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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

My most specialist visit to Mommy

March 15th 2013 12:44 am
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I thought now might be as good a time as any to tell you about my very special visit with mommy a few weeks ago. And I visited again too this past Tuesday! All mommy has to do is ask fur her spirit guide, and there I will go!

So mommy did this class a few weeks ago, and learned this thing called Reiki. It's awl about life energy and good stuffs, and also, if you has a spirit guide, well, sometimes they can helps with the reiki. During the class mommy had to do these things called meditashunnns, and usually she's not so good at them, cause she says she has a busy mind. But this one was so very special.

In the meditashunnn, mommy went ups a mountain and when she got there, she imagined a rainbow, and in her imaginashun, the rainbow was limitless, and long like a big old slide, she even slid on it fur a minute! Well, so her reiki master said to ask if she had a spirit guide, fur it to come out if it wanted. Well, I gots to say too that in this meditashunnn, mommy imagined all these cloaked figures standing in a line on either side of the rainbow, like fur pawrotecshun. And so mommy asked fur a spirit guide to helps, and guess what! There I was!!! I walked right through the middle and out of the rainbow, with awl the protecshun from the cloaked dudes, and I ran right up to mommy and jumped up fur loves. And she was sooo happy. And remember, this wasn't a dream! It was all real! Then I gave mommy a present. They said she should see a little box, but I gave her a golden treasure chest, and in it I put Harrison's goldish blankie that he slept with, and then when mommy picked it up, it turned into my favorite blankie, the one I used to nurse from, and the same one that mommy put away in a drawer so no other kitty could use it. Then we had to ride a swan down the mountain and as we went down, I slowly disappeared and all mommy had left at the bottom was my blankie, but also the knowing that I would always be her spirit guide. She took out the blankie and now it's under her pillow :)

I visited again on Tuesday. Mommy went to a gathering where a dude was playing healing Tibetan bowls, and I came to visit. But when he played that silly gong, I rolled around and decided it was time ta go!

It was so kewl to visit mommy where she could see me too. It's just a reminder that we angels are always there fur our furmilies, seen and unseen.


Purred by: Bear DB #165a (Catster Member)

March 15th 2013 at 6:32 am

Wow, Indiana. That's amazing!

One of Mom's friends did Reiki on Jasper once, but I'm not sure he did it right. Jasper got kind of freaked out.
Purred by: Lisa P

March 15th 2013 at 9:03 am

HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!!! This is so wonderful Indy! You've both found a way to connect now and you can see each other any time you like. I'm so happy for both of you!!!!!
Purred by: Indiana Angel Cat (Catster Member)

March 15th 2013 at 10:49 am

Bear! I wonder! They say that there really isn't a wrong way ta does it, but sometimes us animals, since we are so sensitive as it is, only would need a tiny bit because it can be strong fur us. I know mommy started doing it to Kitty when she had her eye stuff, cause even with the new medicine her eye gets a little irritated, and it got better! And now it's coming back! Hmmm, well, I hope Jasper wasn't too freaked out. Mommy said it just feels good though, so maybe there's nothing to it, but maybe cause she believes, then it feels better! :)


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