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Meet one of my friends.....

February 25th 2013 8:10 pm
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Today's Diary of the Day is by Cinnamon
This is cool for a few reasons....

Cinnamon wrote about an inspiring little kitty that only has two legs.

Cinnamon lives close by to us, only maybe 12 miles away.

Mom knows Cinnamon's Mom! A while back Cinnamon's family had posted a picture that had Mommy in it. My Mom saw the picture and recognized her. The next time she saw her, she asked...."Are they your cats on Catster?" It was cool to meet a Catster Mommy!

Mom just saw Cinnamon's Mom last Thursday at work related Continuing Ed event and they talked about the very thing she posted.

Check it out and maybe make a new friend. Tell them Skylar and Mom Michele sent you!


I Have A Valentine!

February 7th 2013 7:38 pm
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I'm so excited! I have to share my news with you....I have Valentine! She is smart and sleek and has a wicked sense of humor that I always enjoy. She tells stories that leave me enthralled. She threw some subtle hints my way and I finally got the hint and asked her to be my valentine. What can I say, I can be a little dense sometimes, MOL! I know she is a little younger than I, but I do promise to be a true gentleman.

That's all for now. Mom has to go figure out what is up with our plus subscription. It was set for auto-renewal the other day and we got an email that said our credit card was refused, I think the date on it expired and I never updated the account. Best get this sorted out, we don't want to lose things off our pages.

Mom is hoping for a snow day tomorrow, then we can come here and play longer.

Ooops, I just re-read my diary before posting. I never did say who my Valentine is, did I? Told you I was excited, I can't even think straight! The lovely Samhain is my Valentine!

Stay safe in the storm. Hugs and purrs,


Mom....Mom....Go Back to Bed

January 28th 2013 2:04 pm
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So it was really ugly here today. It started snowing around 5:30 this morning. Mom checked her phone a few times and there were no text messages about school delays ( when there is a delay Mom goes in to work later). So she gets ready and leaves a little earlier for work because at this point it is snowing harder. She is almost at work and her phone rings. She pulls over to see her missed call and it was her boss. So she calls him back and he says "Where are you??" Mom says," Driving to work". Boss says " We won't be opening today. You know there is no school, right". There is a big pause and Mom says "No". Meanwhile she realizes there were no buses in from of her and no kids at the bus stops, there was very little traffic, hmmm HELLO MONDAY! Mom asked if she could just come in anyway and get some work done. Last week she filled in for three other people and was behind on her own work. She stayed till around 11 and then came home and made us a big breakfast with bacon, eggs and fried potatoes. Did I mention bacon? I loves bacon!

Two things that made today better......

Did you see????????? Our buddy Blizzard is Cat of the Week! We adore Blizzard and his family and are so happy he was chosen. Don't forget to stop by and celebrate with him.

Did you also see today's Diary of the Day? He is a friend of ours. He lives in Clark Summit which is about 55 north of us. He speaks Spanish on his page. Mom had Spanish in school plus uses some at work so we try to comment on his page when we can. We sometimes have to use Google Translate because we are not sure of some of the words. If you stop by, be sure to tell him "Felicitaciones por haber sido elegido como Diary of the Day" (Concats for being chosen as Diary of the Day)

Hugs, Skylar


Watch...Don't Step on the.....

January 14th 2013 7:56 pm
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Mom came upstairs before and went in the living room. She passed the litter box and saw something small and brown. She said, " Oh, who flung a turf out of the box? Watch, don't step here, there is a turd on the floor". She looked at us, each, one at a time. Me, Percy, Rusty, Skittles, Ivan and Maedia. We were all hanging out in the living room. We looked at her, we looked at each other. Mom left the room and came back with a tissue to pick up the offending item.

We laughed when she discovered that it was, in fact, not a turd but a chunk of a hard pretzel! My goodness, what kind of savages does she think we are?


The Catfather Would Like our Support

January 9th 2013 2:34 pm
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There is a contest going on and a group, that is near and dear to our buddy Blizzard and family, could use our votes.

Vote Here For the Animal Advocates of Carroll County

Would everyone go and vote? It will help them with Trap Neuter and Release for the Ferals in the area. You only have to enter your email address and zipcode to register. You can vote once per day. The top 5 vote getters receive $5000.

Your votes can make a difference.


Skylar and family


Can I be a House Panther?

