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Too much excitement?

July 27th 2011 6:37 am
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There has just been so much excitement lately.

Yesterday I was a diary pick again. The Diary Gal just picked me a few days ago....Does she like me? Is she just getting forgetful? Oh well, either way...I had a great time! Thank you to....Ginger for the Ice Cream, Nellie for the kiss (that in itself is very exciting!, Tink for the refreshing Watermelon and Tate for the Beach Ball. Also thank you to Gump, Tiger Edward Bush, Nellie, Pumpkin, and TeddyBearz for my diary comments. I love you guys!

In other exciting news, Mom went to Petsmart on Monday.. she had to get filters for our fountain. She didn't have to get a new scratching post and some toys...but she did...Thanks Mom! I guess it was Christmas in July!

More exciting know that cute cat Nellie who I have a massive crush on since before Valentine's Day...Well she has been putting alot of really great pictures on her page....She has some beautiful new outfits. Anyway, I was really nervous...but I asked her if we can go out on a date sometime...and she said Yes! We didn't make any plans yet, I'm still so thrilled that she agreed. I think once things settle down (Mom has a super busy weekend coming up) and the Catster fleas are better, maybe we can start making some plans. Check out her page...she's so gorgeous!

That's enough excitement for me...I'm going to go try out my new scratching post and then catch a quick nap.

Purrs and Hugs, Skylar


Lovebug Tag....I was tagged by Nellie

July 22nd 2011 6:27 am
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A New Game- Lovebug Tag! To play, copy the 6 questions below and paste/answer them in your diary! Then tag some friends to play, too!

1. Meow! Are you a noisy kitty or a quiet kitty?
I am mostly quiet...but I sometimes answer when Mom says "Oh, Hi".

2. Litterbox! Cover your business or let some other kitty cover?
I cover my poop but not my pee.

3. Happy! Favorite Daily Routine?
My morning lovies...after breakfast and Mom's shower, I flop at her feet for brushes and belly rubs. She usually winds up sitting on the floor and I will curl up on her lap for some attention. It is almost the only time I will sit on her lap.

4. Hiss! Least Favorite Routine?
Trips to the cardiologist= long car ride and doctors and nurses and tests---Yuck!

5. Ding-Dong! What do you think about visitors to your house?
I love having company. Rusty and I are the official greeters to all who enter the house!

6. Friends! Do you like other animals?
I have seen dogs at the vet but I am not sure if I like them or not. I love meeting other cats, I never hiss or growl, just want to be friends with them.

Please, no one feel left out- if you are reading this and you want to play, consider yourself tagged! Be sure to let your friends know they've been tagged by sending them a message or rosette! Angels can play, too! Tell us about your life at the bridge or your life at home before the bridge!"


Many Thanks!

July 21st 2011 7:52 pm
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I was a Diary Pick Yesterday and I have so many of you to thank for helping me have such a great day! I love you guys, I really do, I love all my Catster friends, you make this place such a great place to be!
Pumpkin for the ice melted really fast but I did the best I could!
Blizzard and family for the baseball...we played ball when it got cooler last night!
Tink for the beach ball...Mom put water in the tub and we pretended we were at the beach!
Tabby Little and family for the lemonade...really was 87 IN our house!
Teddy Bearz and family for the lemonade...its like potato chips and sometimes cats....its hard to just have one!
Finnegan and family for the ice cream.....two words...Brain Freeze! OK three words....Yum!
And Nellie for the swimmming pool complete with rubber duckie...all that is missing is you....Why don't you come over for a swim with me? I bet you have something nice to wear!

Also Thank you to Felix "Honey Angel", Ember, Kibbles, Oreo Wesley Bush, Teddy Bearz, River, Nellie and Da Tabbie o Trout Towne for your comments. Your comments are always loved and appreciated!

I hope I didn't miss anybody...if I did it is because my secretary had a margarita for dinner ...oh wait...she's says "With dinner...not FOR dinner"

Also thanks to Big Harry(and the KCK and also Teddy Bearz for the pictures. Mom is in awe of the things you can do!

I was also tagged by sweet Nellie to play Love Bug for my answers coming soon!

I hope everyone is being very careful and taking it easy with all this heat. Drink plenty of water and find a nice cool place to hang out.

