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A Mystery

July 23rd 2012 7:51 pm
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We have a mystery on our hands, er paws. It seems we have received a huge transfer of zealies to our account. I didn't notice them till today, but it said they were transferred on Saturday. Where did they come from? Did someone send us a gift? Is it an error, a Catster flea?

I believe we need to send our thanks and appreciation to someone, but we don't know who? Or why? If you do wish to keep your identity unknown, we do wish to thank you from the bottom of our kitty hearts. We do like to send gifts, but Mom has been reluctant to buy extra zealies, as we sometimes do, till things calmed down here on Catster. Please know that we will use them well and we will share our purrs, comfort, and joy and good tidings with others in need.

Hugs and purrs till next time,

A puzzled Skylar


I am un smart Gato!

July 21st 2012 8:34 pm
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Soy un Gato inteligente. Se un poco espanol.

?Por que` mis anuncios en espanol?

?ves etsos anuncios en espanol?


I am a smart cat. I know a little Spanish.

Why are my advertisements in Spanish?

Do you see the ads in Spanish?

PS It is only the P& G ads.
Please don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. I just curious. I first thought one of my settings was wrong on my computer. Skylar may be a smart gato but the human is sometimes lacking in computer skills. Maybe P & G is expanding their advertising efforts and reaching out to new markets. Maybe they should also consider French, since we have some Canadian friends here too. Plus others from various and beautiful places all around the world.


The funny thing about hairballs

July 19th 2012 8:08 pm
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Okay, confession time. I sometimes yack up a hairball. Usually at night, while Mom is sleeping. She always knows when I do it, because all the other hairballs from the others are orange/tan. Mine are grey.

Here is the funny thing......I get more hairballs AFTER Mom brushes me. She could give me a good brushing in the morning and then , Bingo, that night, a hairball. She has a good brush that removes alot of hair, she can see it in the brush, and she takes it out of the brush and keeps grooming me. What's up with that!


Mom is Sitting On A Cat?

July 16th 2012 7:39 pm
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Hey I just heard my Mom say something about sitting on a cat. Yikes, she once stepped on my tail and boy did that hurt. I can't imagine her sitting on me. I think it is supposed to be the opposite. We sit on Mom! We sit on her in the recliner, we sit on her in bed, (snickering) we sometimes sit on her on the toilet, and we try to sit on her at the kitchen table.

Mom has been sitting on a cat named Silly. She is a grey tiger stripe and very sweet. I will put a picture of her on my page for you to see her. Mom checks on her twice a day. I am curious about her, but not jealous. I sniff Mom and then walk away, as long as Mom doesn't bring her here, I really don't care! MOL!


Happy Days Are Here Again! Almost....

July 13th 2012 9:19 pm
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Mom wanted to just come on the computer quickly tonight after bowling to check out her FB, our Catster, and her email. What a great surprise.....her inbox was exploding with notifications. Seems Catster has fixed the flea, or is at least almost there. We were thrilled to start getting them again and not having to keep going back to diaries and pictures all the time.

A big hearty thank you to the TechnoCats for solving the mystery and fixing this annoying problem. Happy Days are here again! I also think it would be proper to thank HQ for listening to us and maybe realizing that site members can offer valuable input about Catser and what we like and dislike about the site.

I say "almost" because we miss alot of our friends who got so frustrated and stopped hanging out here. Maybe if things stay on track and situations continue to improve, some will come back. Purrs and hopes that they do!

Don't forget our buddy Griswold's party this weekend. Hope to see you there!


Tool Time!

July 9th 2012 8:18 pm
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We had a visitor to our house again, but this time it had two legs instead of four. Tonight the Chimney Repairman came to the house. Rusty and I love when guys come to visit. We don't have a Daddy so we really enjoy some male company. And he had a tool bag! How cool was that! He left it in the middle of the floor, so we just had to, both, stick our faces in it and see all the fascinating stuff. We followed him around the house, except for the attic. Mom won't let us up there.

