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I see all and tell no one...till now

October 6th 2010 7:15 am
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I thought I should give this diary writing thing a try. I am usually the quiet observer in the household, who sees all and tells no one.

So maybe its time to let some of the secrets slip. Let me tell you, I know who has the sweet tooth in this fur family. I know who knocked the plate of cake onto the floor and tasted it. I know who opened the pumpkin cookies and was rolling them around the floor. I know who put their toys in the water bowl and I know who made the painting crooked in the living room. I also know how the bubble wrap got on the floor by the front door so that Mom stepped on it as soon as she came in last night (popping bubbles that startled her and the little ones.

So yes, the secrets of the household shall be revealed. Little by little, Mom will find out...Who is the little klepto that swipes jewelry and socks? Who gets the muddy paw prints in the tub? Who splashes the water out of the new fountain? Who doesn't cover their poo in the litter box? (ugh, I find that highly offensive!)

There are eight kitties in the household and although we are all cute, some are not as innocent as they look. Curious?
So is Mom! Check back and find out the next time Skylar Scribbles.



Oh No the Camera!

October 9th 2010 6:06 pm
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Mommy got word that it is time to enter our photos and start voting in the World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show. So of course, out comes tha camera and she is just following us all around the house and all we hear is "turn around, let me see your tail" and "go to sleep" "play with this toy" and "speak". Oh Mommy, just put that camera down! Stop, enough already! Heaven forbid, she should win flip camera! We would never have any peace.
So furry friends, jump start the diet and groom your furs cause the cameras are coming. Watch for me and several members of our family to appear in lots of categories. I've already seen many of my friends in some pawsome shots!
Don't forget to vote! Purrs, Skylar


Visiting Hours

October 16th 2010 6:51 pm
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So you may have heard, my sisfur got her own room! And boy is she smug about it! In all fairness, she was getting picked on, but hey, he teases all of us. No one is safe from the antics of Percy. He is the Joker, Class Clown and more. He is a definate attention hog, but there is not a mean bone in his body. It is all about playing. Anything that is dropped on the floor within 10 feet of Percy is fair game for Floor Hockey!
Things that fly don't stand a chance! If there isn't a toy in the room, Percy will bring one in or make his own. Batteries from the TV remote, plastic bags, money from the kitchen table, keys...and the list goes on.
So anyway, Murphy got her own room. Its nice up there. She has all her stuff plus she has PLANTS. That's the real reason we go to visit nibble the plants. Nothing toxic but Mommy only keeps them in that room because we would probably chew them to shreds. Rusty once nibbles the fake plants downstairs! Murphy leaves them alone. She is Mommy's good girl!
Well gotta go, gotta get ready for visiting hour! Purrs, Skylar


Mommy sings to us.

October 29th 2010 7:41 am
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So I have taken notice that Mom has songs for most of us. It may kinda give away Mommy's age, but here goes.... My song is to the tune of "My Guy" and she sings "Sky Guy, talking 'bout sky guy" and so on. Ivan gets the song "You are my Sunshine" because he chases sunbeams in the kitchen and the living room. Murphy gets the song "Hey there, Murphy girl". Skittles gets some of Posion's "Unskinny Bop" when Mommy sings "unSkiddy Bop, bop, bop, she just likes to play". Rusty sometimes gets Tom Jones with "What's new Pussycat". Maedia gets some Def Leppard "Maedia, when your near" from the song "Hysteria". Roni gets "Roni roni, bo boni fanna fanna fo fanna...Roni" from the "Name game".
Poor Percy, he's the only one who doesn't have a song. I think I better remind Mom to get working on this, cause Percy is the jealous type and when he realizes he doesn't have his own song he's gonna be mad. Any suggestions to help Mom out?
Purrs, Skylar


Oh oh.. In the Dog House

November 2nd 2010 3:03 pm
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I have to tell you what happened this morning at our house and why we are all in the "dog house". Someone ate the biscuits! No,not dog biscuits. No, these are the cheddar biscuits that taste just like the ones from Red Lobster. Those good ones made with milk, and butter and cheese and more butter brushed on top. Mommy made a big batch of them on Saturday night to go with chili.
So there were two left, double wrapped in foil, on the kitchen counter, for Mom to take to work today with her supper. Mom went down on the computer this morning and when she came back she found..................................................... shredded tin foil on the floor, lots of crumbs, and two half biscuits. Neither one could be salvaged.
Mom couldn't believe we did this. She was so annoyed. She knows it was a group effort. One cat, even big Ivan, could not have eaten that much of the biscuits. She also found Maedia playing with a piece of foil in the middle room. So I guess we are all in the dog house now for eating the biscuits. It was so worth it! Purrs, Skylar



November 13th 2010 10:53 am
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Just a quick story about what happened at breakfast this morning. First some background. We have 8 furry ones in our family; 7 of which usually eat their meals in the kitchen (Murphy eats in her room). We have places where we like to sit and eat. Mommy usually comes in and starts getting our dishes ready and says "Places, get in your places". Rusty is by the window. I am by the crunchies. Skittles is on the wooden garbage can and the rest of the youngsters are on the floor in front of the oven.