January 3rd 2013 7:35 pm
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I recently saw the term "House Panther" and rather fell in love with it. Although it conjures an image of a sleek, black cat prowling the house at night, I wondered if I could still be considered one. I set my Mom upon a research task.....Here are some results

Panthers are really the family name for several different kinds of big cats (lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars)

Panther comes from the genus panthera of the family of Felidae Cats---I am a a cat!)The word panther comes from the Greek πάν pan- ("all") and thēr ("beast of prey"). I am a beast of prey, just ask those moles in the basement!

Almost all members of the panthera family can roar (Except for snow leopards and me!)

Lets see what else. Here are some other generalizations from among the panthera genus.....
Compact and well-muscled.... Check!
Adept at climbing, crawling and swimming.....Two out of three ain't bad!
Prone to counter-calling between individuals......Well, when Rusty and I pass each other in the hallway I make a call that sounds like "dude"
Crespuscular..... peak activity around dawn and dusk Check! and Check!
Carnivore..... Do pizza bones count? Hmmmm
On killing prey they will drag it to a secluded spot.....I do this with ham and chicken! Check!In captivity can live up to 20 far, so good!
Inactive for about 20 hours per day---I got that one nailed!
Defend the pride against intruders.....Well, I check out the intruders first, more often then not, I find they are okay and don't have to eat them!

What do you think? ......Can we be house panthers?


I almost missed Santa Paws!

December 26th 2012 7:45 pm
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Santa Paws came to our house on Christmas Eve. When Mom came back from church there were presents in our living room. Mom wanted to change her clothes first and then we were going to open gifts. Ivan, Rusty and I had been sleeping in the kitchen and wanted to explore the cellar so we went down there. When Mom was ready, she let us up, but she forgot that I was done there too. So they they all were, in the living room opening gifts. Mom though I was upstairs and she called for me twice, but the Christmas songs were on and she didn't hear me meow that I was downstairs, Halfway through opening presents, Mom realized it and there I was on, the top step, patiently waiting. She scooped me up and hugged and kissed me and brought me in the living room.

Santa Paws was good to us. We got a bunch of little toys, furry/feathered mice, and a new wand toy that chirps. When we were opening our cat presents, Percy pulled out the pack of the furry/feathered mice and took off with them. He carried them upstairs still attached to the cardboard. Murphy got a catnip cigar (she loves catnip!) I got a sweater. Grandma gave us bags of treats too.

The other big highlight is the HAM! We loves the HAM! Mom gives us all a taste. Even shy little Daisy will take it right out of Mom's hand.

Hope you all had a good Christmas. How did you celebrate?

Please stay safe in this weather. Tornadoes, Snow, Ice. Wow, pretty wicked stuff.


We're Back!

December 22nd 2012 8:10 pm
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Well that wasn't too bad. The repairman came this morning and disconnected a jack that went bad in our house. It is not one that we have ever used so we didn't ask him to re-wire it. Rusty and I helped him when he went down the basement to check out the connections. He didn't seem to mind. He checked all of our jacks and made sure we had an internet connection before he left.

On Thursday night the plumber was here to clean our furnace. Mom says that we have had enough people in and out of this house for a while. I say bring it on.....a stranger is just a friend that you haven't met yet!

Mom baked cookies all day today and tonight. The kitchen is warm and smells so good. Tomorrow she has to frost cookies and bake a batch of peanut butter ones.

See you soon!


Excuse us while we are experiencing technical- difficulties....

December 21st 2012 6:52 am
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Mom is at work today and has a chance to write in my diary for me. We are currently without phone and internet at home because of a problem with our phone line. For a while, our service was on and off and now it is gone entirely. The repairman is coming on Saturday so hopefully we will be back .....but just in case......two things...maybe three...

They are finished working on the house. No more banging and it looks really nice and is toasty warm too.

Thank you for the gifts and comments yesterday when I was a diary pick. Mom was mad that she missed it.

In case we do not get back right away.... we send you all our best wishes for a very Merry Christmas!

Hope to talk to you all again soon....




December 18th 2012 7:01 am
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Chickens! I live in a house full of chickens!

Everybody is hiding out this morning, except me. I want to know what is going on. The doorbell rang this morning and everybody scattered. It was the guys coming to do the insulation in the house. We are getting blown-in insulation and new siding on part of our house after we had the damage from the hurricane. The guys are drilling holes in the side of the house and Mom says it sounds like they are going to come right through the walls. I am keeping pace with them and moving to wherever they are drilling. I sit and stare at the wall. Rusty is just calming laying in his bed and taking it all in. The others are hiding upstairs under beds. Chickens!

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