Then we sat around in the living room listening to the repairman explain the options for repairs. Rusty sat at his feet and I was playing it cool and lounging on the coffee table. I was stretching and showing of my abs of steel and all was good till I rolled off the table. The guy was pretty cool about it and didn't laugh at me, but I did hear my Mom snicker a little.

The repairman actually lives in the country and he has cats and chickens. I hope he brings us a chicken next time he comes back. He was a cool dude!


Mom needed my help

July 2nd 2012 7:57 pm
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Mom needed my help tonight, but she just didn't realize it.

It was hot here again today, so Mom thought she would make supper on the grill. She was going to barbeque chicken and make baked potatoes. We have a medium size charcoal grill that we keep covered on our patio in back of the house. Mom got the grill and rolls in a little further up the sidewalk, away from the house. She has to lift it up one step and then roll it some more.

Tonight the grill felt heavier than usual and Mom wondered if she forgot to empty the coals out the last time she used it. She went to take the cover off...and what should roll out of the bottom shelf of the grill.....from under the cover......but an .......opossum! She shrieked out of surprise and the thing actually hissed at her and tried to crawl back under the grill. She tried again to take the cover and pull it up thinking that the opossum would run, But no, he was holding his ground! He had actually started to make a nest under there and did not want to give it up. Finally Mom went for the broom and, just to sort of shoosh him away and he waddled of, hissing as he went, to go under our picnic table. Fine! Mom wasn't going to eat there anyway!

Mom was sort of laughing then. 1. Because she shrieked that the whole neighborhood probably heard her. 2. In relief, because it could have fallen on her feet when she lifted the grill up the step. And 3. because, obviously, fate was actually smiling on her could have been a SKUNK!

But I think this whole supper delay could have been avoided if she would bring me out in my harness. Let me patrol the grounds. Let me mark my territory. Let me be the man of the house and scare the little critters away so that Mom is not frightened! MOL! See, she needs me and is too proud to admit it!


Let's Talk Turkey

June 19th 2012 7:32 am
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Look what happens when the Tabbies leave. We miss then dearly, but see the picture on my page. They leave and the birds think they can take over!

On Sunday morning, pretty early, Mom was out in the backyard. She looks up the yard and across the alley. She looks. She blinks. She looks again. She shakes her head. Yes, she is seeing a wild turkey.

Let us not forget that we live in a city. A city with about 25,000 people in it. Think houses, apartments, busy streets, a Wal-Mart open 24 hours.

There are maybe 5 miles of woods that start a few city blocks from us. In that woods there is a stream and a lake, a small lake, but filled with trout and bass, catties and sunnies and perch. It is not an area where hunting is allowed. We have seen smaller critters in our yard. Rabbits, skunks, opossums, groundhogs and even a raccoon. We have a small hawk that we see from time to time too.

If you are Mom's friend on facebook, you might have noticed that she posted a story about a bear. It was in a yard a block down from us, towards the woods. So the other week it was the bear, this week it was the turkey.

The turkey was fun to watch, but Mom was worried about it being hit by a car. It was grazing in the neighbors yards and walking up and down our alley. Mom has not seen it since then, she assumes it found its way back to its home.

That's all I have to report now. I have to go.....nature calls!


Skylar says...or My Letter to HQ

June 9th 2012 11:07 am
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An Open Letter to Catster/Dogster & SayMedia,

I have been a member of Catster since April 25, 2009 and a Plus member for 497 days. In this time, our family has grown and we have made many friends. We laughed with them, we cried with them. We were there with them through surgeries, , illness, deaths and the agonizing times when somefur was missing. We celebrated when new kittens made their arrivals, when Ingen and Linus were found, and so many other great occasions. But now there is sadness….

It seems our friends are leaving. Long-time, true-blue, loyal friends. We don’t want them to go!

HQ, please make some changes. The members are not chasing other members away. I believe, this one is on you. You ask that we abide by the site guidelines taken from this site as quoted below…

Sitewide Community Guidelines
“Because people of all ages love animals, Catster is a family-friendly site. All content on Catster --text, images and video, including the content on the pages of posted external links--must be appropriate for all ages.”

