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Thank you Mother Nature, maybe

January 4th 2014 8:09 pm
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That's right, it was -2 last night and cold all day yesterday and today. Right now it is the warmest it has been all day (18 degrees) AT 10:30 at night. Yesterday we woke up to about 6+ inches of light fluffy snow. Mom was up at 6:30 because she was suppposed to have a breakfast meeting at 8:30 and then I was to be at the vet for a check-up and shots at 10:15. Our street was not plowed till about 8:30 so mom's meeting got moved to 10:30. She felt really bad about taking me out when it was so bitter cold. The vet isn;t far from the house, but it was the in and out and the cold car. So she called the vet and changed my appointment. They were fine about it and actually it open up room for some emergency calls they got that morning.

But, I know mother nature can be a little cruel too. Our outside friends are being so brave. The moms shoveled paths for them to travel around the yard, drink from the heated birdbath, and get to the other shelters that we made. We have two strays that are at our house in the morning and at night for food. I think I mentioned them before....Ron, the Daddy of some of my siblings and little Chatty Charlie. Charlie does not like rain or snow. He looks up at the sky and meows at it. It is like he is telling it to stop.
Charlie lives in a shed across the alley from our house. When he sees us out in the yard, he comes running down the path, yammmering all the way. We are not sure where Ron lives, we have seen him on porches all around the neighborhood. He is a free spirit and loves to wander. They are both friendly with us, although you can't pick up either one. They will both give their bellies for belly rubs though! They also, for the most part, get along well with each other.

We built two cat shelters and have them under our picnic table which we keep covered with a huge tarp. They don't really uses the shelters unless the weather is really bad.

Charlie has made it for all his meals. He eats, gets a drink, walks around a bit and then goes back to stay warm. Ron was here yesterday in the bitter cold, for breakfast and supper, but he did not come back today. We looked around for him and called for him, but no luck. We are not too worried, he is an old, wise street-smart cat and is probably holed up somewhere, maybe with better kibble, mol. He was gone for a couple of months (June - October) and then one day waltzed up to the back door like he was never gone at all. Oh Ron!

Well my friends, stay safe, stay warm, take care of your feral friends the best you can. I can't help but think that many of us could have been in the same boat as Ron and Charlie, but were fortunate enough to find our homes.

Thanks for all the Christmas presents! Sorry we didn't get a chance to send many out. But know that you are in our thoughts each day!

Hugs, Skylar


A Fresh Start

December 31st 2013 8:09 pm
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Well, my friends, the new year is only about one hour away from us. I will be glad to see 2013 go. It has been a rough year. We saw many of our friends here journey to the bridge. We saw human family battle health problems. We see so many friends struggling to make ends meet. We saw Mom trying to squeeze every hour out of the day possible to work, care for grammy, care for us, and go to school. But yet amidst this sadness we saw joy and peace and hope and friends that were there to help pick up the pieces, offering a hand or lending a shoulder to cry on.

My hope for all of us is a better 2014. I have seen people wishing for a prosperous New Year, heck I would settle for getting by comfortably! My wish for you all is that you have enough of what you need. Be it food, warmth, love, time, friends, patience, employment, catnip (just had to throw that in there, we were getting too serious). Many wishes for you and your families for a fresh start and a better New Year!

Skylar and family


Dem bones!

November 2nd 2013 7:27 pm
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Hey guys! Thanks so much for all those dancing skeletons! It is fun to hear all that clacking when they are dancing on my page MOL! I feel badly that we didn't get to send any out. Mom's computer at work has mal-ware and had to be taken off the network and then she wasn't home till late on Halloween night. (Mom's 96 year old uncle fell and is in the hospital with a head injury so she went with her cousin to go and visit with him....if you have a spare purr for Uncle Billy, we would appreciate it- he has been here and met most of us and enjoys our antics)

Thanks also for all my Gotcha day presents and comments. I think I love my gotcha day even more than my birthday because I am so thankful to have a good home. I know that Mom is good to the outside cats (we have two right now Ron and Midnight Shadow Chatty Charlie - we can't decide on the right name for him). Mom feeds them twice a day, gives them fresh water and even built another insulated little house for them, but I am so glad I am no longer out there living like that.

