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December 21st 2010 1:04 pm
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Today was it was Ivan and Percy's turn to go to the vet for check-ups and shots. Since the office is only minutes from our house, Mom takes one cat and then comes back and gets the other. So today Ivan went first; he did just fine although he was a little embarrassed when the Dr took his temperature. He came home and Mom put the carrier down and ran in the kitchen to get Percy's pet folder. She came back in, loaded Percy in the carrier and loaded us in the car. Yes, I said US! After Ivan got of the carrier, while Mom's back was turned, I snuck in the carrier. She never noticed I was in there till we got out in the car. Mom turned to put our seatbelt on and there were two cute faces looking back at her. I tried to stowaway and go to the vet too. Actually I didn't really know where we were going, so maybe if I had known; it wouldn't have been merely as exciting. So needless to say, we got carried back in the house and I was unloaded from the crate. Sorry Percy, I know you wanted some company cuz you were scared. I tried! But I heard you were very brave anyway.


Christmas Carols for Cats!

December 19th 2010 2:49 pm
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Mom got an early Christmas present from a friend of hers. It is a book called "Christmas Carols for Cats". So of course, she has been singing them to us. I thought I might share one of my favorites with you....
"We Wish for the Fam'ly Goldfish"
(sung to the tune of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"

We wish for the fam'ly goldfish
Why in a bowl and not in our dish?
We wish for the fam'ly goldfish
To bring us good cheer

Of longing we sing for food to appear
We wish for the fam'ly goldfish to bring us good cheer

We long for the hamster squeaking
Along to his house we're sneaking
We long for the hamster squeaking
A snack we revere

In wonder we sing why live food is here
We long for the hamster squeaking a snack we revere

We're sick of the budgie chirping
Let's eat him and all be burping
We're sick of the budgie chirping
Each day of the year

This food that can talk we do not hold dear
We're sick of the budgie chirping each day of the year

Enjoy! Maybe later this week I'll share another one.
Purrs, Skylar


Thank You for an Awesome Day!

December 5th 2010 2:52 pm
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I had a really awesome day yesterday. We woke up to find that I was Diary of the Day. Mom was so happy for me. She did go on her shopping trip in the afternoon and made the stop at Petco as promised. She bought two really cool things and one thing that none of us like. First the coolest thing...Humans, do you remember jaw breakers candy? Those big hard balls of pure sugar. Mom found something called "Pawbreakers" It is the same size as a jawbreaker but it is solid catnip. It is awesome! We all sniffed it, licked it, batted it around the floor. Only Ivan, with his big mouth, tried to take a bite. Mom won't let us play with it unattended, so that we don't try to take a bite and get it stuck in our mouth. She worries too much. The second things was this furry/feathery thing that can be attached to a stick. We like to play with it unattached so that we can carry it around the house. We had a great time with that last night.

Here's the thing we don't like... Mom bought a little Santa hat and scarf set. She wanted us to wear them and pose for pictures. AIN'T HAPPENING! Not one of us will wear the hat and the scarf is too small to go around most of our necks. So don't hold your breath waiting for some cute picture of me in a Santa hat.

I want to thank the diary girl for picking me yesterday; it was quite a thrill. But most of all I want to thank you, my friends, for really making my day! I got friend requests, rosettes, tons of treats, ribbons and a trophy and presents and an awesome picture. I also want to thank my friends for leaving comments when photos or diary entries are posted. That little thoughtful gesture means so much to me. You are the best!
Purrs, Skylar


Hey...That's Me!

December 4th 2010 10:16 am
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Wow...Mom was on the computer this morning and saw my cute picture as Today's Daily Diary Pick. We are absolutely thrilled! She was on the computer to print out some coupons because she is going shopping this afternoon. Now she will have to make one more stop...I think some treats or a new toy from Petco are in order to celebrate. She already ran to find me and give me hugs and kisses. Oh, Mommies can be so silly. I played hard to get, but I was just teasing her. My purrs gave me away. More later.... Purrs, Skylar


Percy, the really a Scaredy Cat!

December 2nd 2010 6:33 pm
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This is my I get to reveal secrets. Percy is a Scaredy Cat! (Don't tell him I said so!) Here's how I found out.

The other night, Mom pulled out a toy that she was saving to give us for Christmas. I guess she couldn't wait either. Anyway, she got us one of those long plastic sticks with the peacock feathers on the end. I was not too impressed with it. I gave it a sniff and walked away. Roni and Maedia liked. Ivan loved it! (Mom hides it behind the mudroom door when we are not playing with it and Ivan will cry for her to bring it back out)

The big surprise was Percy. He arched his back for a second then tucked in his tail and ran half-way up the stairs and peeked out between the banister. He was afraid of the feathers! Ha! He usually thinks that he is Mr Cool! Teasing and playing with all the other kitties and showing them who is boss. Ha! (I say it again!) That feather showed him who's boss. It wasn't until last night that Percy decided to investigate the feather and now he likes it too. It just took him a little longer to come around too it.

Let me say it again....Ha! (Boy that felt good)!
Purrs, Skylar


The Mysterious Door (or Attack of the Dust Bunnies!)

