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Thank you WeeBees!

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"Thank you WeeBees!"

Have some yummy birthday cake! Thank you Samhain!

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"Have some yummy birthday cake! Thank you Samhain!"

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"Thanks Teddy Bearz and family!"

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Dressing up a classy gray suit

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"Dressing up a classy gray suit"

Thank you Wally♥ILMO♥ , Alfie♥Love you always, Teddy Bearz♥ DB 35a , Sydney Rose♥ ILMO♥ and Milo, my beautiful friends!

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"Thank you Wally♥ILMO♥ , Alfie♥Love you always, Teddy Bearz♥ DB 35a , Sydney Rose♥ ILMO♥ and Milo, my beautiful friends!"

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"Thanks KCK!"

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The family of Big Harry, My Orange Angel, Patches, Angel Abigail, Angel Zack, Angel Lumi and more!
The family of Sammie, KiKi  and Ember
The family of Sammie, KiKi  and Ember

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-mixed breed

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October 28th 2007

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Little plastic springs that bounce and can be carried around the house and put in the shoes of humans.

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On the leg rest of the recliner when the recliner is extended.

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All things in moderation, chicken, ham, salmon, even pizza bones (crusts)

Can watch tv as well as a human. Loves to watch cartoons and shows about birds.


Arrival Story:
Skylar wandered into our backyard one sunny October morning. He was about 7 weeks old, hungry and filled with curiosity. We searched the yard for other possible littermates and found none. We believe he is the son of an elusive, feral neighborood queen and not a lost pet.

Skylar is somewhat of a "medical marvel". A heart murmur was detected at his second vet visit. After several tests, a veterinary cardiologist revealed that Skylar has a ventricular septal defect, an enlarged right ventricle, and a several other heart malfunctions. He was able to be neutered under the watchful eye of his cardiologist and came through his surgery just fine. He is presently not on any medication. He eats well, sleeps like a cat, and still retains his playful personality that he had in kittenhood.

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Skylar's Scribbles

They went for a spin and an update on Percy

February 16th 2014 8:01 pm
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Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but things have been a little crazy had tons of homework, we had 2 feet of snow in 3 days and had lots of shoveling to do(ours, the neighbors and grammy's), grammy was sick, percy had to go to the hospital and mom was in a car accident.

Here's the scoop. On Saturday morning, Mom woke up to find Percy in the crate with his collar off and his catheter missing, which meant a trip to the hospital. We already had about 2 inches of snow on top of the 1 1/2 feet we got on Thursday and Friday. Mom knew he had to go to the hospital, which is about 40 minutes away. They packed up and started out. They started on the state road and then went on the interstate (81N). The road was horrible, at times they were doing 25 with their flashers on for safety. They were about 9 miles from the exit to take to get to the hospital, going down a big hill when Mom's car started to fishtail, the back end was swinging pretty good. She didn't brake, but put the car in neutral to try to slow it down. Instead they went into a spin. The car spun all the way around and hit a car that was coming up from behind us that could not stop in time or avoid her. No one was hurt, although Mom's next and shoulders are stiff today (but that could also be from all that darn shoveling!). Mom's car only has a small dent on the back bumper, but the guy that she hit had more damage. they pulled over and had to wait for the police. Percy was in the carrier, meowing non-stop, he does not like being in the car!) Our gurdian angels, furry and human were certainly on duty, because it really could have been much more serious.

They finally were able to get back out on the road and get to the hospital. The trip to almost 2 1/2 hours!

The hospital took Percy right in and checked him out. Percy passed urine for the doctor with no trouble. The doctor did not want to re-insert the catheter (it would have been the third in two days). He feared that he could tear the urethra or that it would cause scar tissue build-up, making the path even narrower. They gave him 2 more medicines to take (in addition to what the doctor gave him Friday). One is for pain, and only to be given as needed, the other is to relax and dialate his urethra, prevent spasms, helping to pee easier. They, of ccourse, told us to watch him for any signs of straining. They did bloodwork and everything looked good.

The doctor also advised us to get rid of the crunchy food and make sure he gets lots of water. We brought him home and he has been doing well so far. He is eating and drinking and peeing just fine. We are adding extra water to his soft food, just to make sure he is getting enough.

