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Cat of the Week? Me? Oh My!

August 13th 2012 7:58 pm
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Mom was at a meeting tonight and got in later than expected. She tossed in a load of laundry and just thought she would check her email. She couldn't imagine why I was getting presents on a Monday night. (I told her it is because I am lovable and handsome and a good mouser, but she wasn't buying it!) There it was further down the page, my notice from Catster.

I have to tell you, I am so thrilled. I have to admit, I have always hoped to be Cat of the Week sometime, but never in a million years did I expect to. I am honored and ecstatic and have River teaching me the "Happy Skylar Dance" later tonight.

Well gotta go. Mom said we could have a little treat party to celebrate and that she would make me dinner on Thursday.

You know what it best about this week? Celebrating it with all my friends! I wasn't on here long and didn't have many friends when I was Cat of the Day. So having you guys here to celebrate with me makes it all the more special!


We got a job that pays money!

August 4th 2012 11:50 am
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Here's how I see it anyway.....

Our job is to eat canned food. Yesterday was Payday! I like my job!

Mom's job is to buy the food. Serve the food. Rinse the cans. Save the cans. And take the cans to the recycling center and pick up our money.

Mom has been saving our cat food cans (the ones that are not magnetic).
She had four big garbage bags full of them, so she tossed them in the truck and went to the scrap yard.

She got $18 bucks for our hard work! That will buy lots more canned food!

Oh Where are My Manners....
Thank you all for the Delicious cakes! It was a Cake Frenzy and alot of fun, both giving and receiving. My freezer is well stocked and I think I got all the frosting out of my whiskers. I know we have been down on Catster lately for the fleas and some of the content, so this was a nice surprise! Thanks Catster!

Mom's note: Not all reycling centers will take cat food cans. We luckily have two scrap yards in town. One takes the cans, the other does not. Our town also recycles so the magnetic ones ( 9-Lives Cans are considered to be rolled steel, I believe) can get recycled, we just don't get anything for them. It isn't a huge anount of money, but we will set it on the side and get something nice for the cats, they earned it.


I've Been Framed

July 25th 2012 7:28 pm
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Yes I have been framed! No, my sisfurs didn't squeal on me. No did my brothers rat me out. I was framed as a piece of art!

Mom bowls in the summer with a guy who does these drawings. He is about 80 years old and retired, but bowls and works out at the gym and loves to draw. About two years ago he was showing Mom his sketch book. He had portraits and pictures of kids, and pictures of dogs, but no cats. Mom said, "Hey, where are the cat pictures?" He said that he never drew one, nobody ever asked him before. Mom asked if he wanted to try one and he agreed. So I am not just a cat, I was his guinea pig!

A few weeks later he came in with my complete matted pencil drawing. Mom had tears in her eyes, it turned out beautiful. He wouldn't take any money for it, but Mom got him a gift card for art supplies from Michael's. Mom has been looking in stores for the perfect frame, and there I sat, just matted and sitting on the piano. We just had a Michael's open up in our town and they had a really good framing sale so Mom went out there. The lady who does the framing helped her pick everything out. She just got the call that it was done tonight and ran out after work to pick it up.

Now the big question is .......where to hang me!

PS. Rusty and I are still hunting!


A Hunting We Will Go.....

July 25th 2012 6:11 am
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How bout that? Mom let me go mouse hunting with Rusty in the basement. We tried yesterday and couldn't catch the mouse. Rusty and I worked together to try and flush him out of his hiding spot, but no luck. We tried separately last night. Rusty took a turn, and he came up disappointed. I tried my luck, but came up empty pawed. Mom let us try again after breakfast. This time she kept the lights off. And we did it! Rusty and I saved Mommmy from the big scary mouse! We made sure she would know that we were successful. We knew that she would come down to use the computer this morning, so we left it on the carpet right by her chair. She didn't scream as loud as we expected when she found it!

We may be getting called back to hunt some more. Mom thinks that she heard more "mouse noises". "Mouse noises?" Whatever happened to the saying "Quiet as a mouse"? Either Mom has really good hearing or we have a very noisy mouse! MOL!

I'll keep you posted.