This morning got a little mixed up. Little Maedia wanted the spot where Skittles usually eats and Skittles wasn't in the kitchen yet. Skittles has long legs and makes the jump quite easily. Maedia is tiny yet and not quite as graceful. Maedia knew it was a high jump .....she got a running start... took a flying leap......and slid right off the other side.

The poor little thing looked so confused. She landed in a bag of paper bags that we keep behind the trash can, so she didn't get hurt. She was just a little bit embarrassed. We all just looked at her and Mommy cracked up laughing and said "Oops, Fail!" We'll see if she tries for Skittles' spot tonight at supper. Purrs, Skylar


Little Girls and their Big Night Out!

November 16th 2010 7:00 am
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Our food has been taken away. Mom cleaned the other carrier. I know something is up. I asked Mom and she told me that the little girls are going to have surgery tonight. Maedia and Roni are going to get spayed tonight so they can't have food after their breakfast. Mom said they will go for a car ride, have their surgery and then have a sleep over at the hospital and we can go and get them tomorrow night. It is a really cool hospital with a wonderful doctor who sees patients and does surgery at night which is great for Mommies that work day shift.
The girls have no idea what is in store for them although they have been for a car ride before. Mom says they're gonna look funny for a while without their beautiful belly fur. It will be strange to not have them here tonight. We love to play and snuggle with them. Oh well, its only one night.
So Mom is going to brush them and clip their nails and get them ready for their "girls night out". Please give a little purr for them that they will come through their surgeries just fine. Nobody in our house ever had a problem, even me with the bad heart, but Mom worries just the same. I'll let you know on Wednesday night or Thursday how they are doing. Thanks and purrs, Skylar

Oh... PS Mom says she is going to change their status now. She had them listed as "adoptable" but she is so attached to them now and knows that financially we can do they are going to be permanent family members. Yeah!


The little girls are home!

November 18th 2010 7:16 pm
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Roni and Maedia are home from their spay surgeries. Everything went really well. They are eating and moving about almost as if nothing has happened. Ivan and I missed them. Percy did not recognize them when they came home because they smelled different. He was a little hissy with them. He was okay with them by supper time tonight. The little girls got alot of their belly fur shaved off. Mom took pictures that can be seen on their pages. Roni
and Maedia
Purrs, Skylar


Wow! What did he do?

November 23rd 2010 7:24 pm
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Back before I had my "big boy" surgery I was a rather hormonal teenager who sometimes like to pick on the other cats in the household. If I really got aggressive, Mom sometimes had to give me a time-out in the crate. Not for long...just enough for the dust to settle. And it didn't scar me for life. I still like to sit in the crate...sometimes I even nap there. But anyway...I happened to notice that there is a bird in the fridge. A big bird...and he has been there a while. I wonder what he did to deserve such a long time out...He really must have been bad!
Oh wait....Mom is's a turkey! She making dinner for Thanksgiving. I've never had Thanksgiving dinner before. Rusty and Murphy are the only ones from our furry family that remember this from before my time. It seems that we wake up Mom early. The bird comes out of the fridge and goes in the oven. Something called giblets get fried in a pan and fed to us and then we pace in front of the oven till it is ready. Later we eat this turkey, have cool whip that is supposed to go on pie and then we take a big turkey induced nap. Or we go and raid the kitchen for leftovers while the humans nap. Sounds like a great day!
To all my Catster friends and their families... Happy Thanksgiving!


The Mysterious Door (or Attack of the Dust Bunnies!)

November 29th 2010 7:41 pm
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Tonight I found out what lies beyond the mysterious door in the kitchen. I have seen Mom go through the door with groceries, laundry, garden stuff, bags, sometimes even our litter boxes go down and reappear smelling quite fresh. Even Rusty goes through the door when Mom says "he's going on vacation" (to have some rest from all of us).

Tonight I was able to sneak beyond the door with Mommy and Rusty. It's a basement! Wow, it has a fridge, a sink, a litter box, a warm clothes dryer to lay on and lots of tight little areas to explore. Mom didn't let me stay too long. But long enough to come out from behind some boxes with a bunch of cobwebs and dust bunnies stuck to my head, face and whiskers, and even my tail. I didn't really care for that part of the experience. I went to Mommy with a face that said "Ick, Mommy, get them off me, Quick!"

It wasn't fair; I never saw or heard them coming. They just sneaked up and launched themselves at my face. I wonder if Mom knows how big those dust bunnies really are? I think I should have bravely stayed in the basement to protect her should they feel the urge to jump out at her. Maybe when Rusty is on vacation he is really fighting the evil dust bunnies. I'll have to ask him tonight after the little ones go to sleep. I wouldn't want them to overhear and have bad dreams. Oh snap, I hope I'm able to sleep tonight. Purrs, Skylar

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