tuesday to check all his levels.

Kitten update: The kittens are messy! They walk through their food. How silly is that? Then they climb up Mom's jeans and leave her smelling like a can of tuna! Several of the little ones got their first shampoo and blow dry because their fur was caked with food. They don't seem to mind the dryer and they love to snuggle and cuddle in the warm towel with Mom.

We miss seeing everybody, we'll try to be around more now that things are calming down. We are looking forward to the party on Tuesday night.

Purrs and furry head nudges to all,



Quick Update on Rusty and Kitten Kindergarten

September 21st 2011 2:36 pm
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Just wanted to give you a quick update.

Mom is going tonight after work to pick up Rusty. His Doctor said he can come home. His fever is staying down and so is his food. They have been syringe feeding him because he would not eat for them, or for Mom when she went to visit him yesterday. The doctor feels he will do better in his own home. He will be on antibiotics and something to help his gall bladder. Mom will know more later. She did ask the doctor about IBD. the doctor said it awas an excellent question and that there is a link between pancreatitis, liver problems and gall bladder stuff; but she does not believe that this is the case for Rusty based on his symptoms and test results.

Mom says thanks for all the purrs, comments, suggestions. She doesn't know what she would do without your support.

Kitten kindergarten is going very well. The Magnificent Seven seem to be doing pretty well. They are sleeping all through the night, eating pretty well. And for the most part, are using the box consistently. They line up after they eat to get their faces washed with a washrag. They are pathetically sloppy eaters, they walk in the food, they slurp the food. They are really cute. I sometimes sit vigil outside their door when they are noisy. Once they quiet down, them my "job" is done.


Oh the Insanity! I thought We Were Done!

September 20th 2011 6:57 pm
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Just wanted to fill everybody in on the current level of insanity at our house.

Rusty is still in the hospital. He went on Sunday morning. He has pancreatitis and some inflammation of the gall bladder. I did ask his doctor about IBS aand she does not believe that IBS is involved. It seems some sneaky bacteria traveled the wrong way from my intestines into the gall bladder and caused an infection. Rusty still is not home because he still has a fever and has yet to eat solid food on his own. They are syringe feeding him and it is staying down and they also are giving him an IV. Mom took a run up to see him today, took him some of his favorite foods, got to meet his doctor and spend some time with Rusty. He was very awake and alert, and except for not eating, was very much like himself. We are expecting a call soon for our nightly report and will also talk to his doctor tomorrow morning. Please keep purring for him to eat.

Sunday was the start of a crazy week. It started with a phone call from a neighbor about a cat that had been hit by a car on our street. Sadly the cat turned out to be the feral queen of the neighborhood also the Mom of our Roni, Maedia, Ivan, Percy, and Skittles. We had set traps for her every summer and were never able to catch her. She is buried in our yard, it seemed to be one of her favorite places in our neighborhood.

Two hours later Mom was on her way with Rusty to the hospital.

Monday brought the realization that the feral queen had a litter of orphaned little ones left behind. We called our local shelter, they had no cages and no foster families available.

We called the next closest shelter which will not accept them till they are at least 8 weeks old and weigh two pounds. we know that if we leave them out, they will not you guessed.

We now have 7 temporary boarders at our house until November 1st. That is the appointment that the shelter gave us.

They are currently 4 weeks old. They are eating watered down soft food and some moistened kitten chow. Mostly they are using the litter box, with a few little mistakes here and there. They are confined to a bedroom in our house. They sleep most of the night, but as soon as they hear our voices they begin to meow for food and attention.

Mom also had to take her Mom for two early morning doctor appointments and go to a wake for a co-worker who passed away. In between all of that, there is our feeding and playtimes plus work and housework. And yes, even a little Catster time!

We also want to say thanks for all the cool pirate stuff. Mom knows she will never be able to send out all the "thank yous" that she needs to, but we were thrilled to get so many! She will probably do another diary entry about that later this week or on the weekend.

I guess that's it. It sure is enough!

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