“Content that contains profanity; is sexually explicit; depicts the torture and abuse of animals; or contains graphic, descriptive and lengthy portrayals of serious violence against animals; blood, injury, and/or death are not allowed on Catster.”

Skylar says....Fine, we all do this pretty well. Why do you need your own guidelines?

More from the site guidelines......
Catster's editors take it upon themselves to cover the important cat issues of the day - and often the stories we relay require a mature audience. On some days we'll have articles that will have readers reaching for tissue or outraged at a sad event in which our favorite four-legged creatures were involved. Our editorial team does not shy away from taking the abusers of our feline friends to task, and sometimes the message we have for these subpar members of society is not for children.
All editorial sections of the site follow a different set of rules from the Community sections of the site. Our editorial items are for adults who can agree to disagree on occasion, but are respectful of each other's opinions regardless.
Since our content is for adults, we expect readers to act like adults. While we do not have the resources for constant comment moderation, we will remove comments that are abusive (and contain personal attacks or racist epithets) at our discretion."

Skylar says....
The nature of the articles lately; the skulls on the mantle, the helicopter cat…that wouldn’t be appropriate in my diary. But it is okay for you to post? I don’t see anything that stops a child from reading your pages that you say, require a mature audience. Come on, why don’t we all play by the same rules? And I don’t want my standards lowered to yours.

I pay for membership to the site, some of our friends do too. I have bought things from those who advertise on your site. If members continue to leave, advertisers lose revenue and may pull out too. This was a great place. Please, don’t turn into a litter box. Don’t make our friends hissing mad and running away.

Catster says....
"Always Room for Improvement
If you have ideas for the Community Guidelines please share them with us. The community is always changing and the guidelines should always stay up-to-date."

Skylar says....You say so for yourself….. let it be so….We’ll do our part, how about you?

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerly, Skylar and Mom Michele


To Make A Long Story Short or a Short Story Long

May 22nd 2012 6:41 pm
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Well, you may have noticed that I haven't been around very much. Blame my secretary! Things have been absolutely nuts around here. Let me see if I can catch us all up to speed. The humans went away and then they came back. Aunt Anita came and then she left. Grandma was sick, but now she is feeling better. Mom had a good friend pass away and now she has been helping pack up his things for his family. My other Mommy that lives with us fell down the steps and fractured her tibia. No, we didn't trip her. Now she is in a cast and on crutches and cannot put any weight on it yet. So Mom has been doing alot of extra stuff around the house. Our computer is on its last leg, our new tower is here but Mom needs to get all the stuff off the old one.

Funny story. Grandma was here to visit one day last week. She got sort of mad at Mom way back when we got Ivan and Percy. In fact, when she told her about Ivan, Grandma got irritated and said we had too many cats. So Mom never told her about Percy, Skittles or Daisy. She did wind up telling her about Roni and Maedia. So Grandma only thinks we have 6 cats. Grandma was not here since before she got her kneed replaced, because she couldn't make the steps. So last week she decides that she wants to stop in and see everybody. Oh Oh! Grandma comes in and Rusty and I greet her at the door. Ok so far! Skittles runs out of the room, but Grandma never saw her because we had her distracted with our handsome-ness! Percy, Skittles and Daisy head for upstairs, thinking they will be safe. Ivan comes to greet Grandma and so does Roni. Still OK! Grandma then decides she wants to use the bathroom (upstairs) and go see Murphy (also upstairs) Triple Oh Oh! Mom goes up the steps ahead of grandma and shoos Percy into the back bedroom, where he remains. Murphy comes to greet Grandma and be fussed over and the others remain hidden. It was absolutely hysterical that the cats that Grandma doesn't know about stayed hidden. It is as if they knew that they weren't supposed to be seen. Maedia didn't come out either, but she is always shy when we have company.

Mom sure has a full plate lately. But we have been very good. We were very entertained for a while with the robin's nest on the front porch. Last Friday the three babies took their first flight. ( Sorry Tabbies, but hey, check out the picture on my page of Al Tuna!)

I'm very sorry if we missed any special occasions. We'll try to be around more often as time permits. Purrs and head nudges, Skylar

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