I may write again and tell you Midnight Shadow Chatty Charlie. He is a funny little fellow.


My Gotcha Day is here again!

October 28th 2013 6:47 pm
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Wow! It is my 6th Gotcha Day! Hard to believe that six years ago, I wandered into this yard and wandered into my forever home. Do you know how many yards I was in before I found the right one? But that day was perfect. The sun was shining, it was warm. The moms were getting ready to go out for a late lunch and a trip to the casino, but first they were coming up to the garden to pick parsley for grammy. There I was! Cute as a button! Friendly! They scooped me right up and squealed with delight! They had to leave so they brought me in the house. Showed me some food and a litter box and left me with Rusty and Mrs Murphy. Not much of introduction...just hey guys, look, here's your new brother....and away they went. They were gone for a few hours and when they came back I was peacefully napping on the recliner.

Despite this non-textbook way of introducing cats, it worked out okay. I got along fine with Rusty and still do. Mrs M was a little afraid of me, but she came to learn that she can trust me. I have never, ever teased her or chased her; in fact, I sometimes step in between if I think someone is bothering her. She even shares her crunchies with me!

I certainly found the right house. I don't mind having so many brothers and sisters. I loved when they were kittens! The Moms take great care of me, even taking me to a heart specialist. I know I am an expense, but Mom says I'm worth it. I get lovies all the time, good food, treats, shoe laces to play with. Life is Good! Plus I have you! My friends! You make a good life even better. Thanks for celebrating with me today!

Life is Good!


I Blew It!

October 15th 2013 7:04 am
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Yep! I blew it! Sniffle... I think I lost my true love. I didn't give her the love and attention she was so deserving of. We haven't been around here too much with all mom's homework and stuff. Snifff.... And now she and her family are gone. Maybe if I had sent her flowers or cupcakes or mice, she would have stayed....Sob....Oh....Samhain, please come back......


Some news and many thanks!

September 16th 2013 7:50 pm
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Hi everybody!

Just wanted to quick stop by for a couple of reasons....

First to give you all my thanks and appreciation. I had a wonderful birthday. There were gifts, pawmails, pictures, cake and a moonlit stroll with my lovely lady Samhain. Thank you all so much for making my 6th birthday so special. You guys are awesome!

Then there was a diary pick! We been on here several years, and you know, its still very exciting to get picked. Thank you for extra attention, comments and gifts.

And some news....

Grammy is moving from the the nursing home to an assisted living facility next week. This is great for so many reasons. It is a little more independence for her and a smaller place with good home cooking. There are only 35 residents, and the place is very homey. She still has her feeding tube, but is not using it to eat, so hopefully it can be removed soon. The place is only minutes from our house, so it will cut down on Mom's drive time substantially. From our house to where she currently is was about a 25 minute ride (one way).

Here is the other big news.....Aunt Anita is coming for a visit! The moms are going to the shore for a couple of days so she will come and stay with us. I'm looking forward to her being here. Mrs. Murphy is her favorite, but she adores me and lets me get away with alot, like eating on the kitchen counter(...shhhh, don't tell Mom).

How about that....Mom will be at the ocean for pirate day! she will have her laptop with her to do school stuff, but I am sure she will find some time to check in here too.

Thanks again for your love and friendship and making every day so special!
Feeling mushy,


Things I Have Learned

September 5th 2013 7:09 am
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Hi Everybody! I miss you guys so much. Today is my birthday, so Mom said I could come and play for a little bit. I can't believe it, how fast the years have gone by. I am six years old today. Seems not that long ago I was just a little kitten. I have learned alot since then.

I learned that being cute helps you get away with being bad.

I learned that Mom loves gifts, especially dead mice by her computer chair.

I learned that it is good to be the sheriff. Nobody messes with the sheriff.

I learned that laundry right out of the dryer makes the best bed.

I learned that when the doorbell rings, you should run to the door, not away. You gets plenty of pets and attention from visitors.

I learned that you never can catch that little red dot, so I stopped chasing it. I leave that to the younger ones. I still do love to play with my catnip toys. You are never too old for toys.