A Mystery

July 23rd 2012 7:51 pm
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We have a mystery on our hands, er paws. It seems we have received a huge transfer of zealies to our account. I didn't notice them till today, but it said they were transferred on Saturday. Where did they come from? Did someone send us a gift? Is it an error, a Catster flea?

I believe we need to send our thanks and appreciation to someone, but we don't know who? Or why? If you do wish to keep your identity unknown, we do wish to thank you from the bottom of our kitty hearts. We do like to send gifts, but Mom has been reluctant to buy extra zealies, as we sometimes do, till things calmed down here on Catster. Please know that we will use them well and we will share our purrs, comfort, and joy and good tidings with others in need.

Hugs and purrs till next time,

A puzzled Skylar


I am un smart Gato!

July 21st 2012 8:34 pm
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Soy un Gato inteligente. Se un poco espanol.

?Por que` mis anuncios en espanol?

?ves etsos anuncios en espanol?


I am a smart cat. I know a little Spanish.

Why are my advertisements in Spanish?

Do you see the ads in Spanish?

PS It is only the P& G ads.
Please don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. I just curious. I first thought one of my settings was wrong on my computer. Skylar may be a smart gato but the human is sometimes lacking in computer skills. Maybe P & G is expanding their advertising efforts and reaching out to new markets. Maybe they should also consider French, since we have some Canadian friends here too. Plus others from various and beautiful places all around the world.


The funny thing about hairballs

July 19th 2012 8:08 pm
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Okay, confession time. I sometimes yack up a hairball. Usually at night, while Mom is sleeping. She always knows when I do it, because all the other hairballs from the others are orange/tan. Mine are grey.

Here is the funny thing......I get more hairballs AFTER Mom brushes me. She could give me a good brushing in the morning and then , Bingo, that night, a hairball. She has a good brush that removes alot of hair, she can see it in the brush, and she takes it out of the brush and keeps grooming me. What's up with that!


Mom is Sitting On A Cat?

July 16th 2012 7:39 pm
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Hey I just heard my Mom say something about sitting on a cat. Yikes, she once stepped on my tail and boy did that hurt. I can't imagine her sitting on me. I think it is supposed to be the opposite. We sit on Mom! We sit on her in the recliner, we sit on her in bed, (snickering) we sometimes sit on her on the toilet, and we try to sit on her at the kitchen table.

Mom has been sitting on a cat named Silly. She is a grey tiger stripe and very sweet. I will put a picture of her on my page for you to see her. Mom checks on her twice a day. I am curious about her, but not jealous. I sniff Mom and then walk away, as long as Mom doesn't bring her here, I really don't care! MOL!


Happy Days Are Here Again! Almost....

July 13th 2012 9:19 pm
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Mom wanted to just come on the computer quickly tonight after bowling to check out her FB, our Catster, and her email. What a great surprise.....her inbox was exploding with notifications. Seems Catster has fixed the flea, or is at least almost there. We were thrilled to start getting them again and not having to keep going back to diaries and pictures all the time.

A big hearty thank you to the TechnoCats for solving the mystery and fixing this annoying problem. Happy Days are here again! I also think it would be proper to thank HQ for listening to us and maybe realizing that site members can offer valuable input about Catser and what we like and dislike about the site.

I say "almost" because we miss alot of our friends who got so frustrated and stopped hanging out here. Maybe if things stay on track and situations continue to improve, some will come back. Purrs and hopes that they do!

Don't forget our buddy Griswold's party this weekend. Hope to see you there!


Tool Time!

July 9th 2012 8:18 pm
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We had a visitor to our house again, but this time it had two legs instead of four. Tonight the Chimney Repairman came to the house. Rusty and I love when guys come to visit. We don't have a Daddy so we really enjoy some male company. And he had a tool bag! How cool was that! He left it in the middle of the floor, so we just had to, both, stick our faces in it and see all the fascinating stuff. We followed him around the house, except for the attic. Mom won't let us up there.

Then we sat around in the living room listening to the repairman explain the options for repairs. Rusty sat at his feet and I was playing it cool and lounging on the coffee table. I was stretching and showing of my abs of steel and all was good till I rolled off the table. The guy was pretty cool about it and didn't laugh at me, but I did hear my Mom snicker a little.

The repairman actually lives in the country and he has cats and chickens. I hope he brings us a chicken next time he comes back. He was a cool dude!

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