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The Life and Times of Princess

Wow I am PDPC's Royal Member of the Day

July 5th 2009 3:31 pm
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Well today mom told me I was Princess Diva's and Prince Charming's Royal Member of the Day. She gave me a big kiss and a super big hug. I had no idea I could feel so special. Mom squeezed me so hard I just wanted to jump out of her arms, but I didn't. I want to thank all my friends out there for making me feel so special, I truly appreciate it and I will never forget you. Well I am way past my catnap so I am going to end this entry rather swiftly, sorry but I just can't keep my eyes opened. I wonder if mom did something when she squeezed me. I don't think she can handle too much excitement, cause she then gets crazy, a good crazy but crazy either way. So with that thank you all I truly feel honored. Nite Nite for now.


Today I turned 7

June 15th 2009 9:02 pm
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Wow today was my 7th birthday and it was the most special one ever, thanks to all my friends at catster. I received the most beautiful cakes and gifts a friend could ever expect. Mom tried to make it a little special. She got me a cupcake and let me have a little bit of the icing. I think it was a little too sweet but I enjoyed it anyway. And now I am a year older. Good thing I still feel like I am 2. Where does the time go. I can't think about that cause then I will feel old like my mommy feels. I know time flies by quickly but this will be a day I never forget. So thank you to all my friends at Catster for helping to brighten my special day. I love you all for it, you are all in my heart and will remain there forever. Right now I am going to say goodnite cause I am feeling very tired from all this excitement, and I am a year older so I now need my beauty rest. Goodnite

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