Mom said we can have a little party tonight when she gets home. She said we will have treats and nip and playtime and that maybe I can have something special for dinner.

A special shout-out to the lovely Samhain. I miss you, sweet lady. Let's get together for dinner and a stroll outside in the moonlight.

See you later tonight,


We're Back!

August 18th 2013 7:32 pm
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Hello friends! It seems like we have been gone so very long. Mom was taking summer classes and just didn't have the time to keep up on here. She has a week before fall classes start. She hopes they won't be quite as tough because they are stretched out for a full semester and not crammed into five weeks.

So, what have we been up to? Not much. Mom was working, going to school, and going to visit Grammy. She tried to always take some time to play with us at night, I think it helped her as much as it helped us. Something about a stress reliever..... Grammy is in a nursing home and is still improving from her stroke. She is walking with a walker and now able to eat real food. She has come a long way, but she still needs more therapy yet because she wants out of the nursing home and into something like assisted living.

We have all been okay. Rusty went back for a check-up from his pancreatitis flare up. Doc said that his liver and pancreas looked good, but was concerned that his kidney values are starting to show some early signs of trouble. She wanted him to try the prescription food, we bought one can and he won't eat it. He will go to our local vet and get blood work and a urine sample in the fall to see if there are further changes.

I was hunter extraordinaire today. I killed a mole in the basement and left it on the rug for mom, right by her computer. I think she was a little grossed out, but she praised me all the same.

I miss hanging out with my pals. I feel like we missed so much. I hope everyone has been doing okay. We will try to get here more often.

Hugs and purrs, Skylar


Good News and Not So Good News

June 27th 2013 5:55 am
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Hi Everybody!

I've got good news and not so good news. I'll give you the good news first. Short and sweet...I am a Daily Diary Pick today. Thanks Diary Gal! I didn't have one of those in a while. Of course, I didn't write a diary in a while either.

The not so good news is that Rusty is in the hospital. He spent the day with our vet yesterday and came home around 6:30. The doc talked to Mom around 7:30 and said that "if Rusty were my kitty, I would take him to the emergency hospital". Geez, when a vet would take her cat to another doctor, then you worry! So around midnight, Mom took him for the 1/2 hour car ride up to the hospital. There was not a lot of traffic and no waiting!

Rusty was throwing up the night before and was very lethargic and wouldn't eat or drink. We have seen this before with his pancreatitis, triadits, etc. Although this time, the onset was very sudden. Usually we would see symptoms gradually appear, so maybe this is something different this time. Our vet had given him fluids and antibiotics and something for pain. She had drawn bloodwork, but it missed the pick-up for the lab, so they will run the bloodwork from the hospital.

His doc that he sees when he is at the hospital is on this morning and she will check him out, do an ultrasound and should be giving me a call before lunch time. If you can spare a purr or two for him, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hugs, Skylar


Sigh of Relief

June 18th 2013 7:02 am
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Hi Everybody!
We are letting out a sigh of relief. Mom came back home from Reno. She had a good time but was worn out. Right from the start, her trip was goofy. Her flight out of Philly was delayed, so she missed her connecting flight in Chicago, which then meant an extra flight and arriving 5 hours later than she should have. Her suitcase caught up with her later the next day! I think it is better to be a cat and to travel light, just with the coat on our back. MOL!

Aunt Anita was here with us and we had a good time. We played, we napped and watched movie. We got spoiled, she can never get mad at us, we are just too cute. Even Daisy warmed up to her. Twice she put her paws up to go on the recliner with her, but then chickened out. Maybe next time.

Mrs Murphy missed Mom though. She even stopped eating about half way through Mom's trip. Aunt Anita tried everything she could think of, but she couldn't get her to eat. She didn't even want to eat for Mom when she got home. Mom gave her an appetite stimulant and now she is doing better.

Mom started her first class last week. She is on the computer every night, but not for us. I had to beg her to update my diary!

Gram continues to do well. One of these days, Mom is going to take one of us to go visit her. Maybe me or maybe Rusty. We are the best behaved on the harness and the most sociable with strangers. I'll keep you posted on how that turns out.

Sorry we missed lots of special occasions. We miss you guys and think of you often. Love,


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