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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

almost my 3rd Gotcha day

October 25th 2011 8:57 am
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It's Indy here, from tha Bridge. Wow, I can't believes I am missing all the important days back home with my furmily! It would be my 3rd Gotcha day at home this Thursday, the 27th. I know Mommy right now is feeling very sad about it, only 'cause I should still be there fur my 3rd Gotcha Day, since I was gotted not too long ago, but things happens sometimes and she knows that even though my time was cut short, that we was both lucky to has been gotted by each other fur the time we did have.

It's gonna be Halloween too! Lucky me, I don't have to get dressed up by my mom anymore MOL! One year she tried ta get me ta wears a Frankencat hat, and the next year she had me wears a Bat collar, which I didn't mind exactly. She even made me wears the Hello Kitty bow tie so I looked like a chippendales cat MOL! Here at the Bridge though we can play dress up fur pretend, so it's not so bad. Plus, we is all Angels anyways, so it's like we got a costume already insides and outsides of us.

I've been watching ovfur my sisfur too ta makes sure she is ok. She is doing good-She has officially made my cat tree her own and loves ta hangs on the top perch. Whenevfur Harrison has gone on it he would take the second one-good boy! They are still workin on their relationship, so I have been trying ta be a good Watch cat to make sure it's not too awfuls. I decided ta fly ovfur there the other day just ta keeps a check out and showed myselfs ta Harrison-Mom knew I was there I thinks 'cause he kept looking up and following something, but there was nothing there ta sees.

It's gonna takes time, I keep telling Mommy that in her ears when she is not listening. Oh and ya knows, I was looking out ovfur her last night and guess what! Her furrriend found the iiiitiest, bitttiest kitten. Thank goodness she was determined ta be found-she kept meowing and meowing under a window and so Mom's furriend went out and took her in, just in time 'cause it's all rainy there today. Mom was gonna help watch ovfur the kitten (she did look like me afturall) fur a few days 'cause her furrriend doesn't lives in LA full times, but luckily, Lucky (that's her name!) found a home last night. So Mommy is gonna gives her new pawrent a couple of the kitten stuffs that me and Kitty outgrew.

I guess that's all fur now. Ya know, with the holidays coming up I know all us Angel kitties are gonna have to work hard to send love and comfurrrts to our families 'cause this is the toughest time usually. Tha only thing I am gonna miss this year is the Pen Paws Secret Santa! LAst years I got tha best gifties from Guido, tha Italian kitty and his furmily MOL! Akshully, my favfurite ball evfur was one of those gifties, so Mommy put it with me and my collars in my special box, tha one with my earth Angel dust in it. I'm glad she saved that just fur me, like my blankie. It reminds me how specials I am, and Mommy too.

Angel Indy

Purred by: Rose - beautiful angel (Catster Member)

October 25th 2011 at 11:30 am

So nice to hear from you sweet friend!
Purred by: Miss Muppet Forever Loved (Catster Member)

October 25th 2011 at 12:06 pm

Indy, my mama has a little box for me too. My daddy made it. Inside are my earth angel ashes and a few keepsakes including my paw print and a lock of my soft, soft fur. Everything is safe in my beautiful little box, and it comforts my mama to have me still there with her even though in a different way than I was before. She can look at my box and know that I am still there watching over my family.

We are both lucky to have loved and been loved. We can ask for nothing more.

Now let's grab some magic angel dust and go asprinkling...

Missy Mups
Purred by: Tigger ~ Loved Forever (Catster Member)

October 26th 2011 at 11:18 pm

I want to wish you a happy gotcha day at the Bridge Indy. I know how much your parents miss you.



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