November 29th 2010 7:41 pm
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Tonight I found out what lies beyond the mysterious door in the kitchen. I have seen Mom go through the door with groceries, laundry, garden stuff, bags, sometimes even our litter boxes go down and reappear smelling quite fresh. Even Rusty goes through the door when Mom says "he's going on vacation" (to have some rest from all of us).

Tonight I was able to sneak beyond the door with Mommy and Rusty. It's a basement! Wow, it has a fridge, a sink, a litter box, a warm clothes dryer to lay on and lots of tight little areas to explore. Mom didn't let me stay too long. But long enough to come out from behind some boxes with a bunch of cobwebs and dust bunnies stuck to my head, face and whiskers, and even my tail. I didn't really care for that part of the experience. I went to Mommy with a face that said "Ick, Mommy, get them off me, Quick!"

It wasn't fair; I never saw or heard them coming. They just sneaked up and launched themselves at my face. I wonder if Mom knows how big those dust bunnies really are? I think I should have bravely stayed in the basement to protect her should they feel the urge to jump out at her. Maybe when Rusty is on vacation he is really fighting the evil dust bunnies. I'll have to ask him tonight after the little ones go to sleep. I wouldn't want them to overhear and have bad dreams. Oh snap, I hope I'm able to sleep tonight. Purrs, Skylar


Wow! What did he do?

November 23rd 2010 7:24 pm
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Back before I had my "big boy" surgery I was a rather hormonal teenager who sometimes like to pick on the other cats in the household. If I really got aggressive, Mom sometimes had to give me a time-out in the crate. Not for long...just enough for the dust to settle. And it didn't scar me for life. I still like to sit in the crate...sometimes I even nap there. But anyway...I happened to notice that there is a bird in the fridge. A big bird...and he has been there a while. I wonder what he did to deserve such a long time out...He really must have been bad!
Oh wait....Mom is's a turkey! She making dinner for Thanksgiving. I've never had Thanksgiving dinner before. Rusty and Murphy are the only ones from our furry family that remember this from before my time. It seems that we wake up Mom early. The bird comes out of the fridge and goes in the oven. Something called giblets get fried in a pan and fed to us and then we pace in front of the oven till it is ready. Later we eat this turkey, have cool whip that is supposed to go on pie and then we take a big turkey induced nap. Or we go and raid the kitchen for leftovers while the humans nap. Sounds like a great day!
To all my Catster friends and their families... Happy Thanksgiving!


The little girls are home!

November 18th 2010 7:16 pm
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Roni and Maedia are home from their spay surgeries. Everything went really well. They are eating and moving about almost as if nothing has happened. Ivan and I missed them. Percy did not recognize them when they came home because they smelled different. He was a little hissy with them. He was okay with them by supper time tonight. The little girls got alot of their belly fur shaved off. Mom took pictures that can be seen on their pages. Roni
and Maedia
Purrs, Skylar


Little Girls and their Big Night Out!

November 16th 2010 7:00 am
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Our food has been taken away. Mom cleaned the other carrier. I know something is up. I asked Mom and she told me that the little girls are going to have surgery tonight. Maedia and Roni are going to get spayed tonight so they can't have food after their breakfast. Mom said they will go for a car ride, have their surgery and then have a sleep over at the hospital and we can go and get them tomorrow night. It is a really cool hospital with a wonderful doctor who sees patients and does surgery at night which is great for Mommies that work day shift.
The girls have no idea what is in store for them although they have been for a car ride before. Mom says they're gonna look funny for a while without their beautiful belly fur. It will be strange to not have them here tonight. We love to play and snuggle with them. Oh well, its only one night.
So Mom is going to brush them and clip their nails and get them ready for their "girls night out". Please give a little purr for them that they will come through their surgeries just fine. Nobody in our house ever had a problem, even me with the bad heart, but Mom worries just the same. I'll let you know on Wednesday night or Thursday how they are doing. Thanks and purrs, Skylar

Oh... PS Mom says she is going to change their status now. She had them listed as "adoptable" but she is so attached to them now and knows that financially we can do they are going to be permanent family members. Yeah!



November 13th 2010 10:53 am
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Just a quick story about what happened at breakfast this morning. First some background. We have 8 furry ones in our family; 7 of which usually eat their meals in the kitchen (Murphy eats in her room). We have places where we like to sit and eat. Mommy usually comes in and starts getting our dishes ready and says "Places, get in your places". Rusty is by the window. I am by the crunchies. Skittles is on the wooden garbage can and the rest of the youngsters are on the floor in front of the oven.

This morning got a little mixed up. Little Maedia wanted the spot where Skittles usually eats and Skittles wasn't in the kitchen yet. Skittles has long legs and makes the jump quite easily. Maedia is tiny yet and not quite as graceful. Maedia knew it was a high jump .....she got a running start... took a flying leap......and slid right off the other side.

The poor little thing looked so confused. She landed in a bag of paper bags that we keep behind the trash can, so she didn't get hurt. She was just a little bit embarrassed. We all just looked at her and Mommy cracked up laughing and said "Oops, Fail!" We'll see if she tries for Skittles' spot tonight at supper. Purrs, Skylar

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