I can't thank you enough for your stories, purrs, prayers, advice and encouragement. You give Mom strength and hope! We have lots to learn and will be checking out all the great tips you gave us and visiting the groups to learn more.

Thanks bunches. Stay safe.


Update on Percy

February 14th 2014 5:55 pm
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The vet called this morning. Because we had so much more snow overnight, he asked us to come for 10:30, which we did. This is a vet that we had never been to before but were willing to try, especially since he made an effort to try to see us last night when it was so terrible out.

He expressed Percy right on the exam table and showed me the gritty sand stuff that was blocking him. He said that we were lucky we caught it in time, had he fully blocked he could have died.

The vet did not have a tech so mom got to stay with percy, keep him calm and even help the doctor a bit. He asked if Mom was a nurse, and she said. no a librarian, but that she would have liked to have been a vterinary nurse. He said he hire her and provide training.

But anyway, with just a local anesthesia, he put a catheter in Percy and began to flush him out. He stitched the catheter in place and gave Percy injections of medicine. We start on pills tomorrow. He hung a bag and gave him some fluid to help flush the bladder. He gave us a cone of shame to put on him oncve we got home. He showed Mom how to flush the catheter in case in gets blocked. We go back Tuesday night to see how he is doing and possible get the catheter removed.

So, we get home. Percy wants to eat, but can't get at his dish with the cone on his head. Mom takes it off, Percy nibbles and then quicker than a flash Percy reaches down and tugs the catheter out. Mom didn't even have her coat off yet. We called the vet and told him what happened and went right back down to have it re-inserted.

Okay, back home. Percy is still trying to remove his cone and is really miserable. Mom remembered those inflatable neck donuts they have that don't cover the entire face like his cone did. She called the pet shop near us and they told us to measure his neck and come over. The lady wasn't sure it work on a cat....but it does. He is much more comfortable and he can eat with it on. He can't reach to pull out his tube either!

Wait...there's more...A cat with a catheter, like a person, does not really comtrol their bladder. Pee just comes out. Can't have a cat peeing all over the house like that. We decide to just keep him in the kitchen. No, that is not going to work. There are chairs, we kept walking in puddles. in was just to messy. Mom was ready to call the animal hospital to see if they would board him....and then she thought about a dog crate. She calle the pet store back about 1/2 before they closed and bought a huge dog crate. He can fit in there with a bed and a litter box.

We will let him out to eat and drink under supervision, and it will be slightly less clean up. There was no way I could have handled five days of that. He only complained a little and then settled down to take a nap. Poor thing is worn out, what an awful day.

Mom is doing laundry...a few things have pee on them, like mom's sweatshirt she wore to the vet, her jacket because he wanted hugs, and a few throw rugs from the kitchen.

Any advice you can offer for this situation would be greatly appreciated. The vet did say his diet will need to be changed. The vet seems very nice and even though it was not the most modern office, his care and compassion beat out shiny chrome in a heartbeat.

Please keep us in your purrs and prayers/ Thanks,

PS A shout out to the lovely Samhain....Happy Valentine's Day!


Purrs for Percy Please

February 13th 2014 8:59 pm
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Please purr for Percy. ?He is having a pee problem.

Ok, enough with all the p words, seriously....

Percy was straining in the litter box today. We think he may have a urinary infection. We are hoping it is not a blockage. He did pee tonight (on Mom's bed, so she is up now doing laundry). He is never one to pee anywhere other than the litter box. He did eat some supper, but is just not himself. The vet did suggest boiling some parsley in water, cooling it and offering it to him to drink. We tried, he wasn't interested. Normally he is a pretty good drinker too.

Mom called our vet, they closed early because of the weather. She called another local vet and the doctor tried to meet us for 7pm but called back couldn't get here because the roads were too bad. He promised he would see us at 9:30 tomorrow morning. The emergency vet is about 35 miles away and the interstate that we use to get their is not in good shape. We had 10 inches of snow today, then sleet and then about 4 more inches tonight and it is still coming down.. Mom loves him to so much, but just can't risk the travel in weather like this. She is worried about him though.

Please spare a purr, if you can....We'll keep you posted when we get back tomorrow. Thanks, Stay safe out there....

Love, Skylar

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