Till next time, Purrs , Skylar



July 13th 2011 6:23 am
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Nothing has really been going on since the last time I wrote in my diary. We survived the noise of the 4th of July and have endured the heat pretty well. Thankfully no one has been sick, except for the well placed hairball every once in a while. I thought maybe I would tell you all about the 4 things that are keeping us entertained.
1. Green Beans - yep...Mom's friend gave her a bag of fresh picked green beans from her garden. Mom left the bag on the counter and when she got up the next morning the paper bag was on the floor, ripped open, and beans were scattered around the kitchen. It turns out, they are great for floor hockey and they taste good too. Many of the beans were nibbled on. I won't say who the guilty parties are...but several of us like vegetables and watermelon too!

2. Moths - These are very fun to chase and make a tasty little snack. Sorry Mom, I know you think it is gross! Mom buys corn for the squirrels so that they don't eat the birdfood and one of the bags has these little moths coming from it. She keeps the corn in our mudroom, but when she is in and out of the kitchen sometimes the moths get in the house. We are very good exterminators!

3. Fireflies - We have three windows in the kitchen and we sit in the windows at dusk and watch the fireflies for about an hour each evening. It is nice and relaxing, plus usually the air is a little cooler then.

4. Ice Hockey - My little sis Roni uses her paw to flip the ice cubes out of our water bowl in the kitchen. We then bat the cubes around the kitchen floor. Roni will even carry a cube in her mouth once in a while. Kitty brain freeze! She is nuts!

What do you do for entertainment?

Purrs, Skylar


I got Mom to myself!

June 26th 2011 6:40 am
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I now have Mom to myself. Well...almost...I do have to share her with the others who live here. Mom has finsihed sitting on Silly! Actually Mom never sat on Silly but Silly did sit on Mom! They had a great week; with lots of playtime, treats and laptime. Even the fish survived; Mom feels very relieved that nothing happened to them.

Mom has warned me that July 4th is approaching. I like that there are cookouts; which means fish and meat on the grill! But I do not like the fireworks...the noise makes me really nervous. Mom knows that she has to have a space ready for me to hide in... a cave-like box with a blanket and then leave the radio or the tv on a little louder than usual. What do you guys think of fireworks?

I'm a diary pick today! Thanks Diary Girl! And thank you my friends for all your comments in my diaries! They mean alot to us. Mom says she's happy to be home for this one. The last two came while Mom was away. Mom even double checked the calendar to see if she was supposed to be somewhere today that she forgot about. Oh Mom...I'm gonna start calling you Silly!

Purrs, Skylar


The Silly Report

June 22nd 2011 7:25 pm
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No...I didn't have homework for cat school...Silly is the name of the Cat who Mom is cat-sitting for this week. Everything is going really well. The fish are doing fine and Silly likes to spend time with my Mom. They play, they sit on the couch together and talk. They had a treat party. Silly talks and purrs and if Mom doesn't keep petting her; she will reach out and tap her with her paw. Mom is keeping a diary for Silly's Mom of the events of the week. Tonight she came home with a funny story.....
My Mom and Silly were on the couch and Silly was rolling around in ectasy because Mom was petting her (on the head, around the neck, down the back) and Silly rolled off the couch.....not once....not twice...but three times! Mom thinks she might know how Silly got her name!


There was something different about Mom today...

June 19th 2011 7:05 pm
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Mom was out for a while today and when she came back I noticed there was something different about her. Hmmm, she was smiling and humming, there are dark hairs on her shorts, her hands smelled like cat treats, and her ankles smelled like....OMC another cat. Oh oh! Where was Mom? Where is that other cat? It better not be coming here to live! Uh uh, no way! I hit her with a thousand questions before she could even have her dinner!
It turns of Mom's friends went away on vacation today. They took their dog with them but asked my Mom to watch their cat and feed their fish. (I asked Mom if the rest of the note said "don't forget to feed the the cat!) She said it did not say just said "Feed the fish". So Mom will be checking in on "Silly" twice a day. "Silly" is a dark, fluffy long haired cat with really big paws. Kinda shy, but very talkative. She talked to Mom from the top of the stairs but was not really sure about coming down and visiting with Mom, but eventually did. My Mom stayed a while, talked to Silly, fed the fish, checked the litterbox and then left.
Mom is worried about the fish. She has never taken care of fish before. She hopes she don't find any floating before the week is up!
So all is well with me and Mom. No jealousy, there is not some new love in her life. I am still her favorite (at least, that is what she tells me).
Happy Father's Day to all you Cat Daddies!
Purrs, Skylar


Beat the Heat

June 9th 2011 7:04 pm
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As you may know...we are from Northeastern PA. We border the Pocono Mountains. We usually have lots of snow (from October till April). Our school kids had 7 or 8 snow days to make up and just finished school this week. Our summers are usually pretty mild, with temps mostly in the high 70's to low 80's. Sometimes in July or August we may hit a day or two in the 90's. As local cats, I think we have adapted to our climate. We love to snuggle and be cozy in the winter and we enjoy the days in summer when we can sit on the windowsills and enjoy the fresh breeze.
But come on weatherguy...what's up with this 90 degree stuff????? It is much too soon! Last Friday it was in the 50's and Mom was wearing a she is in flip-flops!
It seems we all mind the heat very much. Mom worries about me the most because of my heart...but I take it easy. The little girls have so much floof on their bellies...they look like tiny ladies in oversize fur coats. Mrs Murph even left her room over night to sleep in the hallway (it was cooler out there). We were so tired from the heat, we didn't even tease her once!
So what do we do here to beat the heat? We don't have AC (we would probably only use it 5 days a year at most). Mom puts ice cubes in our water bowls (we all love to drink water and the cubes just add to the fun!) We snooze on the linoleum or the hardwood floors (carpet is just too warm!) Skittles took a swim today in the bathroom sink. She was curled up in it, Mom turned on the water and Skittles took a luxurious bath (I swear I heard her say "Ahhhh") Mom wets a washrag and will cool our paws, face and ears. (So refreshing!) She sometimes even wets our brushes and will give us a nice cool belly brush. Mom puts toys in the tub and some water and we splash around or just lie in the tub because it is nice and cool.

How about you guys? I know many of you enjoy the heat. If I could; I would send you some! But the rest of do you keep cool?

Purrs, Skylar


Life is Good!

June 1st 2011 7:34 pm
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Wow! Life is Good! The Cat Olympics held their closing ceremonies; Mom came back home; and I was a Diary Pick today.

Here are the results of the Cat Olympics. Some events were postponed due to the heat and humidity. A) High Jump I did indeed get a Gold Medal in the high jump, Roni got the silver and Skittles got the bronze. (No records were shattered, for I did not jump on Aunt Anita's head or shoulders!) B) Swimming - Skittles got the Gold, but there were no other competitors!
C) Volleyball was not held- Aunt Anita does not toss a ball like Mom does! D) Wrestling did occur- there were many matches- Percy got the gold, Rusty the silver and Ivan the bronze Roni gets an honorable mention for getting right in there with the boys and giving it her all - maybe in the Fall.
E) Maedia got her Gold for the 15 yard dash - she ran from Aunt Anita several times! F) The Laser Pointer Challenge was not held because it was just to darn hot to chase a light across the floor! And Hide and Seek was also not held ---with the heat, Rusty kept dozing off in the middle of the game!

It was wonderful having Aunt Anita here. We watched movies and snacked and got lots of attention. Poor Maedia had it rough though. She is not quite sure if she likes Aunt Anita or not and to make matters worse A. Anita kept taking Maedia's favorite toy and sticking it on the kitchen table (not realizing it was her toy- it is a long, thick, bendy wire that Maedia loves to bat around the kitchen) Poor Maedia had to keep sneaking on to the table to get her toy! As Payback...Maedia hid the toothbrush that Mom (and Aunt Anita) uses to clean our "Squishy food" dishes!

Thank you to all my friends for your comments, gifts and pictures for my Diary Pick today! Your love and friendship mean so much to me! Stay Cool! Purrs, Skylar


When Mom's Away the Cats Will Play

May 28th 2011 7:22 pm
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Mom is going away again to another bowling that can only mean one thing....Aunt Anita is coming for a visit! Yippeee! We are planning something special for her visit. We will be hosting the Cat Olympics at our house to entertain Aunt Anita.
The first event will be the High Jump. That is my specialty...I can jump about 5 1/2' (or from the floor to Mom's head or shoulders) I have never done this for Aunt Anita...but maybe I will try on Monday.
The next event will be swimming. Skittles loves a good splash in the sink...several times a day.
Ivan and Percy will demonstrate their wrestling skills with several matches throughout the weekend.
The 15 yard dash will be held in the upstairs hallway. Maedia is a sure bet to win!
Roni will be showing off her volleyball long as someone will toss a ball for her. Oh Aunta Anita....
Mrs. Murphy will be in an event which is new to the Cat Olympics. She will be competing in the laser pointer challenge.
And finally Rusty will conclude this weekends events with a probable Gold Medal in "hide and go seek". (He actually seems to understand this game pretty well and can play both roles. If Mom hides and yells "Come find me" he will search for her and give her a nudge with his nose when he finds her...then he runs off and hides, gives a call, and Mom goes to look for him. I wonder who has who trained....hmmm

We'll let you know how things turn out. Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend! Purrs and Thanks to all who serve or have served our country!

Purrs, Skylar

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