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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

Anothfur Angel in tha Furmily

April 30th 2014 12:55 pm
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Oh furrriends. Thank goodness Catster is workin again! Mommy was worried, and I know so many furriends were too. And tha funny part was that we gots notificashuns fur events, but couldn't log in ta sees them!

But, that's old mews at least, fur now.

I needed ta writes about something furry importants. And I need my angel buddies ta helps me out. I know lotsa my furrriends and meowmie's furrriends know through facebook, that Mommy's mommy, my grandmaw, came over the Rainbow Bridge this month. It was so sudden, so sad, and so heartbreaking fur evfurryone.

But, thankfully, Grandmaw wasn't alone, 'cause I was there ta meets her. I nevfur ackshully mets her in real life anyways, but I know she thought a me a lot, 'cause she did call me her grandcat! Plus I used ta send cards ta my mini kiddies, Mommy's brofurs, who are 8 yrs old now. But I was there and it made me being an Angel even that much more importants! Because Mommy was so worried that her mom would be lonely and lost.

I know ish still sad evfurry day though. Wanna know something kinda weird? When I went to tha Rainbow Bridge, Grandmaw left Mommy a voice message and to this day Mommy still has that message from Grandmaw saved on her phone. It's like a reminder that now she has two angels ta watch ovfur her.

I know my Bridge Day is coming up in May. I can't believe it's been so long now. But I am soooo furry gratefur for all my dear furrriends, angels, and on earffths, 'cause they helps me and my furmily each day with so many things. With smiles, with sorrows-because we has ta sorrow the loss of our furrriends and sometimes their furmilies too, and most importantly, with Furrrriendship!

I can nevfur furget the importance of furrriendship, now and back when I went to tha Bridge. And Mommy cannot eithfur.

My dear furrriend, Angel QT, well, she told my mommy that when an angel visits, you see a Butterfly. So I reminded Mommy of that (and thank you dear Angel QT fur sharing your secret with us) and Mommy was able to remind her little brofurs and nieces, who are young too, that whenevfur a butterfly is near, so is Grandmaw, and me too.

I love my furrriends so much. Thank mew fur always being here when we, Mommy, Kitty, Jack, even Harrison in his new home, and I, need you so much.

Love, bonks and high Paws,
Angel Indiana

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April 30th 2014 at 4:45 pm

((HUGS)) we have seen the Butterflies too and it does help to remind us our loved ones are never far from us
Purred by: Stacy T

May 21st 2014 at 6:50 pm

I wish I were the one "with the words" - I have the words, but they're often awkward.

Your Grandmaw (I guess we can't call her "Grand-paw") must have been so surprised to see such an attentive crew attending her rainbow bridge crossing.

I'm sure that Indy ran right to her and they set about getting acquainted and exchanging stories/memories about you !
... and the love that they each hold for you.

Then, while they were probably plotting (because Angels are sneaky like that) They were working out a way to send you a signal, before fluttering down in person to visit.

(Ogh... and they'll visit. They'll be in a butterfly's flight, the song of a bird, the falling of a feather (SAMOA~!)
They'll sneak into dreams and be with when you're sleeping.

They're always as near as your heart and your memories of them and they love you - exactly for who you are and the love you extended to them !


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