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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

Bitten by tha Love Bug Leo

July 20th 2011 4:01 pm
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My sweet furrrriend Leo tagged Kitty Pryde and angels too to play! It's a New Game- Lovebug Tag! To play, copy the 6 questions below and paste/answer them in your diary! Then tag some friends to play, too!

1. Meow! Are you a noisy kitty or a quiet kitty?
I was a noisy kitty when I was with my Mommy 'but not in a meow kinda way-I liked to purrr and chirp and chatter and whisper. Now that I am an angel, I am quiet to Mommy, but Kitty can hear me (she was watching me all last night MOL!)

2. Litterbox! Cover your business or let some other kitty cover?
Yes! with poopies like mine, I had ta!

3. Happy! Favorite Daily Routine?
Morning time kisses and bedtime snuggles-Evfurry morning I would wake Mommy up by touching her cheek and at night when she went to bed, I would hop right in and knead the blankie and cuddle to get to sleeps.

4. Hiss! Least Favorite Routine?
trying ta cut my nails! and Mommy trying ta clean my stinky booty!

5. Ding-Dong! What do you think about visitors to your house?
OMC!!! I LOVED VISITORS!!! You weren't allowed in tha door unless you said hello ta me furst MOL!

6. Friends! Do you like other animals?
Well...I did love my sisfur and I did come from a shelter with other furs, but after I got spoiled at home, other animal smells scared me so I became a grumbly puss-so I'm sure I would like them! I just need time!

Sooooo-if you are reading this and you want to play, consider yourself tagged! Be sure to let your friends know they've been tagged by sending them a message or rosette! Angels can play, too! Tell us about your life at the bridge or your life at home before the bridge!

Love Indy

Purred by: Callie (Catster Member)

July 20th 2011 at 5:56 pm

Thanks for sharing Indy!
Purred by: Stacy T

July 20th 2011 at 9:12 pm

Really? You like visitors. You must have had